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With over 500 members and the largest collection of “business winning” checklists and trainings anywhere on the planet, Scribble is the ideal memberships of bidders of all shapes and sizes. 

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Let us transform your capture, sales, bid & proposal teams into, REVENUE-generating FULL-STACK bid teams with trainings and certifications from Scribble Enterprise …

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Whether you are a young bid and proposal professional looking for tool, templates, certifications and personal growth programs to advance your career, or a bid leader on the lookout for training programs and workshops to help transform your team into win-machines, Scribble will serve your purpose…

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Overcoming Proposal Writer's Block

The proposal clock is ticking, pressure is building as the deadline is getting closer, and soon the stress becomes palpable. But you still have a hard time squeezing the words from your or your proposal team’s brains down on paper. You produce something by the deadline, because you have to. But you know that if you had produced the same proposal document earlier, you would have a chance to make it so much better and much more likely to win, because you would have the time to polish the draft. In this one-hour class, you will learn nearly two dozen techniques for combating the proverbial “writer’s block” to help you and your proposal team get through your writing much faster with a lot less stress.


16th Dec 2021, 3pm UK

Co-create world-class proposal approach, process, people, tools & facility with Baachu Scribble

Create world-class sales operations capability to capture and compete for government and commercial contracts with scalable processes and predictable outcomes.

Baachu has co-created over 6 Global Proposal Development Centers (PDCs)

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IF you are a Small Business Owner, Bid Consultant, Entrepreneur, Bid/Proposal Manager, Capture Manager, Sales or Presales Manager, Bid Designer, Sales Manager, Business Development professional, Project Manager, Account Manager, Price to Win Analyst, Estimator then Scribble is for YOU

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Scribble Talk Podcast

The Scribble Talk is world's #1 podcast for all things bids and proposals. You can always count on lively discussions and guest interviews with APMP veterans and brightest bids and proposals folks. 

Scribble is designed to transform “Unappreciated”, “Undervalued” Business Winning Professional into an “Elite” and “Happy” Business Winning Professional. Join for FREE.

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​We’re on a mission to build a COMMUNITY of 1000 BID & PROPOSAL PROFESSIONALS in the next 3 years. Watch the video to see why….

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If you think Baachu Scribble is about helping our clients WIN MORE you have missed the point, we stand for DEMOCRATISING BIDDING KNOWLEDGE


How can I learn Proposal Management?

You can learn it by reading the Ultimate Guide to Proposal Management. It is a full manual to effectively prepare a business winning proposal.

How can I write winning proposals?

A thorough plan is pivotal to any successful proposal. This plan should consider the resources one is able to allocate to the project. The main resources are the employee’s availability, time, and money. With these carefully considered and allocated, the next step is to cater to your targeted market.

How can I bid effectively?

We all know the standard bidding process: Qualify your bid, draft the delivery plans and solutions using your allocated resources, engage with your customers, manage your governance, and finally, submit your tender response. Then, regardless you win or lose, you'll learn your lessons and move onto the next bid.

But do we learn our lessons and apply it across the organisation?

How can I take control of my bidding career?

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence is not an act but a habit. Bid Buddy will guide you to discipline yourself and inculcate habits that will help you rise to the heights, you are no doubt capable of. If you don’t build your dreams, someone will always hire you to build theirs. It’s time to create a vision for yourself and focus on you. Bid Buddy will hold your hand and guide you towards that vision.

How can I create an action plan for an effecive bid team?

Behind every success story is an even more successful plan. In a business when formulating an action plan to attain a goal for the coming year, it is necessary to delegate tasks and have a clear idea of who will be doing the job, and what the timeline for said-task is. Here are the steps for creating your action plan.

How can I be a better bid manager?

As a leader, if you’re always talking to your employees about creating winning proposals and reminding them about how much they are supposed to achieve, it can be overwhelming for employees to constantly be hearing about that. A simple way of having your team reach success is by sharing your personal failures in life.

Baachu Scribble is the ideal membership for Bid & Proposal professionals and organisations of all shapes and sizes.

100% free. No credit card required.

“Baachu Scribble is simple to use, easy to track my course progress with loads of bid and proposal content. This is a must-have for B2B sales and marketing teams.”


CRO Zappi

“Baachu Scribble is simple to use, easy to track and is helping us shorten cycles, get the right meetings and optimize everyone's time. This is a must-have for B2B sales and marketing teams.”


CRO Zappi

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