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I met Baskar a year ago and began working with him 3 months ago. He is one of the most trustworthy, committed, hardworking people I know. He delivers exceptional content, he holds you accountable and really listens to you.

Tina Hughes

As a sole trader I was concerned about how the political changes would affect my business, so when I was introduced to Baskar by a friend and I learnt about his innovative BTG program, I jumped in with both feet.

Geraldine Miskin

We have created a tool for Bid, Business Development, Proposal and Capture Professionals to capture your “Future Self”.
If you want to change your role, change career, grow in your current role or be successful as a freelancer, Bid Buddy is the place to get your focus. “

Working with an Idea Pitching Machine for a Boss

Bosses that have fun, new, and innovative ideas can be exciting, but can also be overwhelming. It can be hard to keep up with the new ideas especially when you are still working on the old ones. It is imperative to form a relationship with your boss with ultimate...

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What Exactly Is A Digital Strategy?

In a technologically driven world it is highly impossible to stay away from any form of digitalization. Business organizations have keyed into this transformation which ultimately led to the birth of digital marketing. This shift in focus from traditional to digital...

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Meeting Mayhem – How to Find the Right Balance

Meetings are essential for enabling collaboration, creativity, and innovation. They often foster relationships and ensure proper information exchange. They provide real benefits. This is what meetings are actually supposed to mean. But in reality, most employees...

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Steps to adopt a Behavioral Strategy

The human mind has a tendency to be subconsciously biased and holds certain preconceived opinions that will definitely impact our strategic decision making. It is imperative to learn to override this to bring about a positive change in our corporate performance....

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Bringing Humour into the Workplace

Humour is one of the keys to success. It is important for career advancement and improves work ethic within the workplace. Research shows that laughter can relieve boredom and stress, increase engagement with others, and boost creativity and collaboration. Physically,...

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Questions & Answers

How Can I…?

How can I learn Proposal Management?

So what is proposal management? You’ll learn by reading out Ultimate Guide to Proposal Management. It is a full manual to effectively preparing a business winning proposal.

How can I stand out in the FM market?

Find out how you can use Baachu’s 3Ps models can help you to effectively build up your network, your strengths and capabilities, and allow you to develop your company using the latest skills and technological opportunities.

How can I get Sales Analytics Success

Companies, understandably, put a lot of effort into improving their sales teams. Some invest in lead-generating tools, marketing automation, data research, CRM, Apps and Trackers. These costly efforts mostly fail to deliver ROI.Seven actions are critical for any success in leveraging data analytics in sales transformation.

How can I build a successful FM company?

An FM company needs to stay in constant communication with its customers and the market, as well as the wider industry as a whole. Is your FM Company built to succeed in this changing environment?

How can I decide on the best Strategy?

Strategy is the set of coherently planned actions towards the objective. A good strategy does more than urge us forward toward a goal or vision. It honestly acknowledges the challenges being faced and provides an approach to overcoming them. What are the steps to create an effective strategy?

How can I write winning proposal?

A thorough plan is pivotal to any successful proposal. This plan should consider the resources one is able to allocate to the project. The main resources are the employee’s availability, time, and money. With these carefully considered and allocated, the next step is to cater to your targeted market.

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