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😃Scribble Insider Issue #27 – Blog on Content Marketing, Heather Finch Podcast, Capture Planning and Customer Focus Lessons this week, Today’s Trivia, Memberships & Deals, Product Updates, and much more.

Baskar Sundaram

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Issue #27

Friday, October 22nd, 2021

Scribble Blog Posts Corner

Content Marketing: An Outline

What are the best contents that can actually convert? How can content marketing help in converting frozen prospects into actual customers? Is it true that content marketing is all about creating blogs? To know the answer to all these questions, check out this scribble blog on “Content Marketing: An Outline” Click here

Also check out some Latest interesting articles Here

Today's Trivia

Are you a bed-time procrastinator? Do you find it difficult to go to sleep and end up binging on something? The reason for this would probably be the feeling that you don't get enough “me-time” during the daytime. Here's some tips to end bed-time procrastination. Read More

Lessons for This Week

Capture Planning

Capture planning is the process where the identification as well as the understanding of the opportunities take place. It enables the formulation of winning strategies which in turn, will result in winning proposals. Click here to know more. Know more

Customer Focus

Customer focus should not only be ensured but also manifested. It should be clearly communicated in the proposal that the company prioritizes its customers more than anything else. Get to know the ways to ensure that the proposal addresses all the hot buttons appropriately. Know more

APMP Certification Live Workshops

APMP Practitioner – 5th November 2021, 2pm UK Enroll now

APMP Capture Practitioner – 5th November 2021, 3pm UK Enroll now

APMP Foundation Virtual Live Workshop UK & Europe – 5th November 2021, 10:00-14:30 UK BST Enroll now

APMP Foundation Virtual Live Workshop, India – 6th November 2021, 10:00-14:30 IST Enroll now

APMP Foundation Virtual Live Workshop Middle East – 7th November 2021, 10:00-14:30 UAE Enroll now

What Our Customer Says...

“Baachu Scribble is simple to use, easy to track my course progress with loads of bid and proposal content. This is a must-have for B2B sales & marketing teams”.
-Garry Carter

Sagas to Reflect and Soak Up

This week our guest for Scribble Talk Podcast was Heather Finch. Heather played active roles with APMP and won APMP Forty under Forty Class of 21. She has led proposal teams in both commercial and government sectors. Her interests are manifested in many areas including reading, hiking, camping, crafting etc.  

Get to know her wonderful story, her advice to bid and proposal professionals, next steps in her career and much more by clicking on the button below.

100+ APMP founding members and chapter leaders stories inside. Listen here
We have recently Launched our Scribble Talk Linkedin Page for our viewers to get updates of the latest episode. Do check it out here : Scribble talk

Fun Fact Video Of The Week

Memberships & Deals

Be the master of what you do. Doesn’t sound easy, right? That’s why we have developed the online community for bid and proposal profession for you. We’ll guide you through the bid and proposal journey and ensure that you reach the zenith, not worn out but more enthusiastic.
Become a Scribble+ member and get access to 30+ Execution plans & Bites, 12+ Jumpstart workshops 12+ Micro Certification workshops, Monthly webinars and more. Sign up for our 14-day Free Trial and get a glimpse of what we offer.
Click Here to become a member : Scribble +

The Scribble Newsroom

Missed a Newsletter and our latest updates? Don’t worry. We’ve got your back.

The Scribble Newsroom is specially designed to make sure that you don’t miss any updates or news from us. Through the newsroom, you can have access to everything including the newsletters, scholarships and much more. Know More

What's New At Scribble?

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That's it for this week. Catch you all next Friday.
Until then, feel free to share your feedback and thoughts. We will be coming back next week with our latest additions to help you succeed.

Baskar Sundaram
Founder and Director, Baachu
Website: and 
Phone: ‪0203 574 8855‬

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