10 Game-Changing AI Chrome Extensions to supercharge your productivity

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Are you ready to experience the next frontier of AI technology? Say hello to AI Chrome apps, which are the next big thing in AI. The goal of these strong tools is to make you more productive and change the way you work. Here are 10 AI tools you must have that will change the way you work:

Fireflies is an AI-powered intern you can use in your browser. With Fireflies, it’s easy to record and transcribe meetings, summarise emails and documents, and even pull out key information from YouTube videos and news stories.

SciSpace Copilot: You can stop writing complicated papers now. SciSpace Copilot will give you a simple explanation of any text, number, or chart you highlight, making it easier than ever to understand and study complex research.

AIPRM for ChatGPT: This curated list of strong prompt templates will help you think of new ideas. Whether you work in marketing, customer service, or sales, AIPRM has many prompts that are used by millions of workers at top companies like Adobe, Intel, and Microsoft.

ChatGPT Sidebar: Use ChatGPT and GPT-4’s full power right in your browser. With this extension, you can summarise pages, get meanings and explanations, and even translate and check your grammar.

GPT for Sheets and Docs: Add GPT-4 to your Google Sheets and Docs without any trouble. You can easily edit spreadsheets, summarise them, organise and style data, and make new content like blogs and emails.

With Compose AI, you can get rid of writer’s block and manage your email responses. This add-on makes your writing clearer and more powerful than ever.

Save time by getting quick recaps of long YouTube videos from Glasp. With one click, this extension shows you the main points and highlights, so you can get useful information without having to watch the whole movie.

Teamsmart lets you have an AI assistant at your hands to help you get more done. Teamsmart can help you with everything from coming up with ideas to writing draughts and reviewing code. This makes your work easier and more efficient.

ChatGPT Prompt Genius: Use the Prompt Genius application to unlock the full power of ChatGPT. Look around and find the best hints to level up your ChatGPT game and improve your skills with conversational AI.

Merlin: You can use ChatGPT and GPT-4 on any website you want. From writing responses to emails to writing replies to tweets, Merlin lets you use AI to make your online jobs easier.

These AI Chrome extensions are changing the game for workers by making them more creative, productive, and able to use automation. Embrace the future of work and use AI to its fullest with the help of these powerful tools. Get ready to change the way you work and do your daily tasks in a more efficient and effective way.

Source: Super Human

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