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10 Must-Try Generative AI Tools Beyond ChatGPT and Bard

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Baskar Sundaram

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Generative AI tools are becoming more and more famous in music, art, and literature, among other things. Large language models like ChatGPT and Bard are well known, but there are also many smaller generative AI projects that are worth trying. The goal of these AI tools is to save people time and make it easier for them to be creative. Here are ten AI tools that can do this:

Fireflies Fireflies.ai | AI notetaker to transcribe, summarize, analyze meetings is an AI app that lets users record and transcribe voice talks from meetings, phone calls, or video conference apps. Fireflies can also automatically add events to the calendar and import transcribed meeting notes into the CRM.

GhostWryter GPT GhostWryter | AI Writing Assistant for Google Docs™ is an app that uses AI to make text that is SEO-friendly, content for marketing, and even blog posts. The GhostWryter website has a guide for beginners that shows how to use keywords, idea generators, and outline makers to write anything from headlines and paragraphs to full essays.

Ellie AI: Sign up for Ellie – Your AI Email Assistant (tryellie.com) Ellie is a writing helper who only writes email responses. Ellie learns from the way you write and lets you choose a “mood” for her responses.

Murf AI:  https://murf.ai/ his technology can use text orders to make voiceovers that sound like real people. This makes it easy to make studio-quality voiceovers for explainer videos, podcasts, ads, and more.

Stockimg.AI  AI image generation for teams – You can easily generate AI logo, AI book covers, AI posters and more – Stockimg AI is an app that makes it easy to make content for different reasons. Users tell the AI what kind of picture they want to make, such as a book cover, logo, icon, wallpaper, or stock image.

Heyday: Heyday – AI-powered Memory Assistant Heyday is an AI-powered memory helper that helps you find things you’ve already looked at but may need to find again. It works with web platforms, search engines, and apps like Gmail and Google Docs.

Wordtune  Wordtune Read – AI Reading & Summarization Tool Read summarises long papers and helps users find the most important parts so they can understand more and faster. It can even give you different descriptions based on how you look at the story.

Regie AI Regie.ai | The AI Content Platform for Revenue Teams: This app helps find information about possible contacts and makes personal emails that look like they came from a business. Regie uses a large language model to help give the business its own voice.

Resume Worded https://resumeworded.com/: This app gives instant comments on resumes or LinkedIn profiles, including scores on key factors that real recruiters use when hiring candidates. The app can also help users find the right buzzwords for job descriptions.

Looka (connect to https://looka.com/) : With this app, you can make a professional design with just one click. Just type in the company’s name, the type of business it’s in, and the colours it likes, and you’ll have an endless number of logo options.

Large language models like ChatGPT and Bard are famous, but these smaller generative AI projects have a lot to offer users. They can help with sales, human resources, content creation, and getting the best online information. This kind of AI is here to stay, and these tools show what it can do.

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