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10 Ways for Proposal Managers to Increase Their Value and Visibility Within Their Organization

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Baskar Sundaram

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As a proposal manager, it is important to advocate for your value and worth within your organization. Proposal managers play a critical role in the business development process, leading the development of proposals in response to requests for proposals (RFPs) or requests for information (RFIs). However, the work of proposal managers is often undervalued and underpaid, which can be frustrating and demoralizing. Here are 10 steps that proposal managers can take to advocate for their value and worth within their organizations:

  1. Clearly communicate your responsibilities and achievements: Make sure that your supervisor and other stakeholders are aware of the scope of your responsibilities and the contributions you make to the organization. This may involve preparing regular reports or updates on your work, or highlighting specific achievements or successes.
  2. Seek out training and development opportunities: Strive to continuously learn and improve your skills and knowledge in order to increase your value to the organization. This may involve seeking out training and development opportunities, such as industry conferences or certifications.
  3. Network and build relationships: Build relationships with other professionals in your field, both within and outside your organization. This can help you to stay up to date on industry trends and best practices, and can also provide valuable career advancement opportunities.
  4. Negotiate for fair compensation: Be proactive in negotiating for fair compensation, based on the responsibilities and expectations of your role. This may involve conducting salary research to understand the going rate for similar positions in your industry and region, and then presenting this information to your supervisor or HR representative.
  5. Consider seeking opportunities outside your organization: If you feel that you are not being fairly valued or compensated within your current organization, you may want to consider seeking opportunities elsewhere. This may involve networking with professionals in other organizations or industries, or exploring different career paths within proposal management.
  6. Participate in professional organizations and communities : Joining professional organizations such as the Association of Proposal Management Professionals (APMP) or the Association of Business Development Professionals (ABDP) or Baachu Scribble can provide valuable networking and learning opportunities. It can also help to raise the profile of the proposal management profession within the organization and industry.
  7. Seek out leadership opportunities: Seek out leadership opportunities within your organization, such as leading proposal teams or mentoring junior team members. This can help to demonstrate your leadership skills and increase your visibility within the organization.
  8. Seek out additional responsibilities: Volunteer to take on additional responsibilities or tasks outside of your core role, such as supporting business development efforts or participating in industry events. This can help to demonstrate your value and worth to the organization and increase your visibility.
  9. Seek out opportunities to collaborate with other departments: Seek out opportunities to collaborate with other departments within the organization, such as sales or marketing. This can help to build relationships with other teams and increase the visibility of the proposal management function within the organization.
  10. Establish a personal brand: Establish a personal brand by building a professional online presence, such as through LinkedIn or a personal website. This can help to showcase your skills and expertise and make it easier for you to connect with other professionals in your field.

By taking these steps, proposal managers can advocate for their value and worth within their organizations and increase their visibility within the proposal management profession. It is important for organizations to recognize and value the contributions of proposal managers and provide the resources and support needed for them to succeed in their work.

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