Month: October 2018


When the price is right….

Its still business as usual for buyers and providers in UK outsourcing. Whether we take Norway, Canada, Switzerland or WTO forms, the procurement principles will largely be the same. Yes, there are frustrations in the system Now we have the opportunity to remove some barriers Should it ‘evolve’ or we ‘revolutionise’! Its a seperate debate in itself. We are …

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How I Bid: Focus on your ‘bid blocks’ and be Innovative

We all know the standard bidding process: Qualify your bid, draft the delivery plans and solutions using your allocated resources, engage with your customers, manage your governance, and finally, submit your tender response. Then, win or lose, you learn your lessons and move onto the next bid. But do we learn our lessons and apply …

How I Bid: Focus on your ‘bid blocks’ and be Innovative Read More »

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