Month: November 2018


Why is content marketing so effective in business growth?

Content marketing is the art of influencing highly targeted leads to take the desired action. It helps businesses because it converts their leads to clients. Therefore, it is designated to be an important aspect of marketing strategy. It differs from other marketing concepts, namely direct response and brand marketing as it is used to stimulate interest in a …

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When Business Development and Marketing are in sync

Business development and marketing are two distinct entities that go hand-in-hand. Both have a common goal: BUSINESS GROWTH. When synchronized, an organization sees an increase in visibility, growth, profitability, expansion and more. For this to occur, each team must collaborate to understand & support one another. How different are they from each other? Business Development – Responsible for forming …

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competitor analysis

Competitor Analysis

Competitor analysis in business and marketing is an assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of current and potential competitors. All organizations are bound to operate within a competitive environment, they don’t exist in thin air. Analysis of competitors helps in discovering the weaknesses, identifying the opportunities and threats from the industry environment. Strategies involved in …

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