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2022 Scribble Insider Training Wrapped

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Baskar Sundaram

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2022 Scribble Insider Training Wrapped

Anniversaries are time’s way of reminding us to pause for a moment and leave the daily grind to look back at the road we travelled. One year back, the first Insider Training Webinar was started under the name ‘Office Hours’ with the leading industry experts like Dick Eassom, Mike Parkinson and Mitch Boretz.

Today, we are bringing 2022 to an end with a renewed name, a global fame and unwavering love and support from our community. What started with tentative dates and fifty registrations has now reached 1600+ attendees from Business Winning family, spread across 23 countries, hosting 40+ Industry Experts, 40+ hours of FREE learning, discussions and 127 Scribble Quiz Winners!


Topics Covered
Peronal Development and Leadership Proposal Techniques Pperfectioning Proposal Tools
Becoming A Grand Champion of Your Life: Exercising Work/Life Balance Strategies Succeeding in Proposals: What Key Skills You Need in Proposal Management At a Glance Proposal Graphics
Curse of Knowledge” ‘Persuasive writing and storytelling in Proposals’. How to Choose RFP Management Software
Why I Teach, What I Teach, and How My Students Teach Me Understanding Source Selection Mind Blowing Powerpoint, No Really!
Who needs mentoring What’s Next for Bid & Proposal Professionals Supercharging Your Word Templates with Content Controls
Creating a Healthy Team Environment Avoiding Proposal Suicide: How to turn around a losing proposal Color Reviews, Reviewers, and Recovery .
Leadership Developmet For Proposal Leaders  How to Implement an Effective Storyboarding Process? Telling Your Story: Compliant and Compelling Proposal Themes That Win
Managing Proposal Teams Powefully Grants and Proposals Proposal Apocalypse: A Guide on How & Why to Hire a Consultant
Leading and Coaching Your Dream Team Overcoming Proposal Writer’s Block, Supercharge Your Word Templates with Building Blocks
Why are some Proposal Managers more Successful than others Build Better Bids Using the Superpower of Story.
Drive Innovation in your proposals Why Proposal Managers Need Project Management Skills
The Art of Shaping Requirements Creating a Video-First Business Culture in Your Team
Persuasion: The Art and Science of Winning Proposals” Pack Your Proposals With Project Power
Beyond Copyediting: How to edit your proposal to be Compliant, Compelling, and Responsive
How to Win with less time
how to capture your audience. With first impresion
Doing Business & Public Tenders in Germany.”
The Secret to Winning Incumbent Recompetes – 360 Program Reviews
Storyboarding to Success
The Bid Planning and Writing Session
Hold Your Horses….Don’t Write Too Soon!

The diversity of focal areas is crystal clear when these topics of general discussion shifted consecutively to give way to lessons on Proposal industry, complete with live surveys, quizzes and presentations. Speakers like Wordman aka Dick Eassom, Venu Manohar, Wolfram Seyring and Eric Gregory were all set on teaching new and unique practices to proposal writers whereas speakers including Pippa Birch and Marina Goren dedicated their time in perfectioning current practices and making them easier to perform. Every lesson discussed in these 40+ hours promised a technique for winning life and proposals.

We extend our love and gratitude to all the speakers spread across almost ten countries across the globe for taking the time and effort to share their knowledge and expertise. We are also pleased at becoming the favourite platform for the launch of many bid professionals into the world of international webinars. Baachu Scribble will continue to support every professional with a dream of sharing expertise in every field.
Today, we go back to the roads that shaped us to remember the past and understand our identity and origin. To celebrate this new milestone, we are wrapping up 2022 with a Grand Finale. On 15th December, we will be hosting two of the leading proposal experts Ceri Mescall and Shradha Talwar to discuss ‘Leadership development for proposal professionals’.

Register right away to grab your seat:

Also, with our newly launched Rewards and Points Programme, all Scribble Insiders are welcome to check out your newly added points and position in the Scribble Leader Board. Your attendance, registration and engagement in each of the webinars are already counted and added as part of your scoring.

Login to your Scribble account to find out your score:

Also, we are excited to inform you that we will be expanding our programmes and events further with new sessions, topics, speakers and events in 2023.
Thank you again for all the love and support!!

Stay tuned to check out our Top 25 Scribble Quiz Winners soon!

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