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From the creator of Bid Buddy Journal & Bid Leadership Training,
Your personal invite to Join "The 21 Day Sprint Future Self Challenge"

21 days Sprint

21 days Sprint

Gain clarity on where your career or business is now, where you'd like it to be in 3-5 years, and identify the game plan that will get you there

You could be thinking...

Here’s what I believe: YOU will get through this stronger than before.

You can come out of this clearer, stronger, more focused, and more strategic. If you are looking for support, community, and positivity in an uncertain time this is the place for you.

You have two options right now: Fear or Courage.

Choosing Fear means you stop, retreat into yourself and wait for the crisis to pass.

Choosing Courage means you’re committed to keeping your career or business alive and getting to the other side stronger and better.


We often have big dreams, goals or ambitions that give us a reason to look forward to. But as life goes by, we are overburdened with responsibilities and commitments taking us away from what we had planned for ourselves; eventually everything becomes so disorganized and the habits developed from unconsciously created routines makes us forget to live our lives purposefully because you stop living authentically.

 We wake up every morning, do what needs doing and go about our business as if it were any other ordinary weekday until finally coming home at night where nothing much seems different except for how tired you feel – but is this all there ever really was?

I think not! It’s easy for something big like ambition or goal setting become lost among everyday tasks because they don’t have time (or energy) left over after putting forth such hard work into making sure everything else keeps running smoothly within your household without forgetting who matters most: You

We know that life is a journey, and we want to make it count. But are we even aware of what we are doing and where we are going in this beautiful journey called “Life”.

If your answer is No then you have come to the right place where you will be getting access to our 21 days challenge which will be a combination of different exercises and a lot of fun and exciting things which you will be doing in order to first realize how we are losing our time and how we can replace it with something more meaningful.

Who is it for?

If you are a Business Winning Professional, Consultant, Entrepreneur, Director,  or any uninspired professional seeking to have a successful professional life and a meaningful personal life then you have come at the right place. This course is for anyone who has felt like they are in the wrong place at work, or not fulfilling their potential.

A lot of people find themselves stuck every day without even realizing it because life just keeps going on around them until one day you wake up and realize everything seems totally different from what you had planned before. It’s time that we all took back control over our lives by figuring out what makes us happy and fulfilling. Because fundamentally if you are not leaving a fulfilling life, you are just wasting your life.

What do we need from you?

  • 30 minutes of your day
  • Commitment to complete our exercises
  • Willingness to boost your strengths and address your improvement areas 
  • Audacity to make your life meaningful

Why should I go for it?

  • The World Health Organization reports that every $1 invested in mental health delivers a $4 return in productivity and cost savings.
  • Statistics on workplace motivation further show that highly engaged teams experience 41% less absenteeism and a 17% rise in productivity.
  • Did you know that regularly mental and physical exercising will lead to 72 percent improvement in time management and workload completion at the workplace.
21 days Sprint

It’s hard to know when someone is putting their best effort into something and not getting the recognition they deserve. If you feel like this, it might be because of how much attention we pay to others vs our own needs in life–sometimes too much focus on insignificant things can make us forget what matters most! But this may just as likely stem from a lack of self-love and appreciation for oneself; sometimes giving too much importance makes us lose sight of what’s most important–our own mental/spiritual health before anything else!

So let’s fix ourselves before we fix anything other than ourselves , because sometimes the problem is not with others but with our own understanding of the things which are beyond our control.

As someone rightly said, don’t try to fix whatever comes to your life, instead  fix yourself in a way that whatever comes, you will be fine !

What themes does the challenge involve?

  • Personal development
  • Psychology & Mental Health
  • Productivity
  • Career & Entrepreneurship Success
  • Management & Leadership
  • Motivation & Inspiration
  • Mindfulness & Happiness
  • Money & Investments
  • Communication Skills

What is 21 Day Sprint?

We all know that changing our habits can bring major changes in life. And the good news is, you don’t have to wait for days or months before seeing results! The 21-day sprint program is a revolutionary way to make major changes in your life. Whether it’s personal or professional success, this plan will help you become more attractive by replacing negative habits with positive ones and improving self-esteem!

How does it work?

Designed to be undertaken alongside your full-time work, the time commitment is 30 hours over the 21 days. 21 days sprint is a small valuable investment that can play a major part in making your life enriching and purposeful.

This program is delivered by Baskar Sundaram, Creator of Bid Buddy Journal for Bid & Proposal Professionals, Founder of Baachu Scribble with all its exercises and templates designed to promising results.

By the end of the challenge, you will be able to visualise your future based self and work towards it ! 

Upon completion of the program

Growth Action plan

Once you have learned and understood how important it is to journey your life to future based self and have the intellectual clarity to take the right decisions in life and to face life boldly you will be able to be a light which will inspire others to do the same.

With a proper action plan in place, it will be easy for you to avoid distractions and focus on the most vital things which will lead to productivity and creativity in your professional and personal life too.

The Baachu Circle community will help you to build relationships with other professionals and Baskar Sundaram, as well as learn about their personal experiences.  You’ll have access to a network of people who can share stories from the lives that shaped them into who they are today!

To experience your best year ever, you need to have good allies.



21 days Sprint

Your Trainer Baskar Sundaram

Baskar Sundaram is a inclusive entrepreneur and business growth expert who balances purpose and profit.

He is ranked #1 advisor to investors in business services industry in UK.

He published Bid Buddy self-improvement journal for bidding professionals in 2016.

Over the past 8 years, he has mentored 500+ bid professionals with Sell You First training and 50+consultants with Big Ticket Generator Programme

He has trained 1600+ professionals to successful APMP Certifications

He has won multiple entrepreneur of the year finalist awards, leadership and business in the community award in 2018.

His Bid Leadership Training Programmes are used by 30+ International Companies

Worried about your career or business in this crisis?

The 21 day Sprint is a 21 day, 10 hour intense programme with resources and daily coaching to help you and not just survive but to thrive and grow.

You see, there are going to be two ways that professionals react to the New Year:

  1. Stick your head in the sand, and settle for a 2023 without the career, lifestyle and income you want
  2. Refuse to be defined by what world dictates, and take steps to ensure 2023 is your best year yet.
Assuming you’re taking the right option, rather than the ‘ostrich’ one, you’ll find 21 Day Sprint very useful. 

Still Have Questions?

The challenge takes place over 21 total days. We have calls every day with a special bonus Q&A call. Each call takes place at 3 Pm GMT. 

Each call takes approximately 30 minutes. There will also be suggested daily homework that should take no longer than 1 hour to complete (some only take 5-10 minutes). So throughout the challenge, expect a 2-3 hour time investment per day.

Yes! These strategies have already been used by 600+ professionals over 11 countries so they apply everywhere. We have used these exact strategies to acquire skills all over the globe . So no matter where you are, these strategies are for you!

Everything takes place inside of our Portal. You will get access to the portal as soon as you purchase. In the group we will host the live daily calls, upload the recordings, and post the workbooks/slides. Also, this is a great way to network with fellow challengers and help each other along the way! 

For as long as the portal is accessible You have unlimited access to the portal which includes the recordings and workbooks. 2 weeks after the challenge ends we will “archive” the group which simply means no new members, posts or comments, but you’ll still have access to EVERYTHING in the group up to that point for as long as you need it.

21 days Sprint

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