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25 Frequently Asked Questions About AI Bid & Proposal Writing

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1. What is AI bid writing?

AI bid writing uses Generative AI technology to understand bid requirements and generate comprehensive, persuasive bid responses. It automates and streamlines the bid writing process, increasing speed and reducing cost.

2. How much faster is AI bid writing compared to traditional methods?

Our AI bid writing service is 3x faster than traditional bid writing methods.

3. How much can I save by using your AI bid writing service?

Our AI bid writing service is 20% cheaper than our standard rate, bringing the daily rate down to £650 + Tax

4. How accurate is AI bid writing?

AI bid writing is highly accurate. The AI is trained on a large dataset of successful bids and continually learns from feedback to improve its performance.

5. Can the AI understand complex bid requirements?

Yes, our AI is capable of understanding and responding to complex bid requirements. It has been trained on a diverse range of bids and is designed to handle complexity.

6. Can I use the AI bid writing service on a one-off basis, or do I need a subscription?

The AI bid writing service is exclusively available to our retainer clients as part of our commitment to providing them with the most innovative and cost-effective solutions.

7. What happens if I’m not satisfied with the AI-generated bid?

We have a team of human bid writers who oversee the AI’s work and make necessary adjustments. We’re committed to ensuring that you’re satisfied with the final product.

8. Can the AI adapt to my company’s style and tone?

Yes, the AI is capable of learning and adapting to your company’s unique style and tone over time to create bids that sound like they were written by your team.

9. Is my data safe with your AI service?

Absolutely. We adhere to strict data privacy regulations and ensure your data is securely stored and used only for the purpose of enhancing the bid writing process.

10. Can I review and edit the AI’s work?

Yes, the bid drafts generated by the AI can be reviewed and edited as needed. The goal is to provide a starting point that accelerates the bid writing process.

11. What types of bids can your AI handle?

Our AI is designed to handle a wide variety of bids in the facilities management sector, including complex and high-value bids.

12. Do I need any special software to use your AI bid writing service?

No, our AI bid writing service is delivered as a fully managed service, so you don’t need to install or maintain any software.

13. Will using AI for bid writing make my team redundant?

Not at all. AI is a tool that can help your team work more efficiently and focus on strategic tasks. It doesn’t replace the need for human insight, creativity, and judgement.

14. How quickly can I start using your AI bid writing service?

Once the retainer agreement is in place, we can start using the AI bid writing service on your next bid. Drop us a line to hello@baachu.com

15. What support will I get when using the AI bid writing service?

You’ll get dedicated account management, along with access to our team for any questions or issues. You’ll also have the chance to feedback and improve the AI’s performance over time.

16. What AI tools do you use for bid writing?

We use a combination of free and low-cost AI tools like ChatGPT, Forefront, Google Bard, Perplexity, Quillbot, Wordtune, and Grammarly to name a few to optimise our AI bid writing.

17. How do you ensure the AI-generated responses are not generic?

We utilize our C.R.A.F.T methodology. The C.R.A.F.T framework is a process we follow to ensure each bid is unique and tailor-made to resonate with the target audience.

18. What is the C.R.A.F.T methodology?

C.R.A.F.T stands for Conceptualize, Rough Draft, Amplify and Refine, Fact-check and Visualize, and Tailor and Engage. It’s a systematic approach we follow to create compelling, personalized content for each bid.

19. Can AI bid writing help in multi-language bids?

While AI tools have made significant progress in translation and multilingual support, for critical multilingual bids, we recommend a human-led process augmented by AI tools to ensure accuracy, context-appropriateness, and cultural sensitivity.

20. How do you integrate AI into my current bid writing process?

We work closely with you to understand your current process and identify areas where AI can add the most value. The integration is designed to be seamless, augmenting your existing process with the speed and efficiency of AI, without disrupting your team’s workflow.

21. What kind of training is available for integrating AI into my bid writing process?

We offer an array of courses, from our AI Powered Bidder 6-week Bootcamp and 4-Day Intensive AI Powered Proposal Mastery, to our AI Powered Proposal Writer Workshop, AI Data Governance & Risk Framework Workshop, and even an 8-week AI Powered Graphics and Design Bootcamp. Find more here 

22. Who can attend these AI trainings?

These trainings are designed for professionals across all regions including the US, Canada, UK, Europe, India, Africa, Middle East, and APAC. They cater to various roles within the bid and proposal management process and are beneficial for both beginners and seasoned professionals.

23. What will I learn in the AI Powered Bidder 6-week Bootcamp?

Our 6-week bootcamp provides a comprehensive understanding of AI’s role in bid writing. It covers practical aspects of integrating AI into the bid writing process, adapting to AI tools, and leveraging AI for efficiency and effectiveness in bid management.

24. How will the 4-Day Intensive AI Powered Proposal Mastery course benefit me?

This 4-day intensive course delves deep into AI’s implications in proposal writing. It provides practical insights, strategic perspectives, and hands-on experience with AI tools to empower you to master AI-powered proposal writing.

25. What is the focus of the AI Data Governance & Risk Framework Workshop?

This workshop focuses on understanding and managing the implications of AI on data governance and risk. It prepares you to handle data-related considerations and potential risks while using AI in proposal writing, ensuring regulatory compliance and data security. Find more here  

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