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5 ChatGPT prompts to use in Capture Planning, Account Planning, Competitor Research, Customer Research, Tender Research, Hot Buttons, Bidder Comparator Matrix, Value Propositions, Differentiators and Executive Summary (regularly updated)

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Capture Planning:

  1. “Provide a step-by-step guide on how to develop an effective capture plan for my target opportunity.”
  2. “List the key components of a successful capture plan to help me better understand and address my target customer’s needs.”
  3. “Identify potential risks and challenges in my capture planning process and suggest mitigation strategies.”
  4. “Suggest a timeline and milestones for my capture planning process to ensure timely and organized execution.”
  5. “Explain the importance of building a strong capture team and suggest key roles and responsibilities.”

Account Planning:

  1. “Outline the key elements of an effective account plan and their significance in building a long-term relationship with my target customer.”
  2. “Provide a framework for developing a comprehensive account plan, including strategic goals, action items, and performance metrics.”
  3. “Identify common mistakes and pitfalls in account planning and suggest best practices to avoid them.”
  4. “Discuss how to leverage customer insights and market intelligence in my account planning process.”
  5. “Explain the role of cross-functional collaboration in successful account planning and suggest ways to improve team alignment.”

Competitor Research:

  1. “Develop a framework for conducting thorough competitor research, including data sources, analysis methods, and presentation formats.”
  2. “Explain the importance of competitor research in shaping my bid strategy and positioning my offering effectively.”
  3. “Provide a template for comparing and contrasting my competitors’ offerings, strategies, and market positions.”
  4. “Suggest ways to use competitor research insights to identify gaps in the market and opportunities for differentiation.”
  5. “Discuss how to monitor competitor activities and stay updated on their developments to maintain a competitive edge.”

Customer Research:

  1. “Outline the key steps in conducting customer research to better understand my target audience and their needs.”
  2. “Suggest qualitative and quantitative research methods to gather valuable insights about my target customer’s preferences and pain points.”
  3. “Provide a template for creating customer personas to help me better tailor my offering and messaging.”
  4. “Explain the role of customer research in developing a targeted and compelling value proposition.”
  5. “Discuss best practices for collecting, analyzing, and acting on customer feedback to improve my offering and customer experience.”

Tender Research, Hot Buttons, Bidder Comparator Matrix, Value Propositions, Differentiators, and Executive Summary:

  1. “Provide an overview of the tender research process, including data sources, evaluation criteria, and key insights to look for.”
  2. “Explain how to identify hot buttons in tenders and use them to align my bid strategy with the needs and expectations of potential clients.”
  3. “Create a template for a Bidder Comparator Matrix, comparing my offering with those of my top competitors and highlighting our unique value propositions and differentiators.”
  4. “Suggest strategies for developing compelling value propositions and differentiators that resonate with my target audience and set my offering apart from the competition.”
  5. “Outline best practices for writing an engaging and persuasive executive summary that effectively communicates the benefits of my offering and convinces potential clients to choose my solution.”

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