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5 ChatGPT prompts to use in Video scripting and copywriting (regularly updated)

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“Craft a compelling video script that introduces my [product/service] to [ideal customer persona], persuading them to [desired action] through an engaging call-to-action and captivating visuals.”

“Develop a video script that highlights the exceptional features and advantages of my [product/service] for [ideal customer persona], driving them to make a purchase with the help of social proof and credibility-boosting elements.”

“Create a video script that attracts [ideal customer persona] with a powerful headline and hook, persuading them to [desired action] using convincing language and persuasive evidence.”

“Write a video script that addresses and resolves any objections or concerns [ideal customer persona] might have about my [product/service], encouraging them to [desired action] with a sense of urgency.”

“Design a video script that demonstrates the value and benefits of my [product/service] to [ideal customer persona], convincing them to [desired action] through an enticing offer and a clear call-to-action.”


“Compose a captivating [type of text] that directly addresses [ideal customer persona] and motivates them to [desired action] for my [website/product].”

“Craft a persuasive [type of text] that compels [ideal customer persona] to buy my [product/service] by emphasizing its distinct advantages and tackling any potential concerns.”

“Develop a compelling [type of text] that convinces [ideal customer persona] to enroll in my [program/subscription] by outlining its inherent value and the benefits they stand to gain.”

“Write an engaging [type of text] that evokes [emotion] in my [ideal customer persona] regarding my [product/service] and inspires them to take [desired action].”

“Create a concise [type of text] that clearly explains the features and advantages of my [product/service] to [ideal customer persona], guiding them towards making a purchase decision.”

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