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5 Ways to Accept AI to Future-Proof Your Bidding Career

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5 Ways to Accept AI to Future-Proof Your Bidding Career 

AI presents an opportunity, not a risk. The potential to advance your skills to the next level is actually the greatest one available. Those whose potential will grow more quickly than they ever thought imaginable are those who are willing to accept change and ride the wave of innovation. The writing is on the wall, nevertheless, for the cynics and doubters who prefer to conceal or ignore the patterns. The distance between those who are making waves and those who are being left behind is growing daily. 

Let’s take a moment to evaluate two alternative viewpoints on this circumstance before getting into the specifics. Let’s start by looking at the negative perspective. 

The Lost Bidders on the Beach: Tsunami Survival 

Visualize this: On a perfect beach, a group of bidders is relaxing while the sun is shining and the waves are lapping at the shore. They converse, they joke, and they joyfully construct sandcastles. But then something unexpected occurs. Slowly at first, then increasingly quickly, the ocean begins to retreat from view until it is entirely obscured. The bidders gaze at each other in confusion as some of them bolt onto the wet sand where the waves had earlier beaten, while others stay still and talk about the strange phenomena. 

A few bidders start running frantically towards high ground as screams suddenly pierce the air, signalling that danger is approaching. Nevertheless, it’s too late. On the horizon, a terrifying tsunami is approaching the shore with unrelenting fury, rising higher and higher. The bidders who fled towards the water are the first to be swallowed, followed by those who did nothing, and then those who made some effort to prepare are also carried away. 

The tsunami sweeps everything in its path aside in a matter of minutes, leaving nothing but ruins in its wake. The majority of bidders are either lost, pulled into the turbulent waters, or slammed against the coast. The few survivors who remain must dismantle their previous possessions and start over. 

The transformational potential of AI is represented by this cautionary story. The beach bidders who disregarded the warning flags are analogous to people who view AI as a transitory fad, while the ones who fled to higher ground stand for those who understand the potential of AI and are making preparations. 

But there is still hope because there are other perspectives on the matter.

The Courageous and Brave Bidders: Exploring the Frontier 

The crew was equipped. 

The engines fired up, the cargo was stowed, and the checklist was gone over. The team was prepared for the trip of a lifetime. When the countdown reached zero, the spacecraft launched into the stratosphere, climbing higher and faster until the mountains and sea below were nothing more than a swirl of green and blue, and the clouds appeared to be within reach. 

Their last objective was space, a vast and uncharted region that offered a myriad of opportunities, including the discovery of moons of Jupiter as well as factories on the moon, colonies on Mars, and resource-rich asteroids. The crew was motivated by the anticipation of the countless chances that lay ahead of them. 

Although there was risk and worry along the way, the excitement of the adventure and the allure of advancement motivated them to continue. They were propelled forward by bravery, vigour, and an insatiable thirst for success. 

The group discovered that the environment they had been working in previously had grown stale, monotonous, difficult, and dull as they travelled further into the unknown. They had been delivered from their previous life of tedium by the vast and unexplored expanse of space. 

Which of these stories do you identify with? one of thrilling adventure or merely survival? You have the option. After all, survival is a necessity for all of us, but choosing adventure opens up a world of possibilities and experiences. 

If you want it, your career is safe. 

I frequently converse with successful bidders who have seen the shift from traditional printed submissions to online bid submissions and marketers who made the switch from traditional offline marketing to digital marketing, which is the biggest change the sector has undergone since the internet revolution. 

These seasoned experts are unconcerned despite the significant change. They instead see limitless opportunities for using technology to improve workflows, grow markets, and boost productivity. It’s crucial to see AI as a chance to succeed in this new era while retaining traditional bid and proposal skills. Change is unavoidable, but having the correct attitude can help you succeed no matter what happens next. 

The way we approach tenders may change in the future, but there is no need to be concerned because this is not new ground. We have adjusted to changes before, and we will do so again. Even when we adopt new technology and approaches, it’s critical to keep in mind that conventional bid and proposal abilities are still relevant. In order to win in this new era of bidding and beyond, we must combine the best elements of both. 

These are five tactics to protect and advance your career in bids. 

#1 First, make wiser bids. 

The bidder who can design the best overall plan will win as AI tools increase the efficiency of bid managers, enable all bidders to produce material more quickly than ever, and improve team and client relationship management. 

So to be clear, I didn’t say “simply proposal strategy,” “price strategy,” “capture strategy,” “sales strategy,” etc. I said “whole strategy.” Given bidders’ expanding skills, there is now a chance (and a need) to develop a comprehensive winning strategy that can be developed and carried out by a single bidder. 

We at Baachu have a process called the “Bid Development Journey” for developing overarching strategies. 

You may include all of the bid components (AI, Sales Presentation, Proposal, Pricing, Legal, etc.) in this 7-stage process, which will convert prospects into customers and active promoters. 

Go to work! 

You don’t have to start from scratch if your overall bidding strategy isn’t clearly defined. 

For our clients, Bid Development Journey has generated over $1 billion. 

Start defining your plan right away by downloading this ebook. 

#2 Let’s start implementing AI! 

When developing proposals, AI tools are a necessity. Employing an “AI expert” to handle this technology for you is a really bad idea. For your plan to work, you must have a fundamental understanding of how AI functions. Without it, managing effective bid campaigns will be difficult for you, and you’ll also come off as out of touch. Don’t let your ignorance of AI limit your ability to build winning proposals. Instead, embrace AI. 

Go to work! 

using AI but not yet? 

Don’t worry! 

Create a ChatGPT account at this moment. 

This is a step-by-step tutorial for understanding AI using ChatGPT: 

Make an account on ChatGPT. 

Instead of searching on Google, use ChatGPT to enter your search term. 

Take a look at ChatGPT’s response. 

To improve the outcome and comprehend AI more fully, pose more questions. 

To continue honing your AI skills, repeat this procedure using various search terms. 

You can begin to realise AI’s full potential and comprehend its capabilities by taking the steps outlined above. So why do you still wait? Join ChatGPT now to take the first step towards mastering AI. 

#3: Learn to fully utilise the stack and all bid methods. 

If AI could theoretically perform each bid technique for you, are you still asking if you need to comprehend them all? The answer is an unequivocal yes. How can you effectively manage something you don’t fully comprehend? The truth is that all experienced workforce managers have, in some capacity, had prior work experience. The same is true of bidders. 

Full-stacked bidder is the term used at Baachu. An individual with proficiency in at least three key aspects of bidding is said to be a “full stack” bidder. You may assist clients with their bid strategy from beginning to end by being a full-stacked bidder. Together with your core competencies in market strategy, sales, capture, bid management, proposal writing, pricing, and project management, working with your bid team will enable you to develop winning strategies for all aspects of bids. 

While AI may eventually replace some Bid specializations, your advancement will be determined by your understanding of the function each approach served when AI becomes more common.Hence, to stay in the lead and avoid falling behind, sign up as a full-stacked bidder. 

Go to work! 

Want to advance your bidding abilities? Think about your strengths and areas where you might need to improve. The following fundamental bidding abilities are encouraged at Baachu: Copy the list, and then rank your familiarity with and comprehension of each competency on a scale of 1 to 10. It’s time to act if you receive a score of 5 or less on any of them. 

Access more than 300 hours of valuable instructional material by enrolling in the Baachu Academy for just $25 per month. You can learn these essential bidding abilities without having to spend time doing research; just let us help. Begin your path to excellence in bidding right now. 


  • Marketing 
  • Sales Operations 
  • Pre-Sales Management 
  • Solutioning 
  • Capture Management 
  • Proposal Writing 
  • Bid Management 
  • Pricing & Estimating 
  • Project Management 
  • Sales Presentations 
  • Mobilisation 
  • Contract Management 
  • Knowledge Management 

(#4) Bring flair and creativity to your skill set. 

AI is merely a different form of programme; it is not a magical cure. You are aware of the constraints that computers and software have in terms of fresh concepts, styled content, and originality because you have been using them for a while. As AI can only understand what we already know, continuing to learn and broaden your knowledge is the best way to maintain an advantage in bidding. 

How can you begin “learning more” then? more action! Discover and break bad habits that prevent you from learning new things, keep your mind open to all possibilities, and engage in new experiences. While not always simple, growth depends on it. 

Let’s discuss uniqueness and creativity while we’re on the subject of development. Who could show you the tricks of being more creative and inventive than AI? Here is what ChatGPT had to say about it: 

In response, ChatGPT stated:  

5 Ways to Accept AI to Future-Proof Your Bidding Career

AI itself claims that the secret is to use your imagination to add original thoughts, viewpoints, and information that combines human intuition, experience, and creative thinking. You also need to identify your brand’s style and apply it consistently to every piece of content you produce. Everything you write, create, or present should reflect your own identity and make you stand out in a competitive market, from articles to videos to graphics to proposals. In a world where more and more individuals are utilising AI to create content, it’s critical to stand out and present the individuality of your company. Don’t you think you’re fashionable or imaginative? Don’t you believe it? With a little practise and commitment, you can become an expert in these skills and advance your bid and proposal development. 

Go to work! 

These are two assignments that can not only spark your imagination but also aid in the identification of your individual style. Don’t spend more than 15 to 30 minutes each day on creative inquiry, at most. Do something new once a week, whether it be pushing your physical limits with weightlifting or yoga or learning a new artistic medium like painting. Go inventive and have fun with it because there are countless alternatives. Let’s now discuss defining your personal style. Open a document and list three distinctive features of your writing, appearance, lifestyle, home, or interests. Do not overthink it! Simply begin to consider what makes you unique in the crowd. 

In every area of your life, especially in the realm of proposals and bids, it’s crucial to establish your personal style. It’s crucial to display your distinctive style to stand out from the crowd as more and more individuals use AI. Throughout your writing, presentations, and proposal designs, let your imagination come through. By doing this, you’ll leave a good impression and attract more offers. 

You can outdo AI in originality and creativity by taking the time to get creative and establish your distinctive style, and you’ll also feel more assured and authentic in everything you do as a result. So, let’s use our imaginations and begin developing your style right away! 

(#5) Improve Your People Skills  

No matter how far AI has progressed in terms of communication, it will never be able to fully replace the special human connection that comes from having meaningful interactions. To establish trusting relationships with your coworkers, managers, staff, customers, clients, and vendors, you must develop your people skills as a bidder. More than just being able to carry on a discussion, you also need to be emotionally intelligent, empathic, adaptable, and a good listener. You should also be open, accepting, genuine, inquiring, clear, patient, and compassionate. 

Being engaging and adding value to every discussion, project, and encounter is essential as AI takes on more routine responsibilities. If you approach relationship-building and deal-making with the appropriate mentality, you can use your human touch to outperform AI. 

In a sea of automated messages and responses, you will stand out more if you are intriguing and engaging. 

In order to change your career, go ahead and be interesting. 

Go to work! 

Make a note of any conversations that go on for more than five minutes over the following week. Take note of how exciting or uninteresting the interaction was, and think of ways you may have improved it. Choose one of your notes and attempt incorporating it into your talks for a day after a week. See how the interactions go and make any necessary adjustments. 

In summary, everything will be OK. 

Despite their intimidating appearance, the developments brought about by AI are nothing to be afraid of. You can stay ahead of the curve if you are receptive to and aware of these developments. Use artificial intelligence today to start thinking about what makes you special. 

Consider enrolling in the AI-Powered Bidder Bootcamp if you want to really put yourself ahead. Be a part of a group of really smart bidders who are already using AI to improve their performance. You may keep current on the most recent bid techniques and obtain a competitive edge in the market with the help of this course. 


17 March – 15 May

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