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7 steps to sales Analytics success

Baskar Sundaram
Baskar Sundaram
7 steps.png

Companies, understandably, put a lot of effort into improving their  sales teams

Some invest in lead-generating tools, marketing automation, data research, CRM, Apps and Trackers. These costly efforts mostly fail to deliver ROI

Digital tools and analytics, when applied correctly, offer a powerful way to accelerate sales growth. Mckinsey confirms companies who get their sales analytics right typically see 5-10% growth within a year.

From my experience, seven actions are critical for any success in leveraging data analytics in sales transformation.

  1. Use data to understand the effect of all the steps in sales process, from what drives a sales opportunity forward to where sales team struggle or miss opportunities
  2. Focus on the handful of metrics and Key Performance Indicator (KPI) dashboards that matters
  3. Schedule regular meetings to reinforce sales growth expectations
  4. Use data and analytics to identify the traits and skills of top sales performers then prioritise and personalise sales capability training
  5. Communicate progress not just gaps
  6. Demonstrate how every sale team member contribute towards the common goal
  7. Most importantly, have a clear view of the new behaviour you want to reinforce

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