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Are You Struck by the Uncertain Times?

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Baskar Sundaram

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Everything around us is constantly changing and the people who anticipate and keep up with the changes are the ones who are successful in life. Famous and successful companies around the world have found ways to keep up with the ever-changing technological world.  Given below are some tips on how you can adapt during the period of uncertainty and constant change:

Laugh at the Face of Adversity 

Life is filled with ups and downs. Even the most successful people experience problems and setbacks. How do people who want to adapt go past these issues? They continue to work hard. They laugh at the face of adversity. They focus on the solution and try to look at the bright side of life. They are determined to achieve their goals and unafraid to reach out to people for help and support. 

Build to Adapt 

The human brain is a powerful organ that is capable of performing multiple tasks. The brain has the skill to learn new things and adapt to the changes happening around the body. When a part of the brain dies or is damaged, the other parts slowly take up the job and functions that were once performed by the damaged parts. This is an inbuilt skill of adaptivity that humans are gifted with.

Learning from Mistake

Learning from past mistakes is the best way to move forward but learning from other’s mistake is also a great way to learn things. Whenever you are planning for the future, look into the past and think of the mistakes you made and plan accordingly. Think of ways move past hurdles and plan for possible liabilities and failures. 

Always Experiment 

Never be afraid to experiment. If you are running a business, always invest in research and product development. Always create something new and bring it to people. Companies are constantly learning from experimentation. Even if the product or idea does not work out, do not lose hope. Think of ways to change and better your products and services.

Adapting too Soon

There is anticipating a change and then there is changing too soon. Even though you are sure about the future and where your company should be going, you should make sure that you do not make drastic changes too quickly. The marketplace and customers might not fully ready yet. So make small but effective changes that will ultimately lead to the bigger picture and end goal.

Adaptability is always about looking ahead and planning continuously. It is about looking at the companies and people around you and learning from their mistakes as well as yours. It is about experimenting and introducing changes within the company to prepare yourself and the organisation for the future. Change is permanent and nobody can be fully prepared for what lies ahead. But with proper planning, you can be successful even in the most drastic times.

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