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AI Empowered Writer Model

Breaking Down The Innovative AIO Hiring and Pricing Model – Adapt Your Team Now With This Guide

AI Empowered Writer model

What Is The AIO Model?

Check out the new version of our AIO model, here in the post that breaks down AIO Model 2.0.

The process of hiring a human and only relying on said human to produce infinite amounts of content (and scaling that human team with more humans) is now fully archaic, thanks to the AIO model we’ve built – explained right here.


The process of relying only on humans for inbound, volume content production is now…


No more.


Adios. 👋🏻

At the same time – you can’t publish content #StraightOuttaAI, even though our t-shirt motto is just that. 😉

AI Empowered Writer model

You need humans to write and perfect (aka, optimize) AI-written content.

And with over 40M long-form SEO words produced per month by our users alone, we like to think we know a thing or two about how to do this.

Let’s discuss.

What Is The AIO Model? Human-Only SEO Content vs. AIO SEO Content

A picture speaks a thousand words: here’s a visual we designed to represent the AIO model below.
AI Empowered Writer model
Let’s explore the human-only SEO content creation process vs. the new process, aka AIO SEO.

The Old Process: Quality SEO Content with Only Humans

Here’s the now-defunct, archaic way of writing SEO content, pre-AIO model.

  • A human researches, outlines, drafts, researches SERPs, and writes a 2,500w SEO blog from start-to-finish
  • Another human (editor) reviews and edits to make sure it’s publish-ready
  • Content gets published

The cost for this can be anywhere from five to thirty cents per word, depending on who and where you’re hiring from. Typically, you need to give a writer a week’s lead time to write one long-form blog and not get burnt out in the process. Writing 2,500w out of nothing can take serious time, energy, and effort. Then, you need to add in a human editor, because the human writer will be so tired after 2,500w of writing, they’ll likely miss some things unless someone else checks their work.

Not the best process in the world. But it worked, if you had the right writer matched up to the right topics and able to produce on deadline. (In other words: it didn’t work most of the time.)

The New Process: Quality SEO Content with an AIO Writer

Here’s the AIO model method of doing content: 

  • AI now writes the main baseline of the first full draft, at 2,500+ words; puts an outline together, crawls the SERPs for the right keywords and insights, and writes the whole thing.
  • A human, AIO-trained writer edits that content and makes it better
  • Content gets published

Sound incredible? What’s more, the cost is amazing: with Content at Scale, you’re only paying half a penny to one full penny per word. That’s for good, high-quality, undetectable general SEO content.

How to Adapt & Use the AIO Model – Explaining the C.R.A.F.T Framework

No matter how good GPT-4 and our own proprietary NLP algorithm stack get, here’s the truth.

AI writing isn’t ready to publish out of the gate.

Because it’s not you.

It doesn’t know your personal experiences. Your client’s feelings, thoughts, and experiences. Your personal story and tone.

Guess who is best for that? Your writer. If you teach them how to adapt and use CRAFT, they’ll add all of those important characteristics to every piece of content you publish.

(We’re modeling this, with the CaS blog.)

And that’s why I came up with the C.R.A.F.T. framework, a way for writers to practically understand how to be in the ‘driver’s seat’ of the AIO methodology and optimize AI-produced content.

AI Empowered Writer model

Edit your content using my AIO C.R.A.F.T. framework:

1. Cut the fluff. Ruthlessly delete unnecessary content.

2. Review, edit, optimize. Add in more keywords to optimize the content, following your on-page checklist in the Content at Scale app. Read through and make the content better.

3. Add images, visuals, media. Use screenshots, visual data, graphs, etc. where appropriate.

4. Fact-check your content. Never let a fact go without double-checking it.

5. Trust-build with a personal story, tone, and authoritative links (external to other high-quality publications, and internally to your own product or service pages, additional content, etc.). 

Want to learn every step involved in our C.R.A.F.T. framework?

You asked – we answered:

Additionally, subscribe to our blog, watch our C.R.A.F.T. and AIO tutorials on our YouTube channel, and read this blog to understand the AIO model.

How to Switch Your Team To Our New AIO Model And Start Saving Serious Time and Money

Side-by-side–it looks pretty amazing to stare at the new model, right? That’s a 3/4th savings on your cost to create content, and you’re slicing time down by 5x.

But how do you start implementing the AIO model into your team?

Might feel like a chore, right?

It’s not. In fact, easy. I’ve converted a writer I was working with on higher project pay for eight years into a one-hour, hourly pay rate with the AIO model and Content at Scale as the “writer” – and she’s perfectly happy because Content at Scale takes the stress of writing off her plate.

Follow these steps:

  • Introduce your writer/editor (teams) to Content at Scale. Get it; sign up for it; and let them have full access to it.
  • Share my step-by-step tutorial with them.
  • Once they get familiar with it, and are totally inspired by the kind of time savings that will occur, let them know you are switching to a new model of paying hourly instead of per wordOffer $40/hour, or, an hourly rate you feel works best for you and them. Then, ask them to take no more than one hour per piece. 
  • Share our AIO CRAFT Framework with them. Have them attend live trainings coming up (hosted on our YouTube channel). Make sure they know the CRAFT process, step-by-step, and are applying those five steps each time they write your content. 
  • Going through these steps will make it a win-win for both of you. The process will get faster and better each time they do it. Practice makes perfect!
  • Keep an eye out for an AIO course coming from Content at Scale soon!

Frequently Asked Questions

No, this course is designed to introduce AI tools and how to use them in writing. No prior experience with AI is needed.

While the course is aimed at improving professional writing, anyone interested in enhancing their writing skills with AI can benefit from this course.

You’ll need a computer with a stable internet connection to access the course materials and AI writing tools.

Yes, you will receive a certificate upon completion of the course to acknowledge your new skills and knowledge.

We provide continuous support throughout the course. You’ll be able to ask questions and get help from our dedicated team.

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