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AI Magic Art Set, Latest AI Tools, Updates, Trainings & More in Your Free AI Scoop!

Baskar Sundaram
Baskar Sundaram

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AI Magic Art Set, Latest AI Tools, Updates, Trainings & More in Your Free AI Scoop!

AI Magic Art Set: Making Art Fair and Fun for Everyone- A Chat with my 12-Year-Old about AI

Imagine you have a magical art set. You tell it what you want to draw, and it creates the picture all by itself. That’s what Generative AI is like. It’s a super-helper that can make things, and the best part is, anyone can use it, not just people who are really good with computers.

This is kind of like giving everyone the same superpowers – the power to create with AI. It’s as if knowledge has become “democratized,” or made equal for everyone. So no matter who you are, you can use this AI to do amazing things. It’s like we’re all becoming superheroes!

But remember what Spiderman said, “With great power comes great responsibility.” So, just like how we always check what you’re doing online to keep you safe, we need to do the same thing with this AI art set. Sometimes, people might use it without telling anyone. That’s a problem because it’s hard for the people in charge to make sure everything’s okay if they don’t know what’s going on.

That’s why everyone who uses the AI art set needs to learn how to use it properly and safely, just like learning not to run with scissors. It can take a while for everyone, even big companies, to learn these rules. It could take about three years! So, they should start learning now.

Because being a superhero is awesome, but it also means we have to use our powers responsibly!


Responsible AI Takes Time and Resources, So Get on with AI Now!

AI Updates

  1. Excel and GoogleSheets now benefit from Generative AI, empowering users with enhanced capabilities. Google has introduced a new sidebar in Sheets, allowing users to describe their tasks, while Duet AI creates customized templates to kickstart their work.
    2. Midjourney released Version 5.2 Its biggest update is the “Zoom Out” feature – and people are getting insane results.

v5.2 is a HUGE leap forward for Gen AI …

You can now:

– create better photorealism images

– new “variation” mode tool

– zoom in/zoom out
3.  German Tabloid Bild, the most popular in Europe, announced it was cutting 200 jobs and that staff should expect more “due to the opportunities of Artificial Intelligence”. We’ve already seen several stories like this already in news media (Cnet, Buzzfeed)- expect to see many more…

  1. Chinese publication Jitwei reported the Tiktok owner Bytedance has spent $1bn on ~100,000 GPUs so this year alone. This is a really juicy story given tensions surrounding the AI arms race between the US and China, and the ambitions of smaller players such as the UK and France.
    5. Speaking of Bytedance, researchers from the company and the University of Wisconsin Madison shared “Panohead”, a GAN-based model that can generate a full 3d mesh of a subject’s head from a single 2d image.
    6. A report from Bloomberg Intelligence forecasts Generative AI revenue will reach $1.3 TRILLION by 2032. I’m always sceptical about how these figures are calculated and framed, but it’s interesting to see the breakdown.
    7. Regulation Update :
    – UNESCO, EU Strengthen Ties to Boost AI Ethics Worldwide
    – U.S. Rejoins UNESCO, Bolstering Global AI Ethics Endeavor
    – AI Policy: Did You Know?
    The UNESCO Recommendation on AI Ethics
    – Greece Enacts AI and Tech Governance Law
    – EU Strikes Deal on Fair Data Access
    Microsoft announces the launch of its AI For Health program to accelerate the advancement of healthcare through Artificial Intelligence. The initiative will provide $60 million in grants over the next five years to support research and development in this field.
    Google launches Google AI for Social Good, an initiative that will use artificial intelligence to tackle some of the toughest challenges facing our world today. The effort will focus on areas such as natural disaster response, climate science and health care.
    Threads’ app launched less than 48 hours ago and already has 60 million users!🔥
    It will hit the 100M milestone in the next 48 hours.🚀
    Here’s the time it took the most popular apps to get to 100M users:
  • Spotify → 55 months

  • Pinterest → 41 months

  • Instagram → 30 months

  • TikTok → 9 months

  • ChatGPT → 2 months.

  • Threads → 4 days!💹

What do you think?

Meme of the Week: When ChatGPT gets angry!

AI Magic Art Set, Latest AI Tools, Updates, Trainings & More in Your Free AI Scoop!

AI Tools for the Week

  • Journey: PowerPoint meets Figma meets ChatGPT. Here’s how it works: Import all your assets: logo, designs, & copywriting. Journey crafts the most stunning presentations using sleek design tools & AI.

  • PenParrot: an extension that brings ChatGPT to every text box in your browser.

  • Respeecher: an AI voice library for content creators.
  • Kick resume: AI resume writer
  • I recently began using Perplexity AI’s Pro plan. The search experience there is incredibly well executed. Perplexity AIPro is free and can nail multiple queries with much faster and well-formatted answers in the time it takes to get an answer with several retries on ChatGPT+.
  • I am excited for a future where Generative AI tools like these make us all smarter and more well-read to be able to make the right decisions in our work and personal life.

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