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AI Powered Proposal Mastery

Revolutionize your bidding approach and skyrocket your productivity with our cutting-edge 10 webinar program. Featuring targeted AI tools and personalized mentoring guidance from industry experts, you'll supercharge your bidding success like never before. Create a winning bid submission for your business and save up to 20 hours per week, while also cutting costs by thousands of dollars per month.

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proposal mastery

Master The Most Important (But Least Understood) Role In Bidding Today


% of Business owners, Sales & Marketing Leaders and CEOs believe AI should be a top priority in 2023.


Hours/wk AI tools are saving Bidders on tender submission


% of Bidders agree that AI is key to the future of Bidding.


AI Powered Proposal Mastery

The AI Powered Proposal Mastery is a comprehensive 10 webinar program that will teach you how to harness the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and use it as your secret weapon in your bids and proposals campaigns.

AI Powered Proposal mastery


AI Powered Proposal Mastery

Open to All

April 1st to May 9th , 3 PM – 5:30 PM UK

proposal mastery

Course Outline

5 Game-Changing Techniques for RFP Shredding: Harness AI to Dissect RFPs Like a Pro in Minutes

RFP (Request for Proposal) shredding using AI involves the use of artificial intelligence algorithms and techniques to automatically analyze and extract relevant information from RFP documents.

You will be able to learn :

  • Hacks to automatically extract key pieces of information from RFP documents.
  • Teach you ways to increase efficiency and accuracy, reduced costs, and faster response time.
  • To generate a proposal response that accurately addresses the client’s needs.

Unlock Winning Proposals with AI: Boost Your Success Rate Through ChatGPT-Powered Storyboarding and Solution Development

Winning proposals using AI and ChatGPT involves leveraging the capabilities of artificial intelligence and natural language processing to create highly customized and targeted proposals that meet the specific needs of the client. 

You will be able to learn : 

  • Analyse the RFP and extract key information such as the client’s needs, requirements, and evaluation criteria. 
  • Build a knowledge base of previous successful proposals, including best practices, winning strategies, and successful case studies. 
  • Generate highly customized and targeted proposal responses that specifically address the client’s needs and preferences. 

Create Irresistible Proposals: Leverage AI to Craft Compelling Executive Summaries and Value Propositions with ChatGPT

Creating irresistible proposals using ChatGPT involves leveraging the power of natural language processing to create compelling, customized, and targeted proposal responses that speak directly to the client’s needs and preferences. 

You will be able to learn : 

  • To create compelling narratives that demonstrate your company’s unique strengths and capabilities, and how they align with the client’s needs and objectives. 
  • To develop a deep understanding of the client’s pain points and challenges, and create proposal responses that speak directly to those pain points. 
  • Use persuasive language: Use persuasive language to build a strong case for your proposal, highlighting the benefits and value your company can provide. 

AI-Powered Proposal Collaboration: Master Effective Prompt Engineering for ChatGPT in Proposal Development

Using ChatGPT for proposal development involves leveraging the power of natural language processing to create highly customized and targeted proposal responses that meet the specific needs and preferences of the client. 

You will be able to learn :  

  • To Refine your Proposal responses: by ensuring they are highly accurate, targeted, and effective. 
  •  To Use NLP techniques to analyze the client’s language and tone in the RFP document to understand their needs and preferences. 
  • Use AI-powered collaboration tools to collaborate with team members and stakeholders, ensuring everyone is aligned and working together towards a common goal.Top of Form 

Supercharge Your Proposals: Advanced AI Techniques for ChatGPT Prompt Engineering and Collaboration

Supercharging your proposals with advanced AI techniques for Chat GPT prompt engineering and collaboration involves leveraging cutting-edge natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) technologies to generate highly effective and targeted proposal responses, as well as improving collaboration and productivity across your team. 

You will be able to : 

  • Use knowledge graphs to organize and structure your proposal content, allowing you to quickly and easily access relevant information and generate highly targeted proposal responses 
  • Use advanced collaboration tools to improve productivity and streamline communication across your team. 

Streamline Proposals with AI: Accelerate Base Line Response Generation Using ChatGPT for Smarter Submissions

Streamlining proposals with AI and accelerating baseline response generation using ChatGPT can significantly reduce the time and effort required to create proposals while increasing the quality of the responses.  

You will be able to learn to : 

  • Automate Workflows and save time on document formatting, submission tracking and follow up communications. 
  • Use AI-powered editing tools to review and refine your proposal response, ensuring it is accurate, effective, and error-free. 

Maximize Proposal Impact: Optimize and Fine-Tune Submissions with AI-Driven Editing Techniques

Maximizing proposal impact using AI-driven editing techniques involves leveraging advanced natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) technologies to enhance the clarity, effectiveness, and persuasiveness of your proposal content. Here are some ways to maximize proposal impact using AI-driven editing techniques: 

You will be able to learn to : 

  • Use AI-powered editing tools to ensure that your proposal content is free from grammatical errors, typos, and spelling mistakes. 
  • Use AI-powered data analytics tools to identify trends and patterns in your proposal content. This can help you identify areas for improvement and optimize your proposal messaging for maximum impact. 

Revolutionize Proposal Evaluations: Harness AI to Boost Win Rates and Secure Success

Harnessing AI to boost win rates and secure success in proposal writing involves leveraging advanced natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) technologies to optimize your proposal development process and improve the quality and effectiveness of your proposals.  

You will be able to : 

  • To generate high-quality proposal content, including executive summaries, value propositions, and baseline responses. 
  • Use AI-powered tracking and analysis tools to monitor the performance of your proposals, including win rates, conversion rates, and engagement metrics. 

15 ChatGPT Productivity Hacks: Save at Least 10 Hours a Week with AI-Enhanced Techniques

Productivity hacks are strategies and techniques that can help you increase your productivity and achieve your goals in less time. 

You will be able to learn to : 

  • Use Automation Tools to streamline repetitive tasks, such as email filtering, social media scheduling, and data entry. 
  • The art of time blocking for specific times of the day for certain tasks, such as checking emails or completing a project. This can help you stay focused and avoid distractions. 

Mastering Mid-Journey: A Comprehensive Workshop for Creatives, Marketers, and Bidders to Boost Proposal Success

Creative marketing in bidding refers to the use of innovative and engaging marketing strategies to differentiate your proposal from those of your competitors. It involves using creative ideas and techniques to showcase your strengths, address customer pain points, and demonstrate why your solution is the best fit for their needs. 

You will be able to : 

  • Tailor your proposal to the specific needs and preferences of the customer to create a more personalized experience and demonstrate your commitment to their success. 
  • Analyze your competitors’ proposals to identify their strengths and weaknesses. This will help you create a proposal that stands out and demonstrates your unique value proposition. 


" As Pursuit Lead for Deloitte Consulting, manually customising messaging, content and graphics for complex RFPs was an immense effort for our teams given compressed bidding timelines. Baachu's AI Powered Proposal Mastery program helped implement user-friendly AI writing and design tools to automate personalised proposals tailored to each client's needs. By integrating CRAFT AI Process methodology, our pursuit teams achieved over 20% increased win rates on multi-million dollar deals as high-quality responses could be scaled swiftly."

Pursuit Lead, Deloitte

" As Proposal Manager for Parsons' infrastructure project capture team, manually customizing technical specifications for modernization RFPs was labor-intensive, limiting the bids we could competitively respond to. Baachu's 10-week AI Proposal Mastery program helped systematically integrate free AI writing tools into our process, increasing win rates by 20%. We strongly recommend this program to any proposal team looking to enhance differentiation."

Senior Proposal Specialist, Parsons

"The AI Powered Proposal Mastery course delivered outstanding results for our team, leading to a 3x increase in productivity. The course familiarised us with how to use AI for RFP Shreddding, Competitive Intelligence Gathering, Solution Development and Base line response Generation. The efficiency gained has enabled us to take on more projects without compromising on excellence."

Asia Proposal Manager, McKinsey

“As an independent consultant in the sustainability space, we benefited immensely from refining our personal narrative for resonance in the AI Proposal Mastery course. Our closing rates for high-value strategic advisory projects improved notably thanks to framing our unique value more compellingly."

Director, Focus FM

“As a Technical Writer contracted to document cloud migration configurations for project deployments, keeping architectures specs updated was manual-intensive. Baachu's 10-week AI Proposal Mastery course introduced a variety of AI tools to partially automate documentation tailored to each client's infrastructure, autoscaling deployments over 30% faster. The AI course is a must for anyone aiming to stay ahead in today's dynamic business landscape.”

Technical Writer, IBM

Meet Your Instructor

AI Powered Proposal mastery

Baskar Sundaram
Founder & CEO, Baachu

A Commercial Business Winning Professional turned Entrepreneur turned Investor (but still mostly a Bidder), I personally used the AI Tools optimized our Bid Development Journey to submit 5 Proposals valued at $30 million dollars.

AI Powered Proposal mastery

$495 (Established Professionals)
$195 (Emerging Economies and Job Seekers)

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that many boot camps and certification programs can cost upwards of $2,560 for generic proposal best practice training. And a 3-year marketing degree can cost an average of $63,304, not to mention the three years of time invested.

That’s why we’ve made sure that the AI Powered Bidder program is an affordable option for those looking to transform their bidding mindset and productivity with AI tools.

Live trainings will be held via Zoom . You will also receive an email with your login details for our flagship product, Baachu Scribble Plus, where you’ll be able to access the replays, download resources, and communicate with other members.

Yes, at the end of the program you’ll be asked to submit all your course work for review. If it’s successfully completed, you’ll receive a certificate of completion with your personal details and your employer will be able to verify its authenticity. 

Dear [Boss’ Name],

I hope this email finds you well. As a passionate member of our team, I am always looking for ways to improve my skills and contribute more effectively to our organization. With that in mind, I wanted to bring to your attention a unique opportunity that I believe will greatly benefit our team.

Baachu Scribble’s AI Powered Proposal Mastery offers practical, hands-on training with AI tools that are revolutionizing the bidding industry. Unlike traditional certification programs or an MBA degree, this bootcamp is cost-effective, timely, and tailored to the skills we need to thrive in our industry.

With training in the AI Powered Proposal Mastery, I can become highly proficient in AI tools, enabling me to contribute even more to our team’s success. The course covers competitor and customer research, capture planning, proposal strategy, solution development, time management, and much more.

The bootcamp runs from May 19th to May 24th, 2023, and the cost is only $495. I believe that this investment will provide a significant return for our team, and I am excited to pursue it with your support.

Please let me know if I can pursue this training through our department, and I would be more than happy to discuss the opportunity further. Thank you for always supporting our growth and development.

Best regards,

[Your Name]

Yes, there will be recordings available immediately after the live session in your account. In addition, we are in discussions to host  special bonus presentation from guest speakers that will be announced throughout the course that you can attend live or watch the replay.

No problem. We offer a full 30-day money-back guarantee on your purchase, so if you don’t agree that it’s worth every penny, we will promptly refund your money. No questions asked. No hassle. 

Just send an email to hello@baachu.com, and if you’re still within the generous refund period, a member of the Baachu Scribble team will happily process your request.

Absolutely! You can do that right here. On that form, you will see a section to add the details of the person you are purchasing the course for. You will receive a copy of the receipt and the person you add will get access details to the course.

Please send the email address(es) of your colleague(s) to hello@baachu.com and we will create accounts for them.

Are you looking for a more gradual, in-depth of AI-Powered bidding?

Embark on a comprehensive 6-week journey that will cover 12 crucial topics spread over this period. Join us every Monday and Thursday from 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm for these engaging and interactive sessions 

AI Powered Proposal mastery

$995 (Established Professionals)
$395 (Emerging Economies and Job Seekers)