Unleash Your Writing Potential with AI: Transform Your Proposal Writing Skills

AI Powered Proposal Writer

Empower yourself with AI tools to craft compelling proposals that win contracts. Boost your skills, efficiency, and competitiveness in the proposal writing space.

AI Powered Proposal Writer

Why This Course?

In the rapidly evolving digital world, leveraging AI in your writing process can give you a decisive edge. Yet, many writers, regardless of their experience, struggle to understand and incorporate AI tools into their writing effectively.

That’s where we come in.

We believe every writer has a unique voice and story to tell. Our AI Powered Writer Workshop aims to enhance your writing prowess, combining your unique storytelling abilities with the power of AI. Imagine writing proposals faster, with enhanced accuracy and persuasive power, all while reducing the stress and fatigue of crafting each sentence from scratch.

Join us on a transformative journey where humans and AI come together, augmenting your skills to create proposals that engage, influence, and win!


"The immediate impact of the AI Powered Proposal Writer workshop on our bid writing costs was impressive. We reduced expenditures by 30%, freeing up resources for other critical areas. The course is a valuable asset for any organisation seeking sustainable growth."

Head of Bid Management, Accenture

"Investing in the AI Powered Proposal Writer course for our proposal was a strategic decision that paid off. Our win rate jumped by 20%, translating to a significant boost in revenue. The course is a must for any professional looking to stay ahead in their industry."

Propossal Centre Director, TGS

"After completing the 1-day AI Powered Proposal Writer workshop, we witnessed a remarkable 30% increase in the volume of bids we could handle. The course equipped us with the AI tools and frameworks to manage a higher workload with ease and precision."

Senior Client Executive, Advice Cloud

" As an IT consulting firm serving mid-size SaaS companies, we always faced challenges to customise each RFP response, limiting business growth. Baachu's AI Powered Proposal Writer workshop was a game-changer - equipping us with CRAFT framework to generate tailored responses 40% faster. The time and efficiency gains have been invaluable and the course exceeded our expectation”

Global Senior Director, Mastek


March 2024

AI Powered Proposal Writer Workshop


March 1st, 11 AM – 5 PM IST

AI Powered Proposal Writer

AI Powered Proposal Writer Workshop

Middle East

March 1st, 9:30 AM – 4 PM GST

middle east proposal

AI Powered Proposal Writer Workshop

East Asia

March 1st, 1:30 PM – 7:30 PM SGT

AI Powered Proposal Writer

AI Powered Proposal Writer Workshop

Australia & New Zealand

March 1st, 4:30 PM – 10:30 PM AEDT

AI Powered Proposal Writer

Is this Course Right for You?

Do you find yourself spending countless hours on proposals, yet not losing tenders and burning out? Do you wish you could draft compelling proposals faster and more effectively? Then, yes! This course is right for you! But hurry, seats are limited and filling up quickly. Don't miss out on the chance to turbocharge your writing career!

Course Outline

1. Introduction to AI in Writing

  • Understand how AI can revolutionize proposal and tender writing.
  • Discover the capabilities and benefits of AI-powered writing tools.

2. The Writer's Perspective in Proposal and Tender Writing

  • Learn the essential skills and techniques for effective proposal and tender writing.
  • Explore how different writing styles can influence the success of your proposals.
  • Engage in an exercise to analyze writing styles in successful proposals.

3. The AI Writer's Toolkit: An Introduction

  • Discover the leading AI tools designed specifically for writers.
  • Gain insights into how AI can enhance every stage of the writing process.
  • See AI tools in action through live demonstrations.

4. AI for Idea Generation and Structuring Your Proposal

  • Leverage AI to generate ideas and organize your proposal effectively.
  • Explore AI tools that help create outlines, conduct research, and structure your content.
  • Engage in an interactive exercise using AI tools to generate proposal outlines.

4. AI for Idea Generation and Structuring Your Proposal

  • Discover the leading AI tools designed specifically for writers.
  • Gain insights into how AI can enhance every stage of the writing process.
  • See AI tools in action through live demonstrations.

5. AI for Drafting: Enhancing Efficiency and Creativity

  • Harness the power of AI to improve the efficiency and creativity of your writing process.
  • Learn how AI tools can provide writing prompts, continue drafts, and offer stylistic suggestions.
  • Put your skills to the test by drafting a section of a proposal with the assistance of AI.

6. AI for Editing and Proofreading: Increasing Accuracy and Coherence

  • Discover the leading AI tools designed specifically for writers.
  • Gain insights into how AI can enhance every stage of the writing process.
  • See AI tools in action through live demonstrations.

7. Advanced AI Tools for Proposal Writing

  • Dive deep into advanced AI tools like GPT-3 and their applications in proposal writing.
  • Learn how to use AI for data analysis, prediction, and incorporating data-driven insights into your proposals.
  • Experience using advanced AI tools to tackle complex proposal scenarios.

8. Workshop: AI-Assisted Proposal Writing

  • Engage in a comprehensive workshop where you’ll apply AI tools at each stage of the proposal writing process.
  •  Receive valuable peer review and feedback facilitated by AI technology.

9. Addressing Ethical Considerations in AI-Assisted Writing

  • Discuss the ethical use of AI in writing and proposal creation.
  • Explore best practices for responsible use of AI tools, addressing biases, and ensuring originality.

10. AI in the Future of Proposal and Tender Writing

  •  Gain insights into how AI is shaping the future of professional writing.
  •  Discover emerging AI technologies and their potential impact on proposal writing.

11. Q&A and Wrap Up

  •  Engage in an open Q&A session to address any remaining questions.
  •  Recap the course highlights and key takeaways.

Please note that each module builds upon the previous one, ensuring a comprehensive and immersive learning journey.

This course design focuses on hands-on usage of AI tools at every stage of the writing process, giving participants practical experience and understanding of how AI can enhance their writing. It also takes into account ethical considerations and future implications, providing a well-rounded view of AI’s role in professional writing.

Course Audience

This course is designed for writers of all levels, including entry-level and experienced professionals, who are interested in integrating AI tools into their writing process. It offers valuable insights and techniques to enhance proposal and tender writing skills using AI technology.

This course is ideal for:

  • Proposal writers looking to leverage AI to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their writing.
  • Content marketers who want to enhance their writing strategies with AI tools.
  • Business communication professionals seeking to upgrade their writing skills and deliver more compelling proposals.
  • Writers from various industries who are eager to explore the power of AI in their writing.

No matter your level of experience, if you’re interested in harnessing the capabilities of AI to elevate your writing skills and produce high-quality proposals and tenders, this course is perfect for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, this course is designed to introduce AI tools and how to use them in writing. No prior experience with AI is needed.

While the course is aimed at improving professional writing, anyone interested in enhancing their writing skills with AI can benefit from this course.

You’ll need a computer with a stable internet connection to access the course materials and AI writing tools.

Yes, you will receive a certificate upon completion of the course to acknowledge your new skills and knowledge.

We provide continuous support throughout the course. You’ll be able to ask questions and get help from our dedicated team.