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AI Scoop : Your Weekly Dose of AI News, AI Stories, Baachu’s APMP Training is Back , AI Enthusiast Ranking and AI Trainings

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AI Scoop : Your Weekly Dose of AI News, AI Stories, Baachu's APMP Training is Back , AI Enthusiast Ranking and AI Trainings
Get this – seems like pretty much every company out there is jumping on the generative AI bandwagon. I’m talking 96% of execs making AI decisions are prioritizing spending on generative AI. Wild, right?
China is going all in – every single company surveyed there said they’re ponying up for gen AI. Meanwhile the Brits and French aren’t far behind at 94% and 95%. And you know our neighbors in India? 98%! Not wanting to miss out on the AI party one bit.


Even here in the good ol’ US of A, 92% of companies are betting big on generative AI. I guess that AI fever is just too hard to resist!
Oh and get this too – I was just saying how it seems every company is jumping on the AI train, but you’ll never believe the industry that’s leading this whole AI revolution…
Entertainment! Yep, while those Hollywood writers are still striking after 100 days (really writers guild, you picked NOW to ask for more money?? When AI is making content cheaper/faster/more efficient than ever?? 🤦‍♀️), the entertainment biz is going all in on generative AI.


Get this – 96% of entertainment companies are boosting spending on generative AI, more than any other industry! Wild right? Guess they saw the writing on the wall that AI is the future, strike or no strike.


The writers may be holding out for more money, but AI don’t need no paycheck! It’s gonna keep churning out scripts, songs, and more content than we could binge watch in a lifetime.
So while the battle wages on, something tells me AI is gonna win out in Hollywood in the long run. Even the most stubborn writers can’t compete with tech that can work 24/7/365 cranking out hit after hit! Let me know if you need any hot AI-written movie recs! 

The Hype Around Generic Prompt Engineering Courses & the Importance of Personalizing AI

The marketplace is rife with generic prompt engineering courses luring you with the promise of perfect AI synergy.
Here are my five concrete steps to personalize AI to suit you. The secret? Tailoring AI.
Here’s the blueprint we swear by:
1. Your Style is Prime: Recognize and jot down your distinct writing style and preferences. A tool is only as good as the specificity you provide.
2. Engage, Engage, Engage: The more you use AI tools, the better you become at molding them to suit your needs.
3. Feedback is Your Ally: If the AI seems off-track, guide it. Refine your prompt, add context, or simply rephrase.
4. Set Clear Goals: Clearly define your end-goal each time – Whether you’re drafting website copy, curating research, crafting proposal, sending out emails, or merely chit-chatting, AI is your writing companion. But the direction should be clear. AI thrives on direction.
5. Stay Informed: As AI progresses, there are always newer, better ways to align it to your needs. Stay in the loop with Baachu.
The Real Investment:
Instead of splurging on generic prompt courses, invest your time in truly understanding and interacting with AI. It’s not about moulding yourself to fit AI‘s capabilities, but guiding AI to complement your unique flair.
If you’re contemplating those courses, ponder this: Can they truly replicate the depth and nuance of your voice? Your energy is better spent in dialogue with the AI, honing it as an extension of yourself. Let’s aim for synergy, where AI becomes a harmonious extension of our personal and professional voice. 
Let’s make AI an extension of you, not the other way around. Join us and make your unique mark in the AI realm! 

Meme of the Week

AI Scoop : Your Weekly Dose of AI News, AI Stories, Baachu's APMP Training is Back , AI Enthusiast Ranking and AI Trainings

AI Tools

AI Tools

Wand AI is introducing a new Embed Feature on the Wand LLM Platform!
YouAi offers community-built personalized AI tools that will provide you with the answers you need to solve your problems.
Chatbase lets you upload your data (files, text, websites, etc…) and create a custom ChatGPT that knows that data and can answer any question about it.

Favourite Tool of the Week – Resume AI Scanner
Get resume overview and questions to assess the candidates. Try it out and let me know

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do - Especially with a Chatbot

In 2023, two mega trends are colliding:
  1. People are lonelier than ever. I mean record levels of loneliness going on.
  2. AI is getting crazy good at imitating human behavior. Like sometimes you can’t even tell an AI chatbot from a real person.
So when ChatGPT launched late last year, it makes total sense people (yeah I was one of these people) were drawn to it as someone to talk to !
Millions started pouring their hearts out to AI. Some even developed super intimate relationships with their digital BFFs ! Wild right?
Now here’s the good AND bad news on that front…
The good – these tools can for sure supplement human connection in cool new ways!
Like this chatbot called Pi (We discussed Pi last week in AI Tools AMA Webinar) that can chat like your most emotionally intelligent friend. I tried the demo few weeks ago and was impressed. Still, the creators say not to use it for real psychological counseling. But as a listening ear, it seems pretty legit.
And get this – AI companion robots reduced loneliness for 95% of elderly adults in one study! How awesome is that?
So while AI can’t and shouldn’t replace real human bonds, it can help fill certain gaps. A digital warm hug, if you will! As with any new tech though, we gotta be careful not to get carried away.
What do you think? Let’s grab coffee soon and chat more inside Baachu Connect!

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  • Ready to Share & Shine? Jump into the Circle, we can’t wait to hear from you!

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Congratulations to Sandeep Sesetti, Pooja Mandhu, Lucy Hattingh, Jason Thacker and Hazel Kenady for completing our AI challenge successfully!
Hazel is still in the first position, followed by Sandeep and Jason! By the end of the month, I will reward individuals who have accurately submitted the assignments and challenges inside Connect

Join Baachu Connect, Connect is a private online community that puts self-care at the forefront of its mission. Our platform connects business winning professionals who understand the importance of taking care of themselves, both personally and professionally with or without AI Join Now

AI News

Our AI news picks this week feature some fascinating developments in the world of generative AI.

First up, OpenAI continues to make waves, acquiring the entire team from design studio Global Illumination in its first public acquisition. As noted in this great analysis, the move hints at OpenAI’s growing ambitions beyond just an API provider, with plans to make more consumer products leveraging AI. Given how ChatGPT took the world by storm, we can’t wait to see what else OpenAI has up its sleeve.
In other news, ex-Google CEO Eric Schmidt is launching a new AI moonshot to achieve scientific breakthroughs using AI, modeling the effort after OpenAI’s hybrid nonprofit/for-profit structure. This signals growing interest in leveraging AI for research. Though the approach raises some concerns around ethics and potential weaponization [link] that are worth discussing.

McKinsey built an internal chatbot called “Lilli” that’s trained on the company’s entire knowledge base (literally >100k pages of documents). Lilli can give employees expert advice on anything project-related: research, data, relevant cases, & more.
In other words, every McKinsey employee now has the capacity to “think” like the most brilliant McKinsey consultant ever

Meanwhile, Google’s DeepMind is exploring over 21 different AI tools for life advice, planning and tutoring. But thankfully, they won’t provide therapy – we’re not ready to unload our deepest troubles onto an AI just yet!

Finally, for the true AI enthusiasts, this analysis of the top 10 unsolved challenges in AI research is a must-read. It’s fascinating to see just how much more work lies ahead to realize the promise of AI, despite the recent breakthroughs.

Baachu’s AI Bites

  • ‘New York Times’ considers legal action against OpenAI as copyright tensions swirl Read more
  • All-New Adobe Express With Firefly Brings Generative AI to Creators Worldwide Read More – This is brilliant, you can now add text to your images. Check this image in our linkedin post – I asked Claude for an image prompt and generated the image in Adobe Firefly. I refined the image in Adobe Express by adding text. With Claude’s prompt and Adobe’s apps, I created a professional image in just 5 minutes!
  • Snapchat’s AI chatbot seemingly ‘came alive’, started posting stories to users’ profile Read More
  • Meta working on code-generating AI tool ‘Code Llama’: Report Read More
  • Opera’s iOS web browser gains an AI companion with Aria.
  • Inside Def Con AI Village 2023 – 2,200 people competing in a White House-backed challenge to find vulnerabilities in popular generative AI models.
  • Google (Chrome) can now summarize articles for you as your browse the web
  • Sites scramble to block ChatGPT web crawler after instructions emerge
  • For all my male friends 😎 – Here is an APP Discover Your Perfect Beard with AI – https://www.beardstyleai.com/
The rapid progress makes for an exciting time in AI! What are your thoughts on these latest developments? Any concerns or areas you want to see prioritized? Let me know in the comments!

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AI Fresh Education

You’re looking for proven techniques to create winning bids and proposals that drive sales?

Well, you’ve come to the right place, Because we have a pretty radical belief here.

The proposal you create shouldn’t be a guessing game.

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Guess how you do that?

You create content based on actual techniques that are proven to work.

But proposals are unpredictable, you say? It’s like throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks!

Au contraire, mon ami.

That’s where “our AI Courses” comes into play.

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  • AI Data Governance, USA and Canada, Sep 13th 800 – 1300 PST
  • AI Powered Bidder – AI Tools and AMA, Open to All, Sep 14, 4pm – 5:30pm UK
  • AI Powered Proposal Writer One Day Workshop
  • India, Sep 23rd , 11 am – 5 pm IST.
  • Middle East, Sep 23rd , 9:30 am – 4 pm GST.
  • Australia & New Zealand, Sep 23rd, 330pm – 930pm AEST
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For further AI Updates and Resources:
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“Let’s tackle the elephant in the room. About 18 months back, the APMP board chose to pull our approved training status. Their grounds? Some allegations that, even now, are hanging in the air without a shred of evidence. What were they thinking? Honestly, only the cosmos has that answer!”

In the mean time, You’ve sent a barrage of messages and emails, asking about our APMP courses’ return. Your patience and persistence have been heard! 💌 Celebrate with us, because the break is over.

We’re back with our tried-and-true courses, reinvigorated and ready to elevate your skills. And that’s not all – our corporate training just kicked off, poised to boost the expertise of entire teams. Let’s journey forward together!

Alright, some of you might be thinking, “Hey, you’re not an official ATO!” And you’re right. But let’s chat about what truly counts: results. You see, 1000s professionals have relied on our trainings resources and aced their exams.

Feeling a tad uncertain? We totally understand. There’s a plethora of ATOs out there, each with their unique style. It’s essential to find the one that aligns with your needs, learning style, and budget. Whatever you decide, make sure it’s the right fit for you!

We believe in open doors and clear windows – no secrets here. For all those who’ve been patiently waiting and resonate with our ethos and values, our resources are here for you. Dive in, explore, and nail that certification together. Thank you for your patience and continued trust!

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Hey, if anyone from the APMP Board is reading this, Hope you’re enjoying our AI Scoop content as much as our students are! How’s that sponsor-fueled conferences and webinars coming along? Remember the good ol’ days when conferences focused on real educational content and industry insights? Ah, memories. Cheers to transparency and quality education. 🥂

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AI Scoop : Your Weekly Dose of AI News, AI Stories, Baachu's APMP Training is Back , AI Enthusiast Ranking and AI Trainings

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Habits for Forming a Habit

The Four Habits that Form Habits

Habit formation is at the core of leading a happy and successful life. This is why this week we keep emphasized on this topic, sharing tips and techniques on how to get better at forming healthy habits. Read on to learn more!

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