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AI Scoop : Your Weekly Dose of AI News (most comprehensive ever), AI and Self Care Resources and Trainings

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AI Scoop : Your Weekly Dose of AI News (most comprehensive ever), AI and Self Care Resources and Trainings

AI Tools

ChatGPT, the popular AI chatbot, is now available on Android devices in the US, Bangladesh, Brazil, and India. This app was previously only available on iOS devices, so Android users can now join in on the fun. The app uses OpenAI’s GPT model and Opera’s Composer AI engine to provide a conversational experience. So, give ChatGPT a go in your mobile!
OpenAI recently took down its AI Classifier tool due to poor accuracy rates. The tool was designed to help people detect when something was written by AI, but it wasn’t performing well enough. This is actually a good thing, as poor-performing AI detectors can cause problems for students and job applicants when used blindly by people in charge. Hopefully, OpenAI will be able to improve the tool’s accuracy and bring it back in the future.Spotify’s CEO recently teased some exciting new developments in the company’s use of AI. They’re planning to use AI to create ultra-personalized experiences, summarize podcasts, and even help advertisers. Additionally, they’re in the process of patenting a text-to-speech model, which could mean that audiobook generation is on the horizon. Spotify is known for having some of the best AI/ML developers in the industry, so we’re excited to see what they come up with nextInworld AI just became the best-funded startup in AI and games, according to the Nasdaq billboard. They raised a whopping $50 million in their latest funding round from Lightspeed and other investors, with a valuation of over $500 million. Inworld specializes in creating AI-driven NPCs (non-playing characters) for games and other applications. This is exciting news for the gaming industry, as we may see the use of AI NPCs in big games as soon as 2024. In fact, some YouTubers have already been modding GTA V and other games with AI. So, get ready to experience more immersive and interactive games with AI-powered NPCs!Meta, the tech giant formerly known as Facebook, has released another open-source model called Audiocraft. This new AI model generates high-quality, realistic audio and music from text-based user inputs. What’s interesting about Audiocraft is that it’s trained on raw audio signals instead of MIDI or piano rolls, which could make a significant difference in the quality of the generated audio. Meta is on a roll with contributing to open-source projects, and we can’t wait to see what they come up with next.Trustible, an AI governance and responsible deployment systems provider, has become an official Databricks technology partner. This partnership will allow Databricks customers to comply with external audits, post-market monitoring, and public disclosure requirements. It’s interesting to see different approaches from incumbents trying to reserve a spot in the Gen AI space.While Meta is releasing models in the open, Databricks is acquiring and partnering with small, world-class teams like Trustible to bring all the AI features to their data lakehouse. It’s exciting to see how these partnerships and collaborations will shape the future of AI governance and responsible deployment.China’s Tencent says it is expanding testing of ‘Hunyuan’ AI model: Chinese tech giant Tencent Holdings has expanded testing for its self-developed AI model called “Hunyuan.” The AI model has been integrated into Tencent’s internal services and products, including Tencent Cloud and Tencent Docs. This move follows the publication of interim rules by Chinese regulators on generative AI, which allow companies like Tencent to roll out AI-powered products once they obtain approvals.
Meta is planning to launch chatbots with different “personas” on its social media apps to boost engagement.
Adobe’s Photoshop Introduces “Generative Expand” AI Tool: Adobe has unveiled “generative expand” in Photoshop, allowing users to add AI-generated imagery beyond the borders of an image’s original size. This new tool complements the existing “generative fill” feature, which generates imagery based on text prompts or existing elements in the images. Adobe aims to position AI as an assistant to humans rather than a replacement and has taken precautions to vet data and avoid sensitive areas such as recognizable people or trademarked products. The “generative fill” feature has already been extensively used during beta testing.
OpenAI’s ChatGPT Just Got Smarter: Here’s the Latest on the AI Chatbot. OpenAI is set to make significant improvements to the ChatGPT experience with a series of updates. The updates, include the addition of prompt examples to help users get started, suggested replies for deeper conversations, and defaulting to GPT-4 for Plus users. Know More
Sembly is a SaaS platform that hels to make meetings more effective & uses proprietary AI algorithms to transcribe and analyze meetings, transforming them into actionable insights.
Microsoft Bolsters Its AI Suite With $30 Copilot And New Skills : Know MoreJericho Security uses AI to fight AI in new frontier of cybersecurity : Know MorePi Has The Highest EQ Of Any Chatbot.Munch’s AI video editor extracts the most ‘viral’ clips from your long video content and matches them with keywords so they catch trends.A New Attack Impacts Major AI Chatbots—and No One Knows How to Stop It : Know MoreTwilio calls on OpenAI for generative AI :  Know More
Hireguide is an AI-powered platform that enables efficient and equitable interviews by providing structured interview creation and automated note-taking. Founded by LinkedIn alumni, it aims to improve the hiring process and candidate experiences, making it easier for talent teams to conduct effective interviews.
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AI News

AI.com now redirects to Elon’s X AI instead of ChatGPT

AI.com, originally redirected to OpenAI’s ChatGPT interface, has apparently been acquired and now to Elon Musk’s X.ai.Blogging platform Medium has recently implemented a policy that requires users to tag AI-generated content, or it will not be distributed. The platform’s content director, Scott Lamb, stated that Medium is a “home for human writing” and while AI-assisted writing is allowed, fully AI-generated text is considered unfit for Medium

This move aligns with other content platforms like Arstation and Stackoverflow, which have also taken measures to limit or ban AI-generated content in order to maintain content quality and authenticity

It’s worth noting that some publications on Medium, such as the Towards Data Science blog, have already banned the use of AI-generated content
The decision by Medium to ban AI content without proper tagging is part of a larger conversation about the responsible use and disclosure of AI-generated text. It highlights the platform’s commitment to maintaining a space primarily for human-written content while allowing AI-assisted writing to coexist within clear boundaries.In fact, U.S. Senator Michael Bennet has urged leading tech firms, including OpenAI and Microsoft, to label AI-generated content and limit the spread of misleading material. Bennet has introduced a bill that would require political ads to disclose whether AI was used to create imagery or other content

OpenAI has filed a patent for GPT-5.


The Growing Conversational AI and Virtual Assistant Market: The conversational AI and virtual assistant market is projected to reach $18.6 billion in 2023, with a $16.2% growth rate, driven by the adoption of cloud-based contact services. Gartner predicts a 24% growth in the virtual assistant market. As AI continues to mature, it may replace traditional contact center platforms, leading organizations to improve customer service efficiency.

Tech Giants and Startup Collaborate to Form AI Regulatory Body: Google, Microsoft, OpenAI, and Anthropic have come together to establish the Frontier Model Forum, an organization dedicated to overseeing the responsible development of advanced AI models. The forum’s primary focus is on AI technology that goes beyond current capabilities, with specific objectives such as AI safety research, responsible model deployment, and addressing trust and safety risks. Membership in the forum is open to organizations actively developing frontier models.McKinsey Report Predicts Major Workforce Changes Due to Generative AI: A new report by McKinsey predicts significant shifts in the workforce by 2030 due to generative AI. While it won’t lead to mass unemployment, around 12 million workers are expected to switch to new fields. Proper training and early preparation are emphasized to prepare workers for these changes. The report also highlights that generative AI will automate around 30% of work hours, impacting various industries and job roles.
We will cover all the latest AI developments and Tools in our POPULAR AI Powered Bidder – AI Tools and AMA, August 10, 4PM-5:30 PM UK : Reserve Your Spot

As the field of conversational AI continues to evolve, the emergence of LLM chatbots like OpenAI’s GPT-4, Google’s Bard, and Anthropic’s Claude brings us closer to a future where human-computer interactions are more seamless and engaging than ever before.They hold immense potential to revolutionize how we communicate, seek information, and basically function!

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AI Scoop : Your Weekly Dose of AI News (most comprehensive ever), AI and Self Care Resources and Trainings

AI Training

ChatGPT just announced two exciting features that should streamline prompting even more:
  1. Example prompts: suggested prompts you can utilize at the start of a chat.
  2. Suggested replies: recommended replies you can use in a conversation.
Both features could be time-savers if you’re stumped about what questions to ask. However, it’s worth noting that more complex conversations will still require some back-and-forth prompting.Why it matters: I think learning prompt engineering (conversing with an AI) is overrated and utter useless. Yup, having trained 100+ professionals and having applied AI Tools in over 30+ Proposals, I think the future of chat interfaces will be a combination of preloading context and then allowing AI to guide you to the information you seek.
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Scribble Talk Guest Teaching


Check out our Throwback Scribble Talk Guest Teaching episode with Yasmin Ismail. She is a proposal manager with 18+ years of experience in the proposal world. Over the years, she’s managed proposals in various industries in the US, as well as the Middle East and Africa. She’s dealt many diverse teams, sometimes spanning multiple cultures at the same time!

21 Day Sprint Self Care Program

We have opened our 21 Day Self care Program recordings. Access and prioritise your physical, emotional, and mental well-being. These daily challenges typically involve daily activities or practices that promote self-care, such as meditation, key personal development concepts, exercise, journaling, or spending time in nature in under 30 minutes.

Catch up on the recordings below

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Don't compare yourself too much to others. Focus on living the life you want

In your career, it’s natural to glance around and gauge how well your peers are doing. You might see a colleague getting promoted faster, or someone else always seems to win the big contracts. There may be times when this comparison leaves you feeling a bit inadequate or restless.


But here’s the profound part – this is your career journey, not anyone else’s. Just like in life, your professional path is unique to you, shaped by your early life circumstances, upbringing, education, experiences, decisions, and ambitions. Each of us has a different timeline for our accomplishments, and success can look different from person to person.


So rather than spending energy comparing, focus on your own path. What kind of professional do you want to become? What skills do you want to master? What kind of impact do you want to have through your work? Focus on those goals.


Similarly, in your personal life, it’s easy to look at other people’s lives, especially in this age of social media, and think they’re leading more exciting or successful lives. But remember, you’re often comparing your behind-the-scenes with their highlight reel.


Instead, think about the life you want to lead. What brings you joy and fulfillment? It might be spending time with loved ones, traveling, pursuing a hobby, or contributing to your community. Whatever it is, make those things your priority.


So in essence, it’s all about focusing on your journey, both professionally and personally. It’s about setting your own goals and pacing yourself based on your capabilities, interests, and values. It’s about celebrating your own progress and finding satisfaction in your own achievements.This doesn’t mean you should be complacent or ignore the competition entirely, but it does mean that the main person you should be comparing yourself to is you – your past self, your present self, and your future self.

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