AI Scoop : Your Weekly Dose of AI News, Prompt Engineering is useless, AI Stories. #1 AI Enthusiast Ranking and AI Trainings

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AI Scoop : Your Weekly Dose of AI News, Prompt Engineering is useless, AI Stories. #1 AI Enthusiast Ranking and AI Trainings

This week, a academic had his piece featured in “Writer’s Digest”. His grand argument Why We Must Not Cede Writing to the Machines

He went on to say if you “outsource” to ChatGPT, you may not be a genuine person at all


Here’s where he missed the mark.

Businesses and Individuals? They’re flocking to AI, and there’s no slowing down. Wondering why?

Switching to AI feels like trading your snail-paced dial-up for the slickest, fastest broadband you can imagine.

It’s like swapping your rusty old bike for the latest speedster motorcycle.

Or imagine ditching the long wait at the library for a new release, when you can just tap and instantly get an ebook.

The boost? It’s mind-blowingly massive.

Look, I get it if you’re one of those “elitist writers”. (I’ve been there, trust me.)

You might reckon you’re a tad better than any AI…

Reality check: You’re not.

Here’s a fun fact: A curious soul on Twitter asked ChatGPT about its writing variations.

The result? A whopping:

77,640,778 spins on:

• Style

• Tone

• Format

• Purpose

• Language

• Perspective

And guess what? That’s just the tip of the iceberg. The magic happens when you tell AI exactly what you need.

Can you pull off that many variations?

I couldn’t. Not in a million years.

Let’s be honest with ourselves and what AI can do, and find our new footing (skills, places, jobs) in a very much new and revamped frontier of how we do work.

Remember – Humans with AI will replace humans without AI!

Lots of you are doing this. Cheers to you. YOU’RE the future – not AI. Because it’s only as good as how we use it.

The Hype Around Generic Prompt Engineering Courses & the Importance of Personalizing AI

The marketplace is rife with generic prompt engineering courses luring you with the promise of perfect AI synergy.

Everyone seems to be looking for the magic bullet to make AI tools like ChatGPT perfectly understand and align with them. But the reality? They generalize, missing your individual flair.

They don’t grasp your quirks, your style, or the detailed requirements you bring to the table. But here’s a perspective shift: It should be more about the AI understanding you, not the other way around.

But here’s our distinction: Baachu AI Courses. utilised all the latest AI Tools (updated weekly) Chatgpt, Bard, Claude, Perplexity AI, Grammarly, Copy.ai, Jasper, MidJourney, Adobe Firefly, Quill Bot for over 30+ bids winning $73 million dollars for our clients.

Here are my five concrete steps to personalize AI to suit you. The secret? Tailoring AI.

Here’s the blueprint we swear by:

1. Your Style is Prime: Recognize and jot down your distinct writing style and preferences. A tool is only as good as the specificity you provide.
2. Engage, Engage, Engage: The more you use AI tools, the better you become at molding them to suit your needs.
3. Feedback is Your Ally: If the AI seems off-track, guide it. Refine your prompt, add context, or simply rephrase.
4. Set Clear Goals: Clearly define your end-goal each time – Whether you’re drafting website copy, curating research, crafting proposal, sending out emails, or merely chit-chatting, AI is your writing companion. But the direction should be clear. AI thrives on direction.
5. Stay Informed: As AI progresses, there are always newer, better ways to align it to your needs. Stay in the loop with Baachu.

The Real Investment:
Instead of splurging on generic prompt courses, invest your time in truly understanding and interacting with AI. It’s not about molding yourself to fit AI’s capabilities, but guiding AI to complement your unique flair.

If you’re contemplating those courses, ponder this: Can they truly replicate the depth and nuance of your voice? Your energy is better spent in dialogue with the AI, honing it as an extension of yourself. Let’s aim for synergy, where AI becomes a harmonious extension of our personal and professional voice.

In a world awash with generic prompt courses, Baachu AI Courses stand out by emphasizing the essence of individuality. We understand that every user has a distinct voice, and our mission is to empower each one to harness AI’s capabilities in a way that’s truly personal.

Dive deeper with Baachu, where we craft AI Bid and Proposal courses not just to inform but to resonate. Elevate your AI experience with us.

Let’s make AI an extension of you, not the other way around. Join us and make your unique mark in the AI realm!

Meme of the Week

AI Scoop : Your Weekly Dose of AI News, Prompt Engineering is useless, AI Stories. #1 AI Enthusiast Ranking and AI Trainings

AI Tools

While there are many AI Writing Tools – ChatGPT remains the best at what it does. Full stop! Claude is the only chatbot that comes close – Test Claude if you haven’t already

Pi Has The Highest EQ Of Any Chatbot. Try the new PI

Hireguide, founded by LinkedIn alumni, is an AI-driven platform streamlining interviews with structured creation and automated notes. It aims to enhance the hiring process and candidate experience. Hireguide is free for your first 25 interviews

BardeenAI is an AI automation platform that replaces repetitive tasks with automation. It offers integrations with various apps and provides pre-built playbooks to streamline workflows. What are your repetitive tasks? Try Bardeen!

Share Your 'AI in Proposals' Story & Win with Baachu Connect

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AI News

AI coding assistants have more than doubled the productivity of software engineers, according to a recent McKinsey study this June.
Think doubling productivity sounds like a lot? That number could go up to an astonishing 10x by 2023. AI is reforming more than just content creation – 300 million jobs will be either cut or changed completely. A lot of those are knowledge workers.

  • Zoom might be using your meeting data to train its AI – If you use zoom, check your privacy setting and share your consent!
  • Bing Chat will soon be available on Chrome & Safari.
  • OpenAI is letting publishers block their content from being scraped
  • GEN-2 from Runway is now capable of converting images into 16-seconds videos!
  • IBM announced that will make Llama 2 available within its Watsonx AI and Data Platform
  • OpenAI recently took down its AI Classifier tool
  • Adobe introduces “Generative Expand” in Photoshop to extend image borders with AI. This complements the “Generative Fill” feature, using text prompts or existing image elements
  • Apple is integrating AI into “Every product that they are building”
  • Likewise, every team at Amazon is working on generative AI
  • Salesforce is launching Einstein Studio which lets enterprises train their AI models on data in Salesforce
  • Not one American foundational model (like ChatGPT, Meta LLaMA, Claude, Stable Diffusion etc) passed the EU AI Act’s rules
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Join Baachu Connect, Connect is a private online community that puts self-care at the forefront of its mission. Our platform connects business winning professionals who understand the importance of taking care of themselves, both personally and professionally with or without AI Join Now

August AI Proposal Training

Reporting to you live… it’s a bloody scene out here, some barely escaping with their lives…others going down right now on the chopping block…

10 million writing jobs are predicted to get completely cut. 300 million jobs in total are at stake.

On the flip side…

Half of all companies currently utilize AI in some fashion.

$15 TRILLION and 90+ million jobs will be created from the efficiency evolution that AI is bringing us.

One of my big questions, raising kids of my own, is – what is the educational industry doing about all of this? How are we preparing our young ones for what they will face?

I’ve point-blank asked my children’s schools why they haven’t started teaching the use of ChatGPT in their classrooms yet. I get cold stares, or fumbling answers. I’ll keep doing it.

Join us for 35 new sessions across the US, Canada, UK, Europe, India, Africa, Middle East, and APAC regions. Upgrade your bidding and proposal skills with AI-powered techniques and tools.

August 2023 Schedule

▪ AI Powered Bidder – AI Tools and AMA, Open to All, August 10, 4pm – 5:30pm UK (Recording Available On Demand).

▪ AI Powered Proposal Mastery, Open to All, $495, August 18, 21,22,23, 3PM – 530PM UK.

▪ AI Powered Proposal Writer One Day Workshop

▪ UK & Europe, August 25, 830am – 3pm UK.

▪ India, August 26, 11 am – 5 pm IST.

▪ Middle East, August 26, 9:30 am – 4 pm GST

September 2023 Schedule

▪ AI Powered Bidder Bootcamp – Sep 4 – Oct 5 Open to All, 3pm – 4:30pm UK

▪ AI Data Governance, USA and Canada, Sep 13th 800 – 1300 PST

▪ AI Powered Bidder – AI Tools and AMA, Open to All, Sep 14, 4pm – 5:30pm UK

▪ AI Powered Proposal Writer One Day Workshop

▪ India, Sep 23rd , 11 am – 5 pm IST.

▪ Middle East, Sep 23rd , 9:30 am – 4 pm GST.

▪ Australia & New Zealand, Sep 23rd, 330pm – 930pm AEST

▪ USA and Canada, Sep 29th 8am – 330pm PST

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to outshine the competition and propel your career or business to new heights. Browse the schedule below and

Register now and embrace the power of AI in bidding and proposals!

We diligently refresh our course materials monthly, ensuring you’re always equipped with the latest knowledge. Furthermore, as an alumnus, you’ll receive invitations every quarter to join our refresher courses, keeping your skills sharp and your knowledge at the forefront of industry developments

Baachu Talk- Equity Matters Podcast

Today, we are honored to have a distinguished guest who has dedicated his life to promoting harmony, peace, and secular values in society. Joining us is Dr. Ram Puniyani, an esteemed professor who made the decision to leave his position at IIT Bombay in 2004 to actively engage with the critical issues that impact our collective well-being.

Dr. Puniyani is currently the President of the Center for Study of Society and Secularism in Mumbai, where he continues to champion the cause of social harmony. Throughout his career, he has been associated with various secular initiatives, shedding light on the violation of human rights faced by marginalized communities. His investigations and insights have contributed significantly to our understanding of the challenges posed by communal politics and the urgent need for a more inclusive society.

A prolific author, Dr. Puniyani has penned several impactful books that dissect the interplay of caste, communalism, nationalism, and religion in contemporary India. With titles such as “Caste and Communalism,” “Religious Nationalism, Social Perceptions and Violence,” and “Bursting Myths Against Minorities,” he continues to challenge misconceptions and advocate for a more just and equal society.

Recognized for his immense contributions, Dr. Puniyani has been honored with prestigious awards, including the India Gandhi National Integration Award and the National Communal Harmony Award. His weekly columns on secular values and human rights defense are widely read, and his thought-provoking lectures and workshops have had a transformative impact across the country.

For further AI Updates and Resources:

For further AI Updates and Resources:
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Empower Your Proposals with Baachu's Tailored Bid Solutions

We have expanded our services to become your comprehensive partner, guiding you through every step of your bid journey.

Bid Writing: Our seasoned bid writers, backed by state-of-the-art AI tools, develop impactful and compelling bid proposals, elevating your bids above the competition 3X faster than traditional bidding.

Bid Management: We tame the chaotic bid process, ensuring seamless coordination among stakeholders, compliance adherence, and the management of the complete bid lifecycle.

Bid Pricing: Our experts strategize pricing and commercial models that balance competitiveness and profitability, putting you in a stronger position to win bids without compromising your bottom line.

Bid Design: We understand that presentation matters. Our design team employs AI Design Tools to create aesthetically pleasing and memorable bid proposals.

Mobilisation: We support you beyond winning the bid. We facilitate contract mobilisation using our PMO Office, ensuring a seamless transition and a solid start to a successful contract term.

Asset Data Analysis: We delve into data, providing you with comprehensive asset data analysis that reveals invaluable insights for strategic decision-making, leading to operational efficiency and cost reduction.

Reach out to us at hello@baachu.com and let’s partner to your sustainable growth.

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All this from as low as $25/month or $199/year .

Take the leap towards your future. Don’t just observe; accelerate your growth and success with us today! Join here

Practical Wisdom: The Master Virtue

In modern society and organizations, rules and regulations abound. These may be helpful or even necessary. But if people start applying them mindlessly, they can also backfire. This article talks about practical wisdom which we all can inculcate in our life. Read More

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