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APMP BPC Orlando 2023: A Spirited and Empathetic Guide for the Attendees

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Baskar Sundaram

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With the sun setting on the anticipation and rising on the reality of the upcoming APMP Orlando conference (May 21-24), we find ourselves teetering on the brink of an adventure. Having invested an impressive amount, from $1200 for conference tickets to an additional $1200 – $2000 for flights and accommodations, one might question, “Is it really worth the fuss?” Well, we shall explore the nooks and crannies of this conundrum. 

APMP Orlando is a vibrant tapestry of learning experiences with around 50 talks covering a wide spectrum. The categorisation of these sessions might appear a bit askew, almost like someone had a merry little mix-up. Nonetheless, these surprising detours could be blessings in disguise, potentially expanding your horizon beyond the expected. 

Now, let’s touch upon a slightly less euphoric aspect: the sponsored talks. A sizable chunk of the sessions appear to be promotional platforms. But don’t let this deter you. Be selective, follow your instincts, and steer clear of the sessions that seem more like an advertorial, unless, of course, they genuinely pique your interest. 

Turning to conference psychology, we find that remembering everything might not be on the cards. Studies suggest that a whopping 70% of conference content eludes our long-term memory. But is that the real essence of conferences? Perhaps not. They offer a chance to connect, nurture professional relationships to learn from the experiences of others, to find inspiration in tales of leadership, and to soak in diverse perspectives. Bask in these opportunities. 

Regrettably, I won’t be attending the conference this year. I know my absence will undoubtedly be felt !! but I am sure I’ll be with you in spirit. 

Despite this, there’s plenty to be excited about. I’ve managed to narrow down (sorry I have too many friends) a list of sessions that we believe would be particularly enlightening: 

  1. Proposal G.R.I.T.: Navigating your Proposal Career Through Life’s Ups and Downs 
  2. Neurodiversity in Business Development: Leverage Your Atypical Brains to Grow Your Team and Win More Business 
  3. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Buzzword or True Value? 
  4. 40 Years in Proposal Development – ‘Looking Back, Looking Ahead’ 
  5. Elevate Yourself from a Manager to a Leader 
  6. From Proposal or Capture Manager to a Manager of Direct Reports 
  7. Mastering the Art and Science of Effective Conversations and Meetings 
  8. Get What You Need: How to Advocate for the Resources and Funding Necessary for Your Proposal Team’s Success 
  9. Proposal Manager Workshop: How to Discover, Set, and Protect your Boundaries 
  10. Growing Your Career – From Junior Proposal Support to Capture Manager – and What ‘s In Between? 
  11. So, You’re an English Major, Right? 
  12. Hope, Optimism and the Power of Yet 
  13. Playing in the Sandbox: Working as a Team in the Proposal Space 
  14. Generation Gap – Finding Your Voice and Leveraging Talent 
  15. Wordman ‘s Microsoft Word Workshop 
  16. Beyond the Proposal Team: How to Teach and Train Your Corporate Staff 
  17. Humor as a Training and Management Tool for #proposallife 
  18. Welcoming Our Robot Overlords: The Future of AI in Proposal Writing  
  19. Will Robots Write Compelling Proposals? #RobotAuthors a 
  20. Developing Super-Compelling Win Themes  
  21. Compliance is King  
  22. Building an Amazing Past Performance Library  
  23. Best Practices in Proofreading: Is a Once Over Enough?  
  24. Average Daily Burden: The Capacity System That Will Help You Beat Crunchtime  
  25. Getting Real About Capture to Proposal Transitions Using Storytelling Techniques to Develop Empathetic Proposals  
  26. Agile Graphic Development  
  27. Become a RFP Ninja 
  28. Humour as a Training and Management Tool for #proposallife 
  29. Become a RFP Ninja 

As you navigate the winding pathways of APMP Orlando, let me leave you with three nuggets of advice: 

  1. Adaptability is your best friend: This conference, like life, might throw you a few curveballs. Embrace them, and you might just find unexpected avenues of learning. 
  2. Networking is key: Don’t shy away from striking up conversations and building relationships. After all, the heart of professional growth lies in connections. 
  3. Choose wisely: Attend sessions that resonate with you and your professional aspirations. Remember, quality trumps quantity. 

With these thoughts, I invite you to step into this experience with an open mind and a receptive heart. The APMP Orlando is not just a conference, but a journey. Enjoy the resort, enjoy the learnings, and most importantly, enjoy the relationships. 

After all, this is your professional development journey, make the most of it! 


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