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Welcome to our Baachu Scribble Free APMP Resources Section, here we will be providing you with all the cool resources and exciting tools so that you don’t have to go anywhere to search. Below is a check list of all the resources that we are providing you for FREE.

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Baachu Scribble Talk

Scribble Talk is a weekly show produced by Baachu Scribble and hosted by Ashley Kayes and Baskar Sundaram. The duo will take you on a journey with APMP veterans and the brightest bid & proposal minds, diving deep into the topics that bid & proposal professionals, like you, can use to help grow your skills and your business success. Listening to this audios will give you expert advices and fun anecdotes through the journey of inspiring bidding professionals. We have collection of 100+ audios exclusively designed for our audience. 

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Baachu Scribble Talk Teaching

Have you decided to finally get your APMP certification? Because we have the perfect resources waiting for you, all ready, to suit your convenience. Take your lessons right away for APMP Foundation, without waiting for flawless conditions to set in, and listen on-the-go with our fresh lessons now available in podcast form.

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Access to APMP Blogs and Articles

Are you interested in knowing what are some tips and tricks to write a winning bid? or small details about the scope of APMP Certification course or anything similar to this ? Then we have a collection of APMP Related Blogs and articles which will help you to increase your knowledge and get a better understanding about how the Bid and proposal industry works.

Check out our Blogs sections to get access to our free articles, do leave a comment below or any query that you have so that we can solve it for you.

Access to Informative APMP Videos

Baachu Scribble provides you with exclusive videos which are specially designed to clear your doubts and give you an insight into about the entire APMP Certification programs, be it APMP Foundation level, APMP Practitioner level or APMP Capture Practitioner level. We have it all aligned it for you. You can watch any APMP related videos quickly and you can intake a lot more information in a very short timespan. Our videos are time efficient and a more convenient option for you.

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Facebook Engage Group

Imagine a learning process with your fellow colleagues or the APMP Experts.  Sounds great, right? We have a facebook Engage group exclusively for you where we have a community of people who have either completed the APMP Course or are currently pursuing it.

Get in touch with this amazing learners and see what they have to share from their experience.

APMP Foundation Sample Paper

Quizzes are a great way to  track, report and evaluate the learning progress and outcomes. But guess what this is not the only thing that quizzes do but our specially designed quizzes will help  motivate learners to stay focused and keep moving forward in their learning journey.

So are you ready to take the APMP Foundation Certification  Exam? Then, pass the free scribble APMP Foundation Sample Paper with 40 questions modeled on APMP Foundation Certification Exam And win exciting discounts on our APMP Foundation training course.

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