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What is APMP Certification?

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The APMP is Association of Proposal Management Professions, the worlds ony aaccredation and certification program for bid and proposals across the globe.  So if you are a bid and proposal professional then this is the only certification for you. To know details about this course watch our video here

Why APMP Exams?

The APMP is the industry  leading certification, its world only and world first accreditation certification programme for Bid and Proposal across the globe. But do you know the top 3 reasons why people pursue this course click the link to know more 

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How To Register For APMP Certification Exam?

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Before registering for APMP Certification Exam, you need to understand the difference between collaborating with an ATO and working for the exam by oneself. Go to www.apmg/exams.com to register for the exam. If you have an ATO for your guidance, you can arrange for the exams in a day. Learn more about registering for APMP Certification here.

How to Become APMP Member?

Most people become  the APMP Member because they are persuing the APMP Foundation, Practitioner. But there are also other reasons why you need to become a member even if you are not considering your APMP certification at this stage. APMP gives you access to the Global community of people. You can access their online events and addition to that it gives you access to the body of knowledge of all the best practices. It also gives you access to some of the APMP Communities within the portal. Are you interested in knowing more of the benefits? Then why don’t you watch our video here ?

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