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APMP Discrimination Information

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APMP Discrimination Information Page

An objective assessment of the situation follows.
👀 Discrepancy between APMP’s Reasons for Revocation:
• There is a discrepancy between the reasons provided by APMP in June 2022 for revoking Baachu’s ATO status and the allegations in APMP’s statement released on February 12th, 2023.
• The introduction of copyright claims in 11 Feb statement, after they had not been raised in 7 June Legal Letter or 21 Nov Executive Committee Hearing
• APMP’s decision to bring up issues from 2019 and 2020 to revoke Baachu’s ATO status in their February 11, 2023 statement

🚫 Lack of Evidence to Support APMP’s Cheaper Alternative and Paid Community Claims:
• APMP has made claims that Baachu marketed its fee-based proposal management community as a cheaper alternative to APMP’s offerings, but has not provided any verifiable evidence to support these claims.
• Similarly, APMP has claimed that Baachu’s fee-based proposal management community acts as a competitor/alternative to APMP, but has not provided any verifiable evidence to support this claim.

🔍 Lack of Evidence for Copyright Infringement:
• APMP has made allegations of copyright infringement against Baachu, but has not provided any verifiable evidence to support these claims.

🔎 Lack of Evidence for Baachu’s Marketing:
• APMP has made claims that Baachu marketed its paid community to APMP members, but has not provided any verifiable evidence to support these claims.

💬 Lack of Communication and Due Process:
• The November 2022 Professional Ethics Committee hearing was not conducted by independent jurors, as it should have been.
• Baachu was not given the opportunity to review and challenge the facts presented in APMP’s staff report, while APMP had the opportunity to review Baachu’s materials before the hearing.

💡 Baachu’s Response Raises Doubts About APMP’s Claims:
• Baachu has responded to each of APMP’s allegations in detail with facts. At Baachu, we take all concerns raised by APMP seriously and are fully committed to addressing them in a constructive manner. We have been fully engaged in this process for the past eight months and have gone above and beyond to address all allegations and provide our perspective.

We have provided detailed information on our response in our blog post, https://lnkd.in/daGEn5V3  and check out our new podcast series, The Baachu Story – A Scribble Talk Special, on leading podcast channels for the latest updates We have urged APMP in a legal letter to provide clear and transparent evidence to support their claims.

 This will allow us to work towards a mutually beneficial resolution that serves the interests of the proposal management industry and the community as a whole. Thank you for your support and encouragement. 

Petition Link : https://lnkd.in/dDyiishF


Facts & Evidences

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