APMP Foundation
Live Workshops

Baachu Scribble’s APMP Foundation Workshop equips you with everything needed to succeed in the APMP Foundation exam. Registering for the workshop gives you

5 hours of Live Workshop covering key examinable areas

Online Foundation Course with 31 Videos, Study Guide, Pass Cards and Chapter Quiz

Revision Programme with 220 sample Qs to practise

On the Workshop day

We will cover APMP’s syllabus most important and important chapters, we will practice two mock tests and a mock certification exam to firmly position you for the exam.

All our courses are presented by our Founder and CEO Baskar Sundaram supported by our Scribble Ambassadors

Before the workshop, we will give you access to APMP Foundation Online Programme so that you can prepare for your APMP CF training immediately. We strongly recommend that you complete our online course in advance, although it’s not mandatory to do so.


  1. Register for APMP Membership (Membership costs $155 (India – $50) via apmp.org and membership fee is not included in our course fee
  2. The cost for the Foundation Level exam is $400 USD (India – $200). You can book the exam here and your exam fee is not included in our course fee
  3. Familiarise yourself with Baachu Scribble Online APMP Foundation programme

Post Workshop

You can continue your learning with our online programme. Schedule and sit the online APMP Foundation Certification, open-book exam at your own convenience. (The pass mark’s 42 out of 75, and you have one hour). 

APMP Live Workshop Schedule


APMP Foundation UK – 2nd July
APMP Foundation India – 4th July
APMP Foundation Middle East – 5th July
APMP Foundation USA & Canada – 10th July 


APMP Foundation India – 1st Aug



APMP Foundation USA & Canada – 4th September
APMP Foundation India – 5th September
APMP Foundation Middle East – 6th September
APMP Foundation UK – 11th September


APMP Foundation India – 3rd October



APMP Foundation Middle East – 1st November
APMP Foundation India – 7th November
APMP Foundation UK – 12th November


APMP Foundation USA & Canada – 4th December
APMP Foundation India – 5th December  

Earn the APMP Foundation level certification