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APMP Foundation Virtual Live Workshop And Exam - India

How to Get APMP-Foundation Level Certified in a Day?

Looking to get certified in APMP Foundation Certification? Look no further! Our one-day course will cover everything you need to know to ace the exam. You’ll learn about the four key competency areas, take practise tests, and receive expert guidance on how to pass the Foundation Exam. So what are you waiting for? Get started today!

On the day of the workshop, we will cover APMP’s syllabus most important and important chapters in each of the five APMP key competency areas in turn: 

  1. Information Research and Management 
  2. Scheduling 
  3. Development 
  4. Management
  5.  Sales Orientation. 

We will practice three mock quizzes, a practice test and a mock certification exam to firmly position you for the exam.

At the end of the workshop, you will sit the online Foundation exam. You will know your result immediately. This is a one-hour, 75 question, multiple choice format exam.


About Your Instructor

Baskar Sundaram is an APMP Approved Trainer and has trained over 1000 people globally. Read More about Baskar Sundaram and his WHY Here 

This online workshop is run as a Zoom meeting (from 8:30am to 4:30pm ). Links for each day, as well as a PDF version of the course workbook, will be emailed separately just prior to the workshop.

Please note that APMP membership is a prerequisite for being able to register at this price. This price includes the APMP exam fee, which is USD $200 . Your APMP membership number will be required during the booking process.

You’ll be learning from an experienced and approved trainer, Baachu Scribble Founder Baskar Sundaram so you can be sure that you’re getting the best possible training. Baskar will guide you through the process of becoming certified in APMP. With over 1100 people globally having achieved certification under Baskar’s guidance, you can be sure that you’re in good hands. Plus, this workshop is limited to only 6 participants, so you’ll get plenty of individual attention.

ALL our Get Certified workshop attendees will receive FREE access to our NEW Refreshed APMP Online Training Course so they can login, familiarise with the syllabus – download study guide, watch videos, try sample questions and more before the workshop date..

Looking to take your proposal management skills to the next level? This workshop is just for you!

Fees:  APMP Member – Workshop and Exam fees $400 incl. USD $200 exam fees

Pass the APMP Foundation level certification in a day!



Workshop and Exam fees $375 incl. USD $200 exam fees excl. GST. You can do bank transfer in INR. Drop us a line hello@baachu.com 

  • This course is eligible for 6 CEUs.


I would like to thank Baachu for helping me get my APMP Foundation Certification. The online course video and the quizzes from Baachu explained the APMP Foundation syllabus in detail. I also attended the live session with Baskar which explained the core concepts nicely and gave me the confidence to succeed.
APMP Foundation Virtual Live Workshop And Exam - India
Ankit Jain
Senior Proposal Manager, Signify​
APMP foundation was something that was always in my wishlist since the day I started my career as a proposal/bid manager. Baskar is a fantastic educator who is very much in tune with attendees abilities, allowing to skip or go further into detail regarding different aspects of the class. I really enjoyed it, and the sense of achievement in the workshop is really good. I feel now I have a much better understanding of the entire Bid management process. Thank you so much Baskar and scribble family!
APMP Foundation Virtual Live Workshop And Exam - India
Abhishek Mohapatra
APMP Foundation Certification has been on my wish list for past two years but I never had the confidence to attempt the exam. Joining Baachu training program was the right decision., the training material including online training made the whole course simple and easy to learn and the final day revision conducted by Bhaskar gave me further confidence to sit for the exam. I would highly commend everyone to take this course and get yourself certified!
APMP Foundation Virtual Live Workshop And Exam - India
Bid Manager at Parsons Corporation
Baskar is a gem of a trainer. He made learning so easy. I enrolled for Baachu Scribble's one-day APMP Foundation-level training. Baskar covered all the relevant chapters/topics in detail which gave me the courage and clarity to sit for the exam the very same day. I highly recommend Baachu Scribble for the APMP certification journey.
APMP Foundation Virtual Live Workshop And Exam - India
Piyush Jain
Senior Manager - Presales at TestingXperts
The session was very informative. Baskar tries to build confidence in you with his motivational words throughout the session. The session starts with a few highly important topics followed by short quizzes and then a practice quiz and then a mock test. So, these steps will help you build confidence when you finally start the APMG exam. The training material shared is focused on important topics that help you clear the exam. Indeed it was a rich experience and yes, I cleared the exam on the first attempt. Thank you Baskar 🙂
APMP Foundation Virtual Live Workshop And Exam - India
Pavan Reddy
I have found Baachu Scribble a very helpful and friendly platform. It wouldn't be possible without the support of Baskar Sundaram and his brilliant team. I really suggest everyone to pass your exam through Baachu Scribble.
APMP Foundation Virtual Live Workshop And Exam - India
Shahbaz Zain
Business Development Supervisor,KhidmahBusiness Development SupervisorKhidmah​
I am very happy and very grateful to you for your program that helped me pass the APMP exam. The video and the study material did cover things I needed to know. I feel today's workshop and your motivation pushed me to take the exam today itself or I am pretty sure it would have been delayed. Thank You.
APMP Foundation Virtual Live Workshop And Exam - India
Roney Eapen
Great place to get your APMP Training, all mock test quizzes and sample papers helped to pass the exam. Baskar and his Team were very supportive.
APMP Foundation Virtual Live Workshop And Exam - India
Deepa Ramesh
Bid CoordinatorBid Coordinator Transguard Group
I am very grateful to you, and the training was excellent. The order in which the topics were organized made more sense, and I acquired so much information and skills within a short period. It is well-organized and simplified so that even the most challenging topics somehow make sense. The best part of it is how you classified what's Extremely/Highly/Moderately Important topics, which helped me revise those critical topics. Overall, you did an excellent job, especially those very informative videos, and I find them easy to understand because it's discussed in detail before and after
APMP Foundation Virtual Live Workshop And Exam - India
Najeeb Mohammed
Thank you so much for your kind help all way through my Certification journey. Especially the Live training was a great experience for me. Baskar and his staff are always running beside me, which encouraged me. The support was great, they hear me in person, then I committed to passing the exam earlier. Thanks so much again and I am back when I take another exam soon.
APMP Foundation Virtual Live Workshop And Exam - India
Kiyomi Mizusaki
Proposal Expert/ConsultantProposal Expert/Consultant Good Proposals, Inc.
When the day started I wasn't sure how to thoroughly grasp all the course material in one day. The way you took lectures, explained in a crisp manner. Tactics to understand the whole BD Lifecycle, all stages etc. was great. After the six hours of intense training; You have built confidence in ourselves to go for it on the same day. Thanks for providing me with a great opportunity to attend your live workshop today and take the APMP Foundation Exam. Thanks for your kind support
APMP Foundation Virtual Live Workshop And Exam - India
Dipesh Bharadia
Bid ManagerBid Manager Panamax Infotech
“Bacchu’s training programme highlights APMP’s best practices in a concise and easy manner covering all aspects of the sales cycle. Thank you for providing this training platform.”
APMP Foundation Virtual Live Workshop And Exam - India
I would like to thank the team Baachu Scribble especially to Mr. Baskar Sundaram for all the help and guidance in completing my APMP Foundation Level Certification. The study material is very well designed to support candidates to understand the winning/bidding process thoroughly. The full day live training provided by Baskar was excellent, superbly presented and made me confident in completing the certification. Thank you!​
APMP Foundation Virtual Live Workshop And Exam - India
Jeronha Menezes
Senior Proposals Specialist at Parsons Corporation
I completed the APMP Foundation Certification Program with Baachu Scribble. The course was well structured. Thanks to my mentor Baskar for imparting a fantastic learning experience.
APMP Foundation Virtual Live Workshop And Exam - India
Sambrita Roy
Consultant – Proposal Development Consultant – Proposal Development Deloitte
I really enjoyed the APMP Foundation Certification course, it's great for test preparation and really informative with easy to understand examples. Highly recommended!
APMP Foundation Virtual Live Workshop And Exam - India
Lara Silbert
NFP Grants and Tenders Specialist

Pass the APMP Foundation level certification in a day!



Workshop and Exam fees $375 incl. USD $200 exam fees excl. GST. You can do INR bank transfer. Drop us a line – hello@baachu.com

  • This course is eligible for 6 CEUs.
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