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Give Away : APMP India 2021

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Baskar Sundaram

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The Prize

10 random winners won Baachu Scribble APMP Foundation or  APMP Practitioner or APMP Capture Practitioner Certification Training Course (valued $2000). 
Every registrant will win our “Linkedin Conversations” Jumpstart pack and 10 point LinkedIN profile checklist (Valued at $50)


The contest was open from January 4, 2021 500pm to 530pm IST. Winners  announced in our Baachu Scribble Linkedin page on January 4, 6:00 pm UK.

Final Comments

“Remind yourself daily that money or a lack of it doesn’t determine who you are.  People need your leadership, your passion, your enthusiasm,”

Why Baachu Scribble is the best  place to get certified in APMP?

Through a combination of live training, recorded lectures, study guides, pass cards, mentoring and community support we have assisted ALL our students to successfully pass APMP FoundationPractitioner and Capture Practitioner certifications. Let’s start stacking the odds in your favour.

Baachu Scribble is the world’s #1 APMP Training Program with 100% success rates at all APMP Certifications

  • Join thousands of Baachu trained APMP certified professionals worldwide
  • Pass your exam first time – 100% money back guarantee if you dont pass
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  • 50+ Currencies available

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