APMP Practitioner Certification (CP APMP)

APMP Practitioner-level Certification is the second level for the APMP Certification Program. It requires you to complete the APMP Foundation Certification and also have a APMP Membership in good standing.

The candidate must have 3 to 7 years’ experience in the Bid and Proposal Environment. The Practitioner Certification will help you to Demonstrates a mastery of how to apply best practices and lead others in their use.  There will be 8 questions and 3-5 question items per question each worth one mark a total of 80 marks will be allocated. It will be a 2-and-a-half-hour examination (150 minutes) and there will be no additional reading time.

The questions in the APMP Practitioner OTE are more challenging because they are designed for professionals with at least 3 years of industry experience in bidding and proposals. This certification will demonstrate to your peers, clients and organization that You have achieved the top-level Certification in your profession and You are recognized for your ability to lead and direct others in achieving broad reaching goals.


Do check out the YouTube videos below to get more knowledge about APMP Practitioner Course:

What is the APMP Practitioner?

After Completion of APMP Foundation course you can take the APMP Practitioner course for this the
Candidates then sit the 2.5-hour scenario-based online version of the exam. Successful candidates are entitled to use the designation ‘CP APMP’, and will receive their certificates from the exam board around one month after the course. To know more watch this video.

What is the APMP Practitioner certification qualification?

This the level two of the APMP Certification of Bid and proposal certifications.  You need to clear the APMP Foundation level exam. But the APMP Practitoner level exam is very different from the foundation. To know more

Can I Take Practitioner without Foundation?

So you must be thinking if it is possible to Appear for the APMP Practitoner without answering the foundation? Then the answer is no,  you need to Pass the APMP Foundation exam before you take the APMP Practitioner exams. The registration process requires you to put the foundation number. To know more watch this video

What is the cost of taking APMP Practitioner Certification Exam ?

Ths cost of APMP Practitioner Certification Exam is 650 USD, in addition to that if you are taking  orientation course with an Approved training organization like us then there is an ATO fees as well.

To know the details and the costs watch this video:

How Does The APMPC CP Practitioner OTE Look Like ?

So in any scenario based competency exam, you have a scenario you have an question and you have an answer, exactly the same thing here   APMPC CP Practitioner OTE like a company talking about the bid and proposal objective why they are procuring ,procure time scales mile stones, challenges and progress and how to evaluate the tender  and more.  Watch the video here

How should I prepare for the APMP Practitioner OTE ?

You need to remember that there are materials available like  APMP Boc, but the elements that are relevant for the practitioner ote are lifted and dropped in the practitioner study guide, so your important reference material here is the Practitoner study guide. Know more here

How Soon Do I Get Result for the APMP Practitioner OTE?

As this is an online exams your results will be given soon after you complete the exam, this will be in the form of email sent to you from the APMP Group which is the administrator for the Foundation and the practitioner exam. Know more 

APMP Practitioner-Level Certification - Exam Duration and Breaks

Your exam is 2.5 hours plus English is not your mail language then you can choose additional 30 min, you ar given 30 min additional time to sign it and also you can have 10 min of breaks. This break is allowed only after 50 min of your exam Know more

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