APMP Practitioner Exam

The existing 33-question APMP Practitioner Assessment will be phased out and eventually replaced by the new APMP Practitioner Objective Testing Exam (OTE) that will test the experience of the bid and proposal professional and how they apply that experience to a scenario during a two-and-a-half-hour online exam. 

After July 22, 2019, APMP will only offer the new Practitioner OTE to its members.

Baachu Orientation Course for NEW Scenario Based Practitioner Examination. An orientation course that prepares candidates to sit and pass the Association of Proposal Management Professionals’ Practitioner examination. At the end of the online programme, you will have an :

An overview of the APMP Practitioner certification scheme
Explanation of the exam process
Detailed review of the topics within each of the key competency areas in the APMP Practitioner Level syllabus

Here’s what APMP members can expect in the new Practitioner OTE

  1. Scenario Based — Members will be asked to read a detailed scenario and apply their experience in the bid and proposal industry to answer a series of questions.  Exam participants will have to think their way through the Practitioner OTE while applying APMP’s best practices as published in its Body of Knowledge.
  2. Challenging –– The Practitioner OTE is significantly more challenging than APMP’s introductory Foundation Level exam and it is supposed to be.  Not only do participants need to know industry best practices, but they also must know how to apply their knowledge to test their experience. It has been specifically designed for professionals who have been in the industry for three or more years.  It is not recommended for industry newcomers.
  3. New Format — The new exam is online-based and must be completed with an online proctor at Proctor University.
  4. Length — The Practitioner OTE is a 2.5-hour exam taken entirely online.
  5. This is the APMP Certification to Earn – Because the exam is designed to test the participant’s experience, it will give employers comfort in knowing that those who hold an APMP Practitioner exam are highly qualified job candidates.  APMP members should strive to earn the Practitioner Certification because it truly measures what a professional knows and how to apply that knowledge in a bid and proposal setting.  The APMP Foundation exam tests what you know about the industry and best practices.  The Practitioner OTE tests what you know about bids and proposals and how to apply those best practices.

All of the New APMP Practitioner Objective Training Resources are available online at https://www.apmp.org/page/PractitionerGuidance.

This includes links to:

  1. APMP Practitioner Syllabus
  2. APMP Practitioner Exam Standard v2.3
  3. Sample APMP Practitioner OTE Examination Pack (Sample Paper 1)
  4. The September 24th, 2018 prep webinar recording
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