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Apmp Training Providers (APMP ATO)

Baskar Sundaram

APMP Foundation Level Certification is the entry level for the APMP Certification Program. All candidates begin at this level. 

Why should you pursue Foundation Certification? 

  • To demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of best practices for proposal and bid management 
  • To demonstrate your commitment to your own professional development in the industry 
  • To prepare yourself for additional responsibility and more complex assignments 
  • To advance to the sweet spot of APMP’s Certification Program ‒ Practitioner 

APMP Foundation Level Exam Options 

You may take the exam by choosing one of these options: 

➢ Option 1: Online—You may study on your own and then take the exams online via the APM Group website. 

➢ Option 2: Face-to-Face—APMP’s Approved Training Organizations 

(ATOs) offer face-to-face Foundation Level training and exam sessions periodically throughout the world. 

APMP ATOs offer Foundation training in three formats: online e-learning available anytime, a series of four to five weekly webinars and face-to-face scheduled sessions. 

APMP has approved the following organizations to deliver training, anywhere in the world, in support of the APMP Professional Certification program Foundation Level:

Based on the information provided above you can choose any of the above mentioned Approved Training Organization (ATO) to suit your learning preference. The courses provided by them will greatly help you in succeeding the APMP exams.
Being one of the most affordable training provider that guarantees 100% pass rate with our structured and organized lesson plans, you can enroll at our courses below.
We provide training and study materials for both APMP foundation and practitioner level certification.

APMP Foundation Certification
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APMP Practitioner Certification
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Good Luck for your certification!

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