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Organize your Home Workday
with Time- blocking

Presenter: Baskar Sundaram, CP APMP, Founder and Director, Baachu Scribble Registered – 1079; Attended – 466; Survey responses – 200

APMP Webinar - Organize your Home Workday with Time- blocking​
APMP Webinar - Organize your Home Workday with Time- blocking​
APMP Webinar - Organize your Home Workday with Time- blocking​
APMP Webinar - Organize your Home Workday with Time- blocking​

Were there any especially valuable takeaways from this session?

  • Be organized and disciplined about it.
  • The idea to block time for specific activities. But especially, starting slow – maybe one hour per week to get everyone used to the idea.
  • This was very helpful as I find my calendar is filling up with meetings that used to be quick conversations before the WFH movement. The tips were really insightful and I can start implementing them now
  • Ideas for ways to segment our time, the concept of using paper calendar to track what has been done and using digital calendar to track what is planned.
  • Yes, I found myself resisting having my time so rigidly blocked at first but then through the real life examples he provided, I realized that it was meant to HELP not HINDER me by allowing me to set aside time for meaningful self-reflection/growth and connections with those important to me.  So simple, yet profound.
  • The feeling of solidarity helps stay focused
  • scheduling and managing time.
  • Block you time!,
  • The presenter was passionate about the subject!!!
  • Blocking start/stop routines. 2)I like the ‘Farm Club’ idea where you reach out to the top 20 most important people in your life.
  • Just good practical advice and some encouragement to give it a go
  • good
  • Only try to control areas of your life and your time that you have control of, not things you can’t control. Start with blocking time and adjust the plan if it doesn’t work!
  • Theme your days
  • Importance of making time for what’s important to you.
  • Baskar was an excellent presenter.
  • Incrementally work toward blocking your time.
  • The topic was very interesting and a great approach to maintaining focus.
  • Good presentation; good nuggets!
  • Critical 3 Weekly Tasks
  • I was pleasantly surprised at the content. I have seen a couple of these webinars and this one seemed to be the most “usable”. I really liked how he set up his calendar time and scheduled focus days and lighter days. Family time. Personal time
  • Implementing time blocks; I’m in the habit of doing this to an extent, but this webinar showed me how I can make it even better going forward. Thank you!
  • I liked the emphasis on blocking personal/family time first.
  • Time blocking in general and rationale in order to justify blocking time.
  • This may sound sill or like an obvious need but I found it valuable to be encouraged to get a planner (physical one). I think seeing it on paper in one place will help me to get organized and become better at managing my time.
  • The ideas for kids schedules. This is something I need to start at home as a result of the school closures. Not only will this allow me to block time for myself better, but it will also make me feel better about what the little person is doing while I’m focused on work,
  • yes, everything. planning the week ahead the previous Friday or Sunday night, not Monday!
  • the Weekly Review and the Top 20 ideas were new to me and I’m looking at how I can incorporate those into my work right now
  • I really liked how the presenter used practical cases (his own personal and work life schedule) to demonstrate his strategy
  • A little planning will go a long way to structuring my days in these uncertain times
  • Blocking personal time first was great tip.  Color coding personal, open, and booked time is great idea.  I appreciate the presenters compassion.
  • Reach out to the top 20 folks you know.  I am bad at networking.
  • Doing weekly reviews with how the week went
  • I liked the concept of keeping track of time blocking BOTH digitally and in hard copy. I had never thought of it in that way, and I think there is a lot of value in that perspective.
  • How to be focused through using the weekly  calendar planning
  • The approach to gradually working block scheduling into your daily planner.
  • I liked the idea of time blocking and how he made a conscious effort to spend time with family.
  • Blocking out personal time to connect with family and friends
  • Time blocking is something we can all experiment with.
  • Time blocking personal time
  • indicating your top 3 priorities for the week ahead.
  • how to efficently block out time; the courage to begin!
  • Focus on goals, values, and priorities and losing the rest.
  • Time blocking, and that your daily routine shapes your future.
  • Getting family to do their own time blocking too
  • Use what time blocking method works best for you and refine it over time.
  • Having a focus theme for each day seems like a really good idea.
  • I have to admit. I got emotional at the beginning and the end of this webinar. The presenter really put things in perspective, taught me to make the most of my time, and more importantly be thankful for the time I have. Great job tieing this all together! I really needed that 30-second break to set my intentions and be grateful for the good in my life when all we hear is about the bad.
  • I loved the quote at the end: More control over your life, so your life doesn’t control you.” Very impactful for me.
  • Great, practical tips
  • Importance of blocking time for self and family while we’re working from home,
  • Understand no two weeks are the same in this new normal
  • Blocking time for both personal and professional activities. identifying your Big 3 critical items for focus. Connecting with your Top 20 important people in your life including your top five clients.
  • Not relevant for proposal management schemes
  • Looking at time blocking from a different, more structured perspective.
  • Yes, the templates for blocking out time, having daily themes, etc.
  • Try to stick to a schedule
  • Top 3 things to do each day
  • Time blocking is doable and does not have to be 100% or perfect.
  • So glad to see someone else talk to their parents/children at the start of the morning. This is so refreshing. Need to incorporate Time Block and Allow for Buffer in my daily routine.
  • Learn to be flexible and the importance of blocking time for yourself
  • The presenter made what can feel like an overwhelming undertaking (planning your whole week, hour by hour) seem manageable and doable!
  • Keeping perspective and useful tips for bringing more focus and routine to daily life. Really enjoyed the presenter!
  • Yes, nice to see it all on one-page — professional, personal, social
  • the last slide about what we can / cannot control
  • The way in which timeblocking was presented as a quality of life value-add, not so much about routine/repetition/maximization of human resources. Even if at the end of the day it’s the same thing, the “gains” were presented here in a more personally incentivizing way.
  • I would say probably the most valuable takeaway for me was the idea that this scheduling practice is iterative, that it can evolve as we continue to experiment as we determine what works and what doesn’t- that we don’t just surrender after the first time.(Also important was the idea of building in buffers between activities, which I think is something I too often neglect in my attempts to create good schedules.)
  • Like the topic
  • balancing work and life in a new way given the current global crisis
  • prioritizing personal life and family time, while still focusing on professional growth
  • Creating “focus blocks” in order to dedicate time to specific tasks
  • Terrific takeaways across the board.
  • That time is a resource that we never get back. We can only use our time wisely by blocking.
  • Planning and blocking personal time and work together makes both work better. Time is an emotion, is life. Themes for days, “Big 3” Startup routine. Work Diary. Digital–What will we do? Paper– what did we do? Understand the working patterns of Supervisor.
  • I like the tips on how to pivot schedule blocks to for the “new normal” of working remotely.
  • sure, it helped to analyze time scheduling to be able to control it properly and get the best of it.
  • Time Management
  • I have been teleworking for years, so it was good to see another perspective
  • The time blocking and realistic expectations
  • I really find that time-blocking can help me check all of my boxes with being a great employee, taking care of my home and family, as well as taking care of myself. These techniques were described very clearly and I will be able to apply them right away.
  • Keeping a work journal and time-blocking.
  • Very surprised to hear a perceived culture that Fridays in the UK offer such flexibility – not in the UK where I operate, but then that leads to #6 below, e.g. a timetable in which to respond to an RFP does not label a day for it’s place in the week, instead it is a day within the schedule of the bid and the relative milestones to hit.
  • Good speaker.  Some good tips although I think that in the role I do, its not necessary to plan to level outlined in the presentation.
  • Goal = Positivity
  • Good visuals and generally reinforced the “time blocking” idea.
  • The practical application of time blocking techniques was helpful, as were the suggested tools at the end. The speaker talked pretty fast, so it was hard to keep up with everything, but I’ll go back and review the presentation to get the details.
  • Yes, actionable presentation that I can incorporate in my day.  Not many webinars I attend that I can come back and apply.  It’s like plug and play.
  • The process of time blocking and the concept of starting and continuous improvement in the process. There is no 100% right away.
  • Blocking in personal time,Blocking out personal time
  • I learned the value of assessing my schedule at the end of the day and at the end of the week to look for successes and potential improvements to make.
  • I loved the  layout- first indicating we can only focus on one thing at a time (motivation to time block), the method (your own calendar/journal, guiding others to make this commitment), and how to troubleshoot getting more in your control (one time block per week to start) .  I also liked the re-enforcing motivation of having a good work/life balance, the importance of keeping certain times for connecting with others professionally and personally, and the need for personal peace through managing time.
  • Work life balance
  • I need to try the blocking, both with work and kids
  • Start on the journey toward time blocking, even if you don’t fully control your schedule.
  • The main points were valuable.
  • I really appreciated Mr. Sundaram’s reminder that time is our most valuable resource and must be used as effectively as possible. Most importantly, we must spend time building our most valuable relationships because we only have so much time with our parents before they’ll be gone. All the more reason to make the most of the time we can each week to make sure we’re keeping time set aside for our family and important relationships.
  • Although it was geared towards someone who runs their own business, I really liked his style and discipline.  Good tips.
  • Categorizing the Blocks was especially usful
  • How I can be more in control of accomplishing tasks.
  • I liked how he related it to home use since we are all working remote and dealing with Covid
  • Affirmation regarding how I do time management. 2. Looking at all of the languages his small children are learning simultaneously per their blocked out days. 3. Perhaps it’s time to add Tamil or Hindi to help me understand ESL speakers on the technical and partner teams. I’ve been thinking about that.

Please list issues you’d hoped would be covered but were not addressed.

  • I wish I knew more about the calendar tool the presenter used to manage pomodoro and time blocks at the same time!
  • More about AI and ML and the scope for us proposal writers with AI and ML in the future.
  • He touched on everything I was looking for from this webinar. His point of taking small steps to gain control over your time is spot on. It will take months/years to get where he is with his calendar and time blocking techniques.
  • There just wasn’t an hour of content here. I’d like to have seen more than just how the presenter organises their week.
  • My child is younger than I think the presenter’s children, so tailoring the tasks and perhaps allowing more “buffer” time to make the schedule not onerous for kids and more age appropriate for younger children
  • Having worked from home for the past 9 years was hoping to see something a bit more unique.
  • I thought I might get permission to tie up my kids and put them in a closet during color reviews. Sadly, this permission was not found in this webinar. (This is a joke…:))
  • It was well done.
  • I would have liked more time spent addressing the issue of when unexpected events come up that makes your plan impossible to follow, what do you do?
  • It was a real challenge to understand the speaker. He also had way too much on each slide making it a challenge to follow him because it was so hard to understand him. I also think this could have been a half hour presentation. There was a lot of repetition.
  • I work in more of a service role, so my time cannot always be scheduled in advance. What I do changes from day-to-day. I had hoped to hear more about flexible time scheduling and how to physically do that.
  • Nothing to note. This was an exceptional webinar with valuable information and personal antidotes. I appreciate having actionable items I can begin using immediately
  • I’d hoped it would be more general. The presentation felt like it was really in the weeds of the presenter’s daily schedule.
  • Very satisfied with the presentation, find it to be very usable.
  • Can’t think of any.  Thought this was very thorough .
  • I was hoping for perhaps more of a discussion about any psychological factors that may impede (for people in general) the ability for people to actually sit down and make a schedule (i.e., sometimes we figure “What’s the point.  We’ll only get interrupted anyway by spontaneous meetings/goings-on…” or get deterred after repeatedly not getting it right).  However, I realize the title of the webinar never indicated that he would touch on that subject matter, so perhaps my expectations were misplaced!…
  • good presentation
  • More information on how to transition from working in the office full time and now working from home. It was a big change for me and I am still adjusting to it.
  • The reality of time blocking in the bid management world, and the peaks and troughs, some of the typical bid lifecycles would offer use case scenarios that resonate. Too much time was spent imagining a perfect world e.g. a day for client meetings. It was only in the last moments of the webinar that any recognition was given to reality and that the previous hour was ‘at best’ a baseline. Time wasted with examples of children’s work plan.
  • Perhaps a diagram/flowchart of the process he follows – something that gives a “10,000 foot” view
  • it was perfect. nothing to comment here
  • Managing people (blocking in time specifically for them),I like his personal examples and the ways that his two sons implement it differently.
  • Enjoyed his comments at the end based on the questions that were asked, but I felt like the presentation was geared more towards family life. Still helpful but was looking for more professional development.
  • None; I went into the webinar open-minded.
  • Lightly touch on how to redirect kids when they interrupt the time block and how to do that professionally with colleagues (when to keep the time block/when to be flexible)
  • I would have preferred more time on the challenges, e.g., as someone brought up in a question. Even when using Outlook, people ignore my blocks when sending invites, or they don’t have access to my calendar (US Fed Govt!!!), etc.
  • No expectations. Just trying to reap some ROI on my investment in the APMP dues.

Please offer any additional feedback or recommendations for APMP’s monthly webinar series in general.

  • I do appreciate these webinars. Thank you!
  • Very helpful, well communicated and practical!
  • The presenter spoke very quickly and sometimes it was hard to tell what he was saying. Overall I really enjoyed the presentation and the presenter!
  • I didn’t realize that this webinar was open to non-members – I hope the link to the recording be accessible to them?  It would be nice to get my team on the same page in this “new normal”….
  • Managing biding taskings in teams multiples overseas locations nad suitable applications.
  • great so far
  • good webinar. thanks
  • Really helpful webinars. Please prepare more for us.,
  • Great topics on timely issues and concerns. I work remotely and love the chance to connect with colleagues on proposal topics. Really appreciate the thought the presenters put into their webinars.
  • The PPT was overly complicated and the speaker spoke very quickly. It was hard to follow.
  • One thing my associates and I have talked about is how hard it is to focus on a project and not get distracted. I think there are 2 issues. My brain is just not “hard focusing” to a project like it normally does. A part of it is thinking about our current situation. Second, there are so many more distractions. because people are working from home, they seem to think they need to text or email more often than usual.
  • Excellent webinar, and very timely. Thank you!
  • I love Baskar’s webinars!   He is very thorough and passionate regarding his topics and presentations and I appreciate that.  Thank you!
  • I like this series and try to attend whenever I can. I especially appreciate that you try to keep things topical, such as today’s session to be as relevant as possible for people. I also like that sometimes when my day gets hijacked and I can’t attend as session, that you send the recording link so I can still watch later. Much appreciated!
  • Keep them coming and thank you for all you’re doing
  • I appreciate the timely nature of the topics. We are in a virtual space for an indefinite period of time. It is helpful to relearn our trade in that environment, and the tips and advice that we are getting are very helpful.
  • I had a difficult time understanding the presenter. Maybe if he slowed down his delivery a bit it would help. Otherwise, I thought he was wonderful.
  • “I liked the polls.
  • I like this presenter and would like to more presentations from him.
  • Suggestion: How do you manage the added pressure/expectations of your supervisor to perform and be on-call while working from home?
  • Suggestion; when presenters make slides available, it would be nice if they used the note feature in PowerPoint to include some of the text that they covered. I think these notes are preserved when converting to PDF. I do occasionally refer back to them months later.
  • Thought this was great, great speaker and good topic. More things around life-management-in-general that are applicable to bids and proposals
  • Loving all of the time management-type webinars coming out now!
  • Fantastic job 🙂
  • Great topic, keep them coming.
  • Thank you for a wonderful presentation and topic. As someone who frequently works from home with few distractions, it’s sometimes difficult for me to get self motivated. Blocking time will help me stay accountable.,Thank you for a wonderful presentation and topic. As someone who frequently works from home with few distractions, it’s sometimes difficult for me to get self motivated. Blocking time will help me stay accountable.
  • Keep up the great work in offering quality and timely topic webinars. One of the best investments in my career is this membership.
  • More proposal management/proposal process and strategy oriented
  • This was a touching and very useful session – thank you!
  • The presenter was talking too fast, had too many personal comments
  • Really loved this webinar, please offer it more often!
  • After awhile, I found him a bit difficult to follow, as he spoke very quickly and seemed to lapse into a discussion of his own personal schedule, as opposed to generalizing it for the rest of us.  It was difficult to keep up with all of the changes he made on the calendar he displayed, and it seemed like there were multiple versions of the calendar, where various things were added or subtracted with each successive slide, causing confusion.  I feel like listening to this presentation again could be helpful.
  • Like to hear more about remote working
  • great job! really enjoyable and thought provoking presentation strategy
  • Another interesting topic would be skills needed to be a great Proposal Manager for those just entering the field.
  • It was a really great presentation. The presenter used his own real life examples which I appreciate.
  • I really loved a presentation I listened to on how the brain works with information and how you can present information in a way people can digest it. It was called “UNDERSTANDING AND COMMUNICATING THE SCIENCE OF PRESENTATION DESIGN” — another like that would be awesome.
  • Great personable training!
  • thanx and keep on.
  • Thank you for the presentation, probably the most useful one I have attended.
  • Loved it! Thank you.
  • Real use cases from the world of bid management, after all – experience is key.
  • always valuable! A deeper how-to on using various remote working tools would be helpful
  • It was my first webinar with Baskar. What was so different with Baskar’s approach is the fact that he was not afraid to share his personal side and life. I immediately related to his family comments, as I try to keep my immediate family and my extended family as one unity. This was very important to me. I am blown away. I am looking into signing up at his site with a membership.  ok I’m obsessed. lol.  Thank you APMP, I hope you would consider future sessions with Baskar.
  • I really liked the examples of how Baskar included family time.  We are real people, whole people and need to do that better. It was very authentic.,Dropbox sites are not accessible to all people.  Suggest you place it somewhere on the APMP site where (theoretically) WE all have access. I do not have access to the forms or presentation.
  • Thank you for doing this!
  • I loved the concept of the Big 3 and theme of each day.  Best webinar this year! Thank you!
  • I like that he referenced his family. It’s relatable.
  • This particular session could have been condensed into 10 minutes, and therefore allowed more time for additional time management tips or other topics.
  • I really, really, REALLY enjoyed Mr. Sundaram and look forward to more webinars from him. He is an excellent presenter and hits the heart of personal and professional matters. Please thank him for his time to speak today and sharing such an important message. And thank you for coordinating this event!
  • I understand that this presentation was intended to have Baskar introduce his time blocking technique. Perhaps a follow-up to address #6? Also, there are a number of tools available supporting mobile and remote work. Perhaps a drill down on those?
  • Ways in which to exercise at home while working at your desk.
  • These are free, so  no complaints. I have 20+ years in the business, so “senior-level” content would be great!

LinkedIn Messages

  1. Thank you for yesterday’s fantastic APMP webinar!
  2. I listened to your APMP Webinar yesterday and wanted to let you know how moved I was. The topic and content were extremely relevant and helpful during these interesting times. I’m not used to working from home and I think you provided a lot of good tips and tricks. Also, I have to be honest, I got a little emotional during your wrap up! Thank you for reminding me to be mindful and to set my intentions.
  3. Hi, Baskar! Thanks so much for sharing your time-blocking strategies today. I met you at the APMP conference in San Diego a couple years ago. Sounds like you’re doing well. Take care! -Claire
  4. Baskar, I was one of the lucky participants of APMP;s “Organize Your Home Workday With Timeblocking” webinar yesterday.I already have submitted my feedback with APMP, however, in case you needed to hear this today…. here is my personal feedback.I was very moved by your presentation. I was hooked the minute you mentioned your dad, your family honor and commitment.  I too have the same type of family closeness, however to be honest, I have been struggling with my patience with my 94 year old dad and 86 year old mother.Yes, I’m that person, i will re-listen to your webinar even though I attended.  I always wanted to try time blocking as I had seen in another Project Manager guru site.
  5. The world needs you. Thank you so very much.Your webinar taught me so much, and especially motivated me to reach out to my dad sooner than later.  God bless you and your family.
  6. Your presentation was wonderful, and I have already opened up my calendar to start time blocking for next week! I believe many of the attendees (myself included) were very touched by the personal and emotional elements of your presentation. Thank you for serving our members in this capacity.


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