After July 22, 2019,
APMP will only offer the new Practitioner OTE to its members.

PPAQ based Practitioner exam ends

Do you plan to complete the APMP Practitioner Level Certification before the new Online CP exam?
Your last chance to get your practitioner certification

ONLY 12 places available

You are committing to complete the 35 Proposal Practitioner Assessment Questionnaire (PPAQ)
before July 15th – with my guidance of course!

Please set aside 20 – 25 hours to complete the response.

Registration ends June 31st 2019 10pm UK









  • Individual bi weekly 1-1 direct calls to guide in completing all the 35 PPAQ responses
  • Fee – $150* + 20% TAX (plus Practitioner Assessment fee of $650 paid separately through the APMP Group).

*Multi currencies available

Training Prerequisites

  • Study of the PPAQ Standards and Guidelines
  • Advance preparation of upto 12 competency responses prior to the course
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