APMP’s Professional Ethics Committee: Just Another Façade for the Board’s Self-serving Decisions?

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APMP announced its search for volunteers for its Professional Ethics Committee (PEC) on June 23rd, 2022.

Advertisement Details’

APMP’s Professional Ethics Committee (PEC) is searching for volunteers to serve on its committee immediately. As APMP continues its growth, we have found that member complaints against other members have also increased.

The PEC will review these complaints and recommend disciplinary action or forgiveness to APMP’s Board of Directors. Preference will be given to APMP members who are: 1) In good standing as current members 2) APMP Fellows 3) Participate in the bid and proposal process every day 4) Hold APMP certification and 5) Are fair and without conflict with other members or have competing interests with APMP.

Because of the nature of the PEC, the confidential cases it will hear and its potential recommendations to the APMP Board of Directors, and its members, will not be publicized to the public. Service will require no more than five hours a month (more than likely much less). If selected, PEC members will be asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement about the activities they hear.

To be considered, please send an e-mail to PEC Chair nicole.shaffer@apmp.org and APMP CEO rick.harris@apmp.org with a 100-word (max) description explaining why you want to serve and your views on fairness and confidentiality by 5:00 PM EDT US Friday, July 1, 2022. Initial selections will be made by July 16, 2022. Those who are selected will receive five APMP CEUs per year.

The advertisement raises several questions, including:

  1. What is the current number of volunteer positions available on the PEC?
  2. How many individuals applied to serve on the Professional Ethics Committee, and can the APMP Board produce a record of these applicants?
  3. Will the APMP Board disclose the names of the individuals selected to serve on the Professional Ethics Committee, and if not, what is the reasoning behind this lack of transparency?
  4. When were the selected volunteers supposed to begin their service on the PEC and what is the current status of their service? If they have not joined yet, what is the reason for the delay in their service according to the APMP Board?
  5. How many complaints have been received by the PEC since its establishment and how many have been resolved with disciplinary actions taken by the APMP Board of Directors?
  6. Will the APMP Board be publishing the PEC’s activities and decision-making process publicly, and if not, what is the reason for this lack of transparency?
  7. How does the APMP Board ensure that the Professional Ethics Committee (PEC) is not being used as a tool for the Board to legitimize its own decisions?
  8. Does the APMP Board have a procedure in place to handle conflicts of interest for members of the Professional Ethics Committee and the APMP Board of Directors? If so, can the APMP Board disclose the details of this procedure?
  9. Does the PEC have any actual authority or is it just a formality for the APMP Board to appear fair and impartial?
  10. How many times have the PEC’s decisions been overridden by the APMP Board and what were the reasons for these overrides?
  11. Can the APMP Board provide a justification for not including members of the Professional Ethics Committee in the hearing involving Baachu ATO Revocation?
  12. What is the legal authority of the APMP Board to impose disciplinary action on members based on recommendations from the PEC and what is the process of appeal in case a member disagrees with the decision?

The questions raised above highlight the concerns of the APMP members regarding the independence and authority of the Professional Ethics Committee (PEC). The APMP Board must address these concerns to ensure the transparency, fairness, and impartiality of the PEC process. It is crucial for the APMP Board to guarantee that the PEC is truly independent and has the authority to make unbiased recommendations, rather than just being a formality or rubber stamp for the Board’s own agenda.

The Board must also assure that the PEC is not being used as a cover up for any misconduct or wrongdoings and that the recommendations are solely based on the evidence and facts presented in the case, and not influenced by any external factors.

Furthermore, the Board must ensure that the PEC’s decision-making process is not influenced by any personal or professional ties and that it doesn’t suppress dissenting voices or opposing views.

Ultimately, the APMP Board must take steps to ensure that the PEC is a credible and effective mechanism for addressing member complaints and ensuring ethical conduct within the organization.

The following questions are for APMP members who applied for the Professional Ethics Committee (PEC) volunteer positions. They aim to gather feedback on the application process, fairness, and transparency. Please share your answers or schedule a confidential chat to hello@baachu.com

  1. Did you apply to serve on the APMP’s Professional Ethics Committee?
  2. Can you describe your experience during the application process with the APMP’s Professional Ethics Committee?
  3. Was the application process fair and transparent, as per the APMP Board’s standards?
  4. If not selected, did the APMP Board provide a reason for not being selected?
  5. Do you agree or disagree with the decision made by the APMP Board regarding your application to serve on the Professional Ethics Committee?

Together, we can inspire a movement within APMP to promote fairness, equality, and accountability. The time for action is now.

Sincerely, Baskar Sundaram and Baachu Team

#justiceforbaachu #apmpdiscrimination


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