What you need to know about APMP Winning Business Virtual experience

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If you have missed APMP WBVE 2020, you can get my biggest takeaways, insights & actionable strategies in my article.
I dedicate this article to our APMP community.

APMP Winning Business Virtual Experience is scheduled to happen from July 22 to July 23. WBVE is an online conference endorsed by APMP. This exciting event will be delivering 32 straight hours of industry-related education across all time zones. You can access this content from the comfort of your homes. 

If you haven’t registered for the session, please register

There are in innumerable sessions and seminars to choose from but you can make the most out of this event by following these tips given below:

Get Comfortable with the Event Platform

APMP is using a tool called Pathable to host and manage the event. Make sure you use the application and get comfortable with it before the main event. Learn the navigate the tool, update the necessary information and try using the chat function. If you wait till the last minute, you might end up losing valuable time from technical mishaps. APMP is also planning on sending out a user training video to attendees which will be a helpful guide. 

Build a Personalized Schedule using the Pathable Tool

Since many sessions are happening, it would be best to check out the schedule of events and take note of the ones you would like to attend. Check to see if there are pre-recorded sessions, which you can watch at a more convenient time. For live sessions you want to attend, you can easily add those events to your agenda by clicking the “X” in the top right of the session description box. This will change the X to a check symbol. Finally, you can export your personalized agenda directly to your Outlook calendar. Now you have a well-planned schedule for each day.

Keep Track of the Sessions You Attend by using the CEU Journal

Keep track of the sessions, the content, and the time you spend participating by updating your CEU journal immediately after the virtual conference. This will help you to remember and document what you learned. 

Make Time for Some Fun Events

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. In addition to some great educational content, WBVE has planned some fun virtual sessions as well. These include happy hours, bingo events, wellness sessions and more! Make some time to wind down during such stressful times.

Even I am conducting a lively session on breathing and exercise on the 22nd called Strong and Stable Foundation – Time Under Tension at 5:00 PM BST (1200 ET). You can read more information about this session and the other sessions I am conducting below.


Reaching out and connecting with other attendees and presenters is also important during APMP conferences. Chat with people, build a relationship and connect with them on LinkedIn. Make sure to maintain the contact even after the conference. We need to learn from each other and each connection is valuable. 

Reflection and Implementation 

It is important to reflect on what you learned from the conference. Make a note of the things you want to embrace and adapt. Monitor the progress. Identify the changes and practices that you would like to implement and share these with your team. Set up a plan for achieving the goals and check on your progress regularly. 

Though it might seem overwhelming, you can make the most out of the conference by making and following a personalized schedule. This is an event where you can enjoy meeting new people, catching up with colleagues and learning new things. 

Join me in my sessions on:

1. Win Strategy Using Machine Learning on Thursday, July 23at 12:30 PM BST ( 7:30 AM ET)

In this 20 min bite-sized video, I touch “win strategy” principles and I share my vision for Bid and Proposal Professionals – AI-Based Machine Intelligence working alongside humans to help us win our bids. 

What you need to know about APMP Winning Business Virtual experience

Your “win strategy” is driven by information about the opportunity, the client, and your company.How do you collect, process and act on this information before and during your bids?

I will be covering  

  • Win strategy principles 
  • How do you collect, process and act on this information before and during your bids?
  • The need for machine intelligence in win strategy  
  • How and where can machine intelligence shape win strategy? 
  • Benefits of machine intelligence in product based win strategy 
  • AI-based bot can extract information anywhere and any time 
  • Is it time that we look into machine intelligence for dynamic real-time “custom” insights and Welcome Bot to your bid team? 
  • Why this is important?

I foresee the Covid19 world where it will be normal for bots to work alongside humans in identifying, bidding, winning and contract managing tender opportunities

Join in and imagine the world with bots in our bid team. 

2. Scribble Talk Happy Hour (Live) 

onThursday, July 23 at 13:00 BST ( 8:00 AM ET)

In this special Scribble Talk Happy Hour for APMP WBVE, Ashley Kayes, CP APMP and I will be joined by 8 special guests.

What you need to know about APMP Winning Business Virtual experience

The Happy Hour?

We’ll go around to each guest and ask the following: Tell us 2 truths and a lie. After they provide their answer, we’ll take turns going around the group and guess which is the lie. We will be polling the audience to see which of the 2 stories they think is the lie. Then the person tells us which is the actual lie, and then tells us a story about one of the truths if it is wild/crazy/unbelievable. 

If you haven’t listened to Scribble Talk, you can find 50+ Scribble talk episodes. Listen or re-listen here 

Join the Scribble Talk happy hour live experience. Looking forward to seeing you at Scribble talk happy hour 🙂 

As mentioned above I will also be conducting a fun session on the 22 July.

3. Stable Foundation – Time in Tension on Wednesday, July 22 at 5:00 PM BST (12:00 ET) 

 I will share a few light exercises and breathing postures to boost your energy for a positive start to the day with fun dance twist in the end.

What you need to know about APMP Winning Business Virtual experience

I will cover 

  • Stretch Pose 
  • Ego Eradicator Breathing 
  • Spinal Flex
  • Spinal Twist 
  • Morning cleanse 
  • Sufi Grind 
  • Shoulder Shrugs 
  • Neck Rolls 
  • Sat Kriya 
  • Frog Pose 
  • 10 min Fun Dance moves
  • Pump Dance 
  • Bulb Dance 
  • Book Dance and few surprise moves 

Allocate 30 min for yourself, let’s energise and have fun and move together. Wear comfortable clothing.

Hope you will all make the most out of these fun and educational sessions 


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