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Baachu Buddy – How to Get Started

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Baachu Buddy - How to Get Started

Become a Baachu Buddy and start earning

What is the Baachu Buddy programme?

The Baachu Buddy programme is our referral programme for our supporters, learners and basically anyone and everyone interested in learning and earning at the same time. Read more about the programme here.

How does it work?

Baachu Buddy is simple and easy to use. Generate a personalized link and share it with your friends, colleagues and other interested parties and get a guaranteed 10% referral cashback with every purchase made with your link.

Wait…cashback with every purchase?

Yes! Our Baachu Buddies will get a 10% referral payment for every single purchase made through their links. Guess what? There is NO upper limit. The more you share, build a campaign and promote, the more you earn.

Sounds too good to be true. Is this free?

Absolutely. You can sign up for FREE and become an official Baachu Buddy right now. (or log in if you already have an account.)

Okay! Where do I sign up?

Click the button  here if you are just getting started.

Baachu Buddy - How to Get Started

Fill in the form with the necessary details and tick the box near “I agree to the Affiliate Sign-up Agreement”. Click the SIGN UP button. Or

If you already have an affiliate account with us then sign in by using the link below and log in.

Baachu Buddy - How to Get Started

Check your mail

Once you have registered you will receive a confirmation mail from us. Check your registered mail inbox and link the link attached to go to your Affiliate login.

My Buddy Referral Programme Dashboard

You have officially logged in. Welcome to your Buddy Referral programme dashboard.

Baachu Buddy - How to Get Started

On your dashboard, you can keep track of your earnings, payments, clicks and conversions etc.

Get your personalized link

Now on the left, you will see the following options:

Baachu Buddy - How to Get Started

Select the “Links & Banners” option.

Baachu Buddy - How to Get Started

Once you see this page click the “Get Link” option under the Actions column.

Baachu Buddy - How to Get Started

You will see a pop-up box with your personalized link for all our APMP Certification courses.

Baachu Buddy - How to Get Started

Click on the “Copy URL Only” option.

Baachu Buddy - How to Get Started

Once you have copied the link SHARE IT!
That’s all!
You are now officially a part of the Baachu Buddy programme.

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