Baachu Pledge

Whether it’s getting fit, losing weight or wasting less time watching TV sets back-to-back, the time for New Year resolutions is here again.

One Community, Endless Positive Change.

With only 8% of us actually managing to keep up our resolutions, we are partnering with sustainability pledge experts at The DoNation on what resolutions to make - and how to keep them.

Do you know?

 42 per cent of Britain’s carbon emissions are caused by the actions of individuals…

15 seconds in a lift uses as much energy as turning on a 60W bulb for an hour.

Our small actions will  mak a big difference.

 You can wait for the policy keepers to keep to their word or pass on all the social value responsibilities to businesses…

Why not YOU become the real positive change.

Now is the time to act, not tomorrow.

Alternative Gifting – Donate by Doing. Do Actions improve health and wellbeing, and save the earth’s finite resources.

The Pledge - WHY?

Baachu Pledge 2020






How it Works

Step 1

Pick an action

from the menu of Do Actions above. There’s a wide range, something for everyone, and each has more info and advice behind it.NB. some actions aren’t included on all campaigns.

Step 2

Select the campaign

you want to support – e.g. your company’s programme or a friend’s challenge – by clicking the ‘find them first’ link. Or just hit ‘Pledge’ and it’ll go towards our central Do Nation pot of pledges.

Step 3

Keep at it

for two months, with the help of regular (but not overly frequent) tips and reminders. Two months – it’s not too long to be intimidating, but should be long enough to crack new habits.

Step 4

Report back

to let us know how you got on, and if you plan to continue. This only becomes possible once the two months is up. And – harsh as it may seem – if you don’t report back, we assume you failed.

What is Baachu Pledge? My personal message on the WHY?

The purpose of Baachu Pledge is to inspire our friends to live more sustainable lives.

So why do I do the pledge now? Because we all need to start doing something about climate change. So, I set out to create a fun, social, and “viral” way to encourage people to take up low-carbon habits. However, for behaviour change to have a meaningful impact, it needs to be so widespread and ubiquitous that all the small actions really do add up to make a big difference. That’s what we’re trying to do at Baachu Pledge.

People’s individual actions are still important because they’re not just about climate change: they also affect personal health, wellbeing, and community. Quite understandably, people are far more driven by the motivation to improve their own health than the planet’s health. 

By showing people that many of these actions has a simple beginning and combining this with a positive community, we ask our friends to give a go, we might just reach that tipping point to meaningful scale. The most important thing people can do is just to take small, simple actions.  

I want to make a real difference and impact by raising people’s awareness in changing the things they do every day

Every time a friend carried out a “Baachu” pledge, we will honour them with our “Baachu Pledge Bell” in our social platforms. 

Quoting Thirukural, a Classic Tamil language text

இடும்பைக்கு இடும்பை படுப்பர் இடும்பைக்கு

இடும்பை படாஅ தவர்


Give sorrow to sorrow, who in sorrow do not suffer sorrow.

No one can define who you will become. You decide by the actions you take. Be part of our community driven social impact movement. Environment needs our action more than it needs our cash.  

Your Low-carbon healthier habits towards sustainable living begins here. Donate by Doing.

Social Impact Report

I know how good my business is and how much good it creates depends on ME, the entrepreneur.  Every year passes, my vision expands to a bigger future and I will continue to build the courage and determination to walk through them.  

We will be publishing our impact report to see the progress we’re making towards achieving our mission of making sustainable living and to gain insights into behaviour change in practice. Through our annual report, we will build on data from hundreds of pledges and highlights examples of the impact we create through case studies and quotes.

A report of the growing environmental and social impact our friends achieved during the year will be published Dec of every year …

I have great ambitions for Baachu; I want it to grow and to grow fast to make continued impact. To achieve this, we’ll need stronger purpose.

Save the world by doing through our Baachu Pledge in partnership with The DoNation.

You can find handy list of some my favourite pledges here

Lots of love

Baachu Pledge 2020
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