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Introducing, Baachu Recruit and Lead, AI Powered Modern Bid & Proposal Talent Accelerator

How do I know my team members have the RIGHT (and AI) bid & proposal skills?

How can I recruit and train my team in a short time to prepare high impact proposals?

How do we build and retain a Bid Team powered by AI that intimidates the competition?

Find and Train the right bid executive(s) to win 80% or more bids and accelerate your pipeline

with clear job roles backed by ongoing training and mentoring

Does this sound familiar?You’re doing all of the sales, which is distracting you from the rest of your company?You’ve hired the wrong bid & proposal executive in the past, or you’ve hired the right bid executive but they didn’t workout because you didn’t know how to train and manage them?

We understand that finding the right bid executives to build your pipeline is challenging and it requires having the right system in place.

We have the right system for setting up the right strategy for your company, finding the right bid & proposal talent, and training them on the exact sales system that has allowed us to win seven and eight figure bids for our clients

We’ll find and assess all the candidates, and then once you decide on the bid executive, we will train and coach them on an ongoing basis.

As the worlds largest talent and skills platform for modern bidders, we have created a clear framework of values and principles that support and underpin our passion to support business winning community.

Our approach will take 3 stages

Baachu Recruit and Lead, Bid & Proposal Talent Accelerator
Baachu Recruit and Lead, Bid & Proposal Talent Accelerator
Baachu Recruit and Lead, Bid & Proposal Talent Accelerator




Strategy Stage

In the first month, Baachu will work alongside you and relevant stakeholders to figure out How to position your organisation to proposal success. We will also game plan the type of bid executive that fits into your organisation as well as design a skeleton Bid Process and Governance that will enable them to hit the ground running

Our recruiting partners will manage the entire process of finding the qualified candidates that fit our candidate profile. We will create a Job Role & Responsibility specific to your organisation.

FIND Stage

Following our regular Talent Search & your Placement process,

We will also assess existing strengths and potential gaps, both at the team and the individual level, so your company’s training plan is truly CUSTOM with our online self-assessment tool and short multiple-choice examination for all the candidates testing Key Proposal Development, Bid Management, Capture and Proposal Writing Competency Areas

Candidates will have an opportunity to rate a recent bid/proposal that the he/she was involved in against best practice statements

We will share the confidence vs. competency chart for each individual i.e. Training Needs Analysis Report for all identified resource*. 

Together we finalise the right candidate for your organisation.

Training Stage

It’s not just enough to make sure we get the right person on the bus. We want to be convinced that they’re set up for success. Unfortunately, most businesses don’t have the ability or the time to train their bid executives. That’s where we come in with Baachu Scribble, 40+ videos and 30+ Templates plus fortnightly calls include but not limited to  




Baachu Recruit and Lead, Bid & Proposal Talent Accelerator

Baachu Scribble Certifications, Tools and Templates

Baachu Recruit and Lead, Bid & Proposal Talent Accelerator

 Bid Governance Set Up, Bid Process – Identifying and Qualifying Opportunities, Capture Management, Bid Metrics & Project Delivery

Baachu Recruit and Lead, Bid & Proposal Talent Accelerator

Account Planning, Rebid Strategy & Coaching



Initial Set Up

Kickoff, Bid Team Strategy, People assessments, Individual Training Plan

Bid Executive Identification


6-month minimum training (then OPTIONAL month-to-month),

1-on-1 fortnightly calls with trainer plus access to our Scribble Online Platform to be certified in Proposal Management get access to Tools, Templates plus learn to EMBED Scribble Plus Process Execution plans

Baachu Recruit and Lead, Bid & Proposal Talent Accelerator

Frequently Asked Questions

YES we would love to collaborate with your recruiters ensuring your business gets the right talent

YES, 100%. Individual 1-hour assessments are only £149 + VAT. Contact us for details.

We will assess your candidates within 30 days and the person should start with your company no later than 45 days after our engagement begins.

This is entirely dependent on the complexity of your product/solutions offer. You do not necessarily need to be involved in the proposal training, however your involvement in training should be to educate the bid writer on your business, your offer, etc. therefore your time investment can vary. The actual training on best practise bid process and rebids etc is on us. There may be some ancillary requirements for you to be involved, but I wouldn’t anticipate that being more than an hour or so per week.

We would have to define SUCCESS… You should have a positive ROI of the Bid Writer in 6-months. Expectations for any bid  writer should be very low for the first 90-days. Success in the first 90-days looks a lot like “is he/she progressing,” “Do they appear hungry,” “Are they beginning to generate good proposals,” and “Are they fitting in well with your team’s core values and culture”.

We’d have to have a better understanding of what your existing team or process looks like so it’s tough to answer this, however that is the purpose of the setup fee and setup month. We are going to integrate with your business and produce a bid writer that will graft into what exists currently. That said, we are going to also suggest changes to your process and team if we see holes or areas for improvement.

They will be trained for proposal best practices and should pay for themselves through successful proposal efforts.. That said, the ongoing coaching/advising over the course of the 6 months will be account strategy, bid process, competitive assessments and part of that includes how to handle selling including customer presentations etc.

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