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Baachu Scribble Rewards and Points

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Gratitude is a word of action. And, Baachu Scribble remembers to keep our gratitude alive in all our new ventures and enterprises. For this year’s Thanksgiving, we are celebrating Togetherness through the years.

We are excited to inform our Baachu Scribble Community about the new Rewards & Points System where every action you take towards and with us gets you a chance at winning. With Scribble Leader Boards to monitor your progress and daily opportunities to win cool points, Scribble is all set to see you win.

Logging in to the website, liking, commenting and sharing posts on website as well as on Social media platforms and registering for our Insider Training sessions will help you win a point on a daily basis.

We know it sounds too easy to win now, but there are countless more ways to gain more than one point from a single action. Winning Scribble Quiz, subscribing to Baachu Scribble Youtube Channel and Scribble Talk podcast on Spotify or Apple Podcast will help you bag two points each while staying in the loop for the latest updates and opportunities in the Bid and proposal industry. You are also welcome to follow Baachu Scribble LinkedIn page and join our Facebook Group to win similar points.

If you are feeling really competitive, go ahead and review and Comment below Scribble Talk in Spotify or Apple Podcasts to easily win three points at once.

The more engaging you are, the better points will be. Get a chance to win five points when you complete the following actions:

  1. Join the Baachu Together Forum
  2. Bring your colleague to the community
  3. Send us a Testimonial
  4. Watch any video one time
  5. Complete all the details in your profile including profile picture

The next level of winning requires more action from you and consistency is the key here. Win 10 points every time you create a new topic, publish a new page and successfully submit a form in the website.  or comment on a previous one and five points when you send a friend request or a group invite, publish a post.

Winning twenty points per action calls for more engagement with the Scribble community of proposal professionals like creating a new forum and joining a group in the website.

Along with these, every time you purchase a product, you will get points equivalent to the price of the product. For example, if you purchase Capture Specialist Certification, you will win a total of 199 points.

All of the actions performed in the website will be virtually monitored and will be automatically added to your account and every action outside the website will be monitored and counted by our team. Get ready to convert these simple actions to points and stand a chance to win Amazon vouchers and cash bonuses. Compile the points and every 100 points you earn is equivalent to one USD. By completing each task, you can earn while you learn.      

Check out our top five members in the Leader Board below.           
                   1. Deepa Ramesh Vayath
                   2.  Vicky Morris
                   3.  Samesh Samir Ayoub
                   4.  Kiyomi Mizuzaki
                   5.  Abdul Rokim

Log in to your account right away to check out the leader board and find out where you stand.

Scribble Rewards and Points System is aimed to bring us closer together while having fun. As the years of togetherness have multiplied, our love has grown fuller, fulfilling and fun. With this new Scribble Rewards and Points Programme, we are celebrating this togetherness and thanking every single member of our community who are our constant supporters and inspiration to move forward and take leaps of faith.

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