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Baachu Scribble Scholarship Challenge Review: Is It The Best Online APMP Foundation Training?

Baskar Sundaram
Baskar Sundaram

“Ever since Baachu Scribble was launched in March 2019, I couldn’t help but get a little jealous thinking about my colleagues, how easy and fun it is now to get trained for APMP Certification,” said an SVP of one the multinational IT company.

When he started out, he literally had to plan his APMP certification during his business travels to the US trying to figure out when and what programmes were available. Yes, there were APMP courses and training available. But getting all the lessons straight from the horses’ mouth in your own time in micro bites is like hitting the jackpot!

I know you are curious – What is this Baachu Scribble Scholarship Challenge which is now launched. And this past month, I often get asked a lot about it.

Is the Baachu Scribble Scholarship Challenge any good?

Should I invest in the Baachu Scribble Scholarship Challenge?

Is the Baachu Scribble Scholarship Challenge really the only APMP training I need?

So on and so forth…

In this Baachu Scribble Scholarship Challenge detail blog, I will shed light on all these questions. Make sure to stick around and read the blog ‘til the end.

If you want to know how Baachu Scribble stacks up, I highly recommend visiting our scribble page

What Is The Baachu Scribble Scholarship Challenge?

The Baachu Scribble Scholarship Challenge is a 4- month training challenge that walks you through the steps of getting APMP certification ready for a meager starting investment of $30 (increasing to $50 if you successfully reach the certification stage)

This will be the first Scribble Challenge starting Nov 2019 till March 2020 

Baachu Scribble CEO and co-founder myself and 20+ Scribble Ambassadors will sit as mentors throughout the programme 

You’ll learn more about the ambassadors later on.

The challenge has five weeks’ worth of lessons and 3 levels of Quiz and Mock Certification.

Post-registration, the pilot week serves as a pre-training. It will zero in on conditioning your mindset for the challenge. And over the next four months, you will receive links to your day-to-day challenges and lessons.

Every challenge builds upon each other, so you need to follow the sequence and cannot skip any challenge.

The Baachu Engage Community hosts the challenge on Facebook.

What’s amazing about it is that you get access to hundreds of other professionals who are also going through the challenge.

The supportive community is there to make sure there’s accountability in case you have questions or if you need some inspiration to perk you up along the way.


Who Is the Scribble Scholarship Challenge For?


The Baachu Scribble Scholarship Challenge is best for those who wanted to get professional proposal certification but couldn’t due to financial or other related reasons.

But what about if you are very new to the industry, I haven’t heard of APMP or you are in related roles like sales, marketing, project management, pricing, technical subject matter expert – Is the Scribble Scholarship Challenge still good for you?

Yes, and Big Yes!

You can use the Scribble Challenge to get a glimpse of the accredited proposal certification either with Baachu or proceed all the way to APMP. Meeting your colleagues online from different parts of the world comes with its own benefits so the Scribble Challenge still has a bearing.

Ultimately, I would recommend the Scribble Scholarship Challenge to anyone who aspires to be Bid & Proposal professional or be part of it


Meet the Scribble Scholarship Challenge Mentors

If you are new to the Scribble Scholarship Challenge program (which is new anyway), chances are the names of the mentors might not ring a bell to you.

That’s fair!

But I reckon you might want to know more about them and how they can help you with your Challenge journey.

Baskar sundaram 

For what it’s worth, he is just the driving force behind the success of Baachu 

In this challenge, Baskar is “The Strategist.”

He will lay the groundwork for your future success and help you be in the right frame of mind. You will get some important nuggets of wisdom on how to make this whole thing work for you.

The Ambassadors 

In this challenge, our Ambassadors are our “Transformers.” Every single Ambassador was either chosen by Baskar or they applied to become an Ambassador because of their passion to help their colleagues. Many of them APMP certified professionals and APMP award winners. You can find these big-hearted professionals at the Baachu Ambassadors page.

Click here to visit the ambassadors 

Each of these ambassadors are the pillars to this challenge for they have kindly volunteered to support the challenge. 

They will show the “how” aspect of the Scribble Challenge. The challenge is self-explanatory but since it’s a global challenge, if you feel you need to talk to someone from your geography then reach out to your ambassadors. They will hand-hold you through the process, how to be prepared for everything Baskar sets as a challenge.

Baachu Scribble Team 

In this challenge, Baachu Team led by Aysha is “The Executioners”. It is this team that enabled 35+ professionals from 12 countries to get APMP CF certified for with 100% pass rate. You are in safe hands… 

Aysha supported by Baskar will conduct live group calls, serving as your accountability mentor. Both will provide the push you need to accomplish the challenge.

The Winners 

The programme is structured to make everyone a winner i.e. every participant will get something even when they fail at any stage. Once we get all the registrations, we will categorize the registrants into different geographies 

and Middle East

UK and Europe

USA and Canada

The Ambassadors in each category will be involved in the decision process. 

Scholarship Winners in each geography will have their APMP CF Exam Fees, APMP Annual Membership Fees and APMP CF Tuition Fees  paid for 

All Participants (any number from any geography) passing Stage 1 and Stage will have their APMP Tuition Fees Paid for


The Timescales


  • Deadline for entries: Midnight 15 Nov 
  • Stage 1 Quiz Challenge: 18 Nov – 4 Dec
  • Stage 1 Finalists announced 9 Dec 
  • Stage 2 Quiz Challenge: 11 – 17 Dec
  • Stage 2 Finalists announced: 20th Dec 
  • Certification Challenge: 8th Jan – 26th Jan
  • Round 2 Finalists announced and Scorecard Invite: 7th Feb 
  • Score Card Submission: 14th Feb
  • Scribble Challenge Finalists Announced – 25th Feb 
  • Scribble Challenge Winners Announced: 3rd March


Scribble Challenge Bonuses

I’m telling you right now — having Myself, The Ambassadors and Baachu Team are already priceless.

But can your $30 go farther?


On top of the 4-month mission by Myself, Mentoring by The Ambassadors and Baachu Scribble Team, you will also get the following as you progress – few extras such as:

  • Scribble Challenge Trail Map 
  • Bid Buddy Workbook
  • Ultimate Guide to Proposal Building 
  • Sales Specialist Guide 
  • Scribble FREE membership, access to 30+ Templates and Tools 
  • Proposal Specialist Course 
  • APMP Foundation Certification Course 
  • Sell you First Self-Development Tools 
  • Behind-the-scenes – Ambassador interviews

That’s literally over $1,000 of value right there!

Scribble Challenge Trail Map Brief 

A copy of this map with few pages detailing what is the challenge all about. It includes an overview of all the challenges, a checklist of all your assignments

 Bid Buddy Workbook 

This 140-page guide is your personal journal with blank spaces, bid tips, Bid process and much more. Jot down whatever sudden bursts of brilliant ideas you may have in the course of the training and document your journey. You can buy the printed copy of this from Amazon – click here to buy

Basically, the premise of this journal is based on successful senior leaders in the industry. 

As much as I would like to share a few key takeaways from it, I really don’t want to spoil everything about what you will specifically learn from the challenge.

Scribble Free Membership 

Our most popular membership, it is FREE and you have access to 30+ Proposal tools and templates 

Register Here

Ultimate Guide to Proposal Building 

You will have access to this 200-page e-book when you begin Stage 1 Quiz. This guide sets the foundation for proposal best practices, a beginner’s guide to bid and proposals. You will find it here

Sales Specialist Guide 

The first 100 registrants will receive our brand-new Sales Guide for Bid and Proposal Professionals covering 7 core concepts and with templates for each core concept. 

Proposal Specialist Certification 

If you pass Stage 1 Quiz but fail Stage 2 Quiz, you will have access to our Proposal Specialist Course for $10. With 10 hours of content, 6 modules, 20 video lessons, 3 Mock Quiz, and 1 Certification Exam this is our most popular pathway certification for Bid & Proposal professionals. You are still a winner. 

Click Here to view the Proposal Specialist Course

APMP Foundation Certification

If you cross Round 1 (passing Stage 1 and Stage 2 Quiz), you will have access to our APMP Certification course for just £10. With 12 hours of content, 4 modules, 31 video lessons, 3 Mock Quiz, and 1 Certification Exam this is the most affordable (And successful – 100% Pass rate) APMP Foundation certification programme in the market. 

Sell you first self-development tools

At Baachu we strongly believe the character of the Bid person has a huge impact on the Bid. Once you pass the certification we will enter the character-building phase – Introducing MINDART for Bid & Proposal Professionals, only leadership mentoring for our proposal community. 

Behind the Scenes Ambassador Interviews 

This series packs a hefty punch with a blow-by-blow account on how our ambassadors rebuild their careers from scratch.

Not just 1 or 5 or 10 members, mind you, but 20 of them! That’s a ton of inspiration to get you going.

All interviews with the Ambassadors will be done in collaboration with our University Partner – Sussex Innovation 

Reading this blog series, you will get quite a few light-bulb moments that will help you supercharge your journey towards certification 

Every Ambassador story will excite you every time, and that’s honestly an important variable to keep you going.

Is the Scribble Scholarship Challenge Scam or Legit?


If you’ve been working in the trenches with your dead-end job, it’s so easy to take the bait.

But for some people, the Scribble Scholarship Challenge seems too good to be true.

With a promise to get 500+ professionals partial or fully funded APMP CF certification in 4 months? I get where these skeptics are coming from.

This is the age of get-rich-quick, after all!

But coming from someone who was benefitted by the unconditional love and support from the industry veterans, I’m telling you right now — the Scribble Scholarship Challenge is a legitimate program. You can wait till next year but this might not happen… 

And to be honest with you, $30 is nothing short of a smart investment if your investment is the APMP Foundation Certification.

Imagine getting people like Baskar, The Ambassadors as your mentors!

Bear with me if I’m regurgitating this over and over. For the benefit of those who are not actually seeing the value of this training at this point.

Scribble Challenge is simple but not easy by any means. It has 5 stages… 

The challenge requires you to put your heart and soul into the 4 months to get your desired result. 

Can You Get Your $30 Back?

“Really? I can get my money back?”

Nope! But you can still get your money back by doing this. You know the value of this scholarship 

To celebrate the launch of Scribble challenge scholarships, we are giving away a $100 Amazon Gift Card to FIVE lucky Bid & Proposal professionals. Whether it’s buying products for yourself or your family, this is an excellent prize particularly with Christmas on the horizon. 

 To enter you need to do the following: 

  1.  Follow the Baachu company page. 
  2.  Post about Scribble Challenge tagging Baskar Sundaram 
  3.  Tag two proposal colleagues who you would like to benefit from the challenge 

 The winner will be announced on Wednesday 18th Dec and the voucher is valid for up to 12 months. Good luck!

As a special bonus: If your two referrals make the first 500 registrants, the Scribble Scholarship Challenge gives you $10 for each successful referral so tag the action takers… 

You see, if you refer 3, you get your more back. Join in with your friends…

Scribble Scholarship Challenge Vs. Baachu APMP Foundation Programme

Can’t decide between the Scribble Scholarship Challenge and Baachu APMP Foundation Certification?

Well, you really need not choose one over the other as both offer great value to your certification journey.

I can’t wait for 4 months; I have an immediate need. Also, I prefer to work on my own and can fund my studies, then APMP Foundation Certification is for you. 

I am in no hurry and I want to be part of a community-driven global challenge towards full scholarship then the Scribble Challenge is for you

Scribble Scholarship Challenge Conclusion


I’ve said all the good things about the training. What about the bad stuff?

If we are going to be nitpicky, I would say this is the first time we are doing this. It could get chaotic and confusing but that’s all part of doing something NEW.

And if you are living outside the U.S or U.K., and ordered our books through Amazon, it might arrive late.

You will also find you might not have APMP Chapters or mentors in your region. As we progress, we will add many ambassadors to the programme. I think you should give it a go… 

Is the Scribble Scholarship Challenge the Best Online APMP Foundation Training?

To answer this million-dollar question…

A resounding, yes!

Baskar himself went the extra mile to make sure his members are learning the right stuff straight from the horse’s mouth.

Plus, you get a challenge kit, $1000 worth bonus, exclusive access to the private Facebook group and you will even have a chance to win Full Scholarship towards APMP Certification. 

It has almost everything you need to master APMP Foundation Certification and that’s supposedly not a surprise (in case you are surprised). But its much more… 

Ultimately, the Scribble Scholarship Challenge is the secret weapon in the professional development toolbox of countless Bid & Proposal Professionals 

Final Reminders

If you are serious about building a successful professional career, by all means, join the Scribble Scholarship Challenge!

I have a few reminders, though.

Don’t Skip Lessons

You need to free up a time block in a few hours or days to make sure you can attend each challenge and/or lessons.

Skipping lessons, challenges and planning to watch it at the end (WHENEVER you are free) does not work because all content goes offline as soon as the challenge wraps up.

Although there are unlisted videos uploaded on YouTube (meaning accessible only to those who have the specific video URLs), I don’t recommend deferring the lessons to a later date.

Following all the lessons and challenges in sequence also helps in your discipline and sets you up for success.

 Give It Your Full Attention

Yes, you can do this on the side. But make sure you are giving this enough attention to make it work for you.

I really don’t want you to expect that this is an easy challenge or a magic bullet of some kind to earning your certification.

Yes, a lot of professionals have become APMP and Baachu Certified Proposal Specialists 

And yes, a lot will fall so hard they can not manage to get back up and just throw in the towel.

What I am trying to say here is, the Scribble Scholarship program — like any other challenge — requires your full attention with both your eyes wide open.

Take Action

Successful people take action.

No matter how impressive the resources are, it’s you as a participant and your attitude that will bring you your success.

The Scribble Scholarship Challenge and the ambassadors can only do so much for you.

It’s important on your part to have that desire to learn the ins and outs of proposal best practices. And equally important is the ability to take action because knowledge without action is still in action.

I hope this gave you something to think about Scribble Scholarship Challenge 

Ready to take action?

Baskar Sundaram 

Co-Founder, Baachu Scribble 

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