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Baachu Scribble Scholarship Challenge

Hi, I am Baskar Sundaram, Founder and Director of Baachu Scribble.  

Thanks for visiting the Scribble Scholarship Challenge Page.  

The Why?

I’ve been truly privileged to have good hearted pioneers in the industry who have been the essence of what leaders should be. Inspirational. Today, I stand on the shoulders of giants. This saying is used in abundance, but I believe in its message.

The need for strong role models who teach, inspire and allow you to elevate. Being grateful for what they have given me and more importantly, ACTING ON THIER  GRATITUDE I AM GIVING BACK  👊💚

Introducing, Baachu Scribble Scholarship Challenge

Baachu Scribble Scholarship Challenge
Baachu Scribble Scholarship Challenge

Who is this for …?

For Professionals

Investing in your professional development is an investment in your career. I appreciate its not always easy to allocate funds for global industry certifications especially if you are from the emerging economies.  This challenge is designed to address the gap.

For Team Leads

If you are one of the few companies who look out for all of the needs and interest, and take responsibility and a hands-on approach to employee career growth and professional development, then this challenge will enable your team to be accredited with industry best practices.


This Is An Extremely Rare Opportunity To Learn Proven Proposal Strategies Tactics from Baachu, Association of Proposal Management Professionals (APMP) Approved Training Provider.

Be Part of $100,000 worth of Scholarships towards APMP Foundation Certification

Baachu Scribble Scholarship Challenge opportunity can help support your (or your team) investment towards career success. Our team is proud to help provide professionals with the opportunity to participate in APMP Foundation Certification program and help defray the cost of tuition, exam fees and membership


This will ensure a few things:
  • Firstly, you’re kept up to date with all developments and the FIRST TO KNOW when launch challenge tickets go on sale (ONLY the priority list will get first dibs on challenge)
  • Secondly, once challenge tickets do go on sale, you’ll be able to secure yours at a $20 discount!
  • And last but not least, if you’re quick enough to be from the first 100 to register, you’ll bag a NEW SALES SPECIALIST e-book

Ascend to Success

21 OCTOBER 2019 – 4 MARCH 2020

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