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What’s inside Scribble?

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What Can You Learn From Us?

  • Execution Plans
  • Bitesize Courses
  • Certification Courses
  • Webinars and Workshops
  • Jump Start Packs
  • Tools and Templates
  • Blog and Articles
  • Scribble Short Talk
  • Our Community

How Do You Access These Materials?

  • Scribble Insider
  • Scribble Plus
  • Scribble Elite

What Are Our Additional Resources And Services?

  • Scribble Talk
  • Content Marketing
  • Self Care Programme
  • Bidding Services
  • Proposal Assessment
  • Baachu Bid & Proposal Talent Assessment Tool

What Can You Learn From Us?


Execution Plans

Our Execution Plans are mini-sized courses that give you in-depth knowledge about the core concepts in Proposal building and Sales & Marketing.

When you take this course, you will get:

  1. A Comprehensive Guide
  2. A quick reference sheet
  3. A free downloadable ready-to-use template

Our Execution Plans contains lessons on Content Plans, Review Management, Effective Sales Closure and more.

Bitesize Courses

Bitesize courses are micro-courses designed to give you bite-sized shots of knowledge on core concepts in Proposal Building and Sales & Marketing.

Each Bitesize course consists of

  1. A Bite-sized guide
  2. A quick reference sheet

Our micro-courses include lessons on Bid Decisions, Capture Planning, Customer Focus and more.

Certification Courses

We also offer professional certification programs which will serve as an attestation of an individual’s level of knowledge or proficiency in Proposal Building as well as in the Sales & Marketing field. Each certification program consists of a well-thought-out detailed syllabus catering to current industry standards designed by experienced professionals. At the end of each course, an online examination is held, on passing which an industry accredited Certificate is provided.

We provide Certification Courses on Capture Specialist, Proposal Specialist and Sales Specialist.

Webinars and Workshops

In addition to our APMP Certification workshops, we also provide webinars on various topics like Avoiding Proposal Suicide, Goal Setting etc.

Jump Start Packs

These are courses containing videos and study materials on topics that will provide you with detailed information on select topics like Brand Building, Digital Marketing, Marketing Gameplan and more.

Tools and Templates

Every bid team needs professional digital templates to process customer needs and deliver impeccable winning proposals. Creating a convincing proposal will present you with more business opportunities, but how can you make sure you remember to include all the necessary information? Fill-in professional proposal templates will give you an outline to follow and make it easier to organize your information in the correct format.

Our downloadable templates provide a real-time work execution platform that makes your everyday proposal building/sales & marketing much easier and impactful.

Blog and Articles

We have a vast library containing detailed articles on APMP Conferences and also a blog covering a range of topics from sales and marketing, self-development, business management and bid and proposal. 

Scribble Short Talk

With Short Talks, Baskar Sundaram, Baachu chief executive, will help you discover the most essential nuggets and pull out the most useful, interesting, and helpful ideas into a pack you can explore in about 5 minutes. Basically, a Short Talk is a short version of a podcast episode from Scribble Talk, crafted around its key ideas.

Our Community

We have a small growing community with our members on Facebook called Baachu Engage. We are also creating a more private community called Baachu Circle for professionals and leaders who are looking for a space for inspiration, growth and support. You can join Baachu Circle with a small investment of $20 a month or join in using our Scribble Plus membership.

How Do You Access These Materials?

Scribble consists of three levels of memberships for individuals. They are Scribble Insider, Scribble Plus and Scribble Elite.

Scribble Insider

The Scribble Insider is completely FREE. This is for members who want to acquainted with the platform and check out our Insider Articles ranging from personal development to sales and marketing. Members can also join the Baachu Engage Facebook community where they can interact with the experts in the field.

Scribble Plus

Scribble Plus is the next step where members get access to all our 40+ Bitesize and Execution Courses covering various topics from bid and proposal writing, business development and sales. Members will also get access to our Microcertification courses, Jumpstart Workshops, Tools and Templates and Monthly Webinars recorded by our Founder, Baskar Sundaram. This level of membership also contains an invite to join our private, members-only community, Baachu Circle containing various discussion channels and groups focusing on diverse topics. All this for just $45 a month or only $399 for a year.

Scribble Elite

Scribble Elite is the ultimate access to everything Scribble has to offer. Members get everything mentioned above and more. You will get all of our APMP Certification courses containing lesson plans, tests and mock quizzes. Members will get invited to special Elite workshops and get a chance to be a part of our exclusive Scribble Talk Podcast. Scribble Elite is available for $295 a month or $2999 a year.

What Are Our Additional Resources And Services?

Scribble Talk

Scribble Talk is a weekly show produced by Baachu Scribble and hosted by Ashley Kayes and Baskar Sundaram. The duo will take you on a journey with APMP veterans and the brightest bid & proposal minds, diving deep into the topics that bid &  proposal professionals, like you, can use to help grow your skills and your business success. With our 100+ episodes with various industry experts and veterans, our podcast hopes to teach the listeners ways to win more tenders, grow your business and increase your bidding skill set.

Content Marketing

Content should demand attention, connect you with your audiences, and fuel business growth. With so many businesses creating content online, we can help you to differentiate your brand with a Content Marketing strategy that connects with your customer base and enhances your brand awareness.

We analyse billions of data points on audience and market trends to create meaningful content in effective formats.

Self Care Programme

Our Self-Care programme is a 5 day, 10-hour intense programme with resources and daily coaching to help you and not just survive but to thrive and grow. The Programme contains:
 An exclusive Facebook group to get any question answered and any problem solved by my team.

DAILY COACHING: Live video coaching every day from Baskar Sundaram to give you specific strategies that can work in these scary times.

DAILY ACTION GUIDES: Daily actions to what to do to help you create your stronger self

DAILY MEDITATION: A group meditation every day to reduce stress and lift our spirits! The power of a group meditating together is researched and proven.

The entire Self Care Programme is only  £25.

Bidding Services

Business Development and capture is defined differently to many companies. To us, it is an opportunity for discovery and influence. We take the time to research and gather intelligence on every facet of each opportunity to determine the customer mission, requirements, and pain points, and to identify who else has eyes on this. But we do not stop there. With our Bidding Services, we work with your team to develop strategies to influence the government, strengthen your capture plan, establish a qualified team, and ensure a solid proposal response.

Proposal Assessment

We will review and assess ONE key proposal and provide a report with findings and recommendations for improvement with our Proposal Assessment. In addition to the assessment steps we’ve outlined, we will hold a Kickoff Call and Final Proposal Assessment Review Meeting with ARDD’s

Baachu will undertake in-depth reviews of your proposal drafts, depending on which package option you choose. As a result of the Baachu Proposal Assessment, You will ….

Have a detailed understanding of

  • Current strengths and areas of improvement of your proposals
  • How you stand against the best in class industry practices

Outline this knowledge to create a focused improvement plan

  • For short term gains
  • For medium-term transformation to achieve an improved win-rate

Baachu Bid & Proposal Talent Assessment Tool

We launched Industry’s only APMP Competency-based Bid & Proposal Talent Assessment Tool In collaboration with Shipley, one of the APMP founding companies with 40+ years’ experience advising major global corporations The Assessment Tool is designed to help understand the candidate’s knowledge and experience of implementing recognised best practices in Business Winning.

The tool can be used to:

  • Assess your ability in executing proposals to industry standard
  • Effectively and efficiently mitigate your talent constraints
  • Establish a baseline of people skills before and after restructure
  • Mitigate the challenges in recruiting and retaining new bid & proposal resource


Bid and Proposal might seem like a vast and scary field often considered tedious and difficult. But in the present world technology has made learning easier and the internet has become the beacon and source for all matters pertaining to learning.

Baachu Scribble is a platform representing all that. We are an online learning platform focusing on bid and proposal writing and business development. We contain the world’s largest tools and training resources needed for business winning. Our goal is to help create the smartest bid and proposal professional in a room by equipping them with the needed tools, knowledge and qualification.

Learning is a continuous process and we at Baachu want to support your journey and process. In a world where certification and cross-channel knowledge is gaining importance, we want to provide individuals and teams with the right tools and resources to better themselves. We also provide additional services pertaining to bidding and training. Whatever you choose to do in the future should be supported by knowledge and tools and Baachu Scribble is the right platform to start this journey.

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