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Baachu Social Impact

Our mission is to strengthen our communities over the decade to come, and help narrow some of the divisions which have characterised our recent past. 

We have a once in a generation opportunity not only during but also following this pandemic for a reset and re-think about what kind of society we want to emerge from this crisis.
​We know that one act of kindness can lead to many more. This is the type of community action that we need to inspire others as we discover our connection to each other and extend kindness to ourselves.  

Stay Kind 

Baachu Social Impact

Baskar Sundaram

The UN Goals for Sustainable Development

As entrepreneurs it’s our responsibility to create more so we can contribute more as well. The UN Goals for Sustainable Development  provides a framework for partnerships and contribution that worthy of the challenges and opportunities we face as a generation.
We will continue to spread the word about the UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development. We believe every business would become better by operating in alignment to global goals.
Baachu Social Impact
Which united nations global goal aligns to your brand?

Our Initiatives

Baachu Talk Podcast 
Showcasing human leadership stories in public services

Showcasing human leadership stories in bid and proposal community
High Inspiration Programme
Build the profile of careers of local students within the business environment and the opportunities we offer here at Baachu.
Donate by doing – You become the real positive change in tackling climate with your daily actions

Baachu Scribble Scholarships
The mission of Baachu Scribble Scholarship Program is to provide financial assistance, encouragement and greater opportunities for access to learning to Bid & Proposal professionals of all shapes and sizes.

Baachu celebrates NHS birthday
Sunday 5th of July is the NHS’s birthday. Please join me to say thank you NHS and please make sure you celebrate 5th of July.

Candle for FM heroes
Everyday our porters, cleaners, catering staff, construction workers, engineers, their supervisors and managers are putting their lives at risk to serve our frontlineheroes 

Baachu Black Lives Matter Pledge
At Baachu, we stand together with the black community against racism, social injustice, and violence.

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