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Baachu’s Bold Step towards Holding the APMP Board Accountable: A Call for Action for APMP’s Future

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Baskar Sundaram

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Baachu’s decision to speak out against the undemocratic actions of the APMP Board was not one that we took lightly.

Baachu has always been a dedicated supporter of APMP’s mission and values. However, the Board’s revocation of our ATO status without proper evidence and a fair hearing from an independent professional ethics committee is a violation of APMP’s code of ethics and values. We have enlisted the help of a law firm specializing in defamation and rights protection to pursue this matter further.

We recognize that speaking out may have a negative impact on our reputation and business, but when truth is on our side we firmly believe that fighting for justice is even more  important while we protect our own interests.

By disclosing our APMP  matter, we hope to spark a dialogue that will bring about real change within APMP.

As the host of Scribble Talk Podcast, I have been honored to document the history of APMP through the stories of its members and leaders. The sacrifices and dedication of APMP’s founding members have always been an inspiration to me. However, it deeply saddens me to see that in recent years, these sacrifices have been pushed aside as greed and self-interest have taken over. Education is my passion, and it breaks my heart to see APMP being misused and abused by a select few.

I couldn’t help but ask myself, how long will I sit by and watch this happen? A powerful event has compelled me to act – As a member and Lead Trainer of an Approved Training Organization (ATO) of APMP, at Baachu Scribble, I have been deeply affected by the injustice and discrimination inflicted upon me by the APMP Board of Directors. This is not just a problem that affects our company alone, it also affects the larger  APMP member community.

I have been made aware by numerous APMP members that they have been treated harshly by the Board in the past 3 years. If I do not speak up now, this pattern of mistreatment will only continue. 

I know this will be a difficult journey, but as I stand ready to fight against the injustice and discrimination inflicted upon me and my company, Baachu Scribble, by the APMP Board of Directors, I am reminded of the words of Mahatma Gandhi: “In a gentle way, you can shake the world.”

I understand that by speaking out, I open myself up to scrutiny and criticism. But my conscience will not allow me to remain silent any longer. I want to be able to look my family and friends, my students, and Baachu clients in the eye and share that I had the courage to stand up against injustice and discrimination.

I know that my reputation is what others think of me, but my character is who I truly am. I will not let greed and self-interest push aside the sacrifices and dedication of APMP’s founding members. 

I’ve had enough of the closed-off “club” mentality that has infiltrated APMP in recent years

It’s time for action. APMP members must make a choice –  The time for indecision is over.

Supporting Baachu is support the founding values of transparency, honesty and inclusivity and  standing up for fighting against injustice and discrimination. Supporting the APMP Board is turning a blind eye to the closed-off “club” mentality that has infiltrated our organization. The choice is yours, and now is the time to act.

Remember, the Board is accountable to the members, not to a select few individuals with personal interests. It’s time to demand accountability and transparency, and to elect leaders who truly have the best interests of the organization and its members in mind.

As we take legal action against the undemocratic actions of the APMP Board, we hope to inspire others to speak out as well. The silence of the honest and informed must be broken to expose the greed of a select few.

I understand that speaking out about these issues may be difficult for some, but it is crucial for achieving fairness and inclusivity within APMP. 

My message is simple – We support APMP, but we will not tolerate injustice and discrimination by the Board of Directors. I am not alone in this fight, many APMP Fellows, Chapter leaders, and members have shared their dissatisfaction with the recent actions of the APMP Board of Directors. We stand together to advocate for a culture of transparency, honesty, and inclusivity to be upheld, not just paid lip service.

The choice is yours – sit and watch, talk about mental health, diversity, equality, inclusion, leadership, culture, but do nothing, or join us in this fight to cleanse the toxic system and restore the integrity of APMP. Let’s not let the sacrifices of our predecessors be in vain.

While the APMP Board may treat our revocation as a confidential matter, we refuse to be silenced.  I hope that by speaking out, we can bring about positive change within APMP and uphold the principles on which the organization was founded. 

Together, we can inspire a movement within APMP to promote fairness, equality, and accountability and make sure that we can genuinely be #proudtobeapmp. The time for action is now.

Sincerely, Baskar Sundaram and Baachu Team

#justiceforbaachu #apmpdiscrimination


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