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Baskar Sundaram

Baskar Sundaram
Baskar Sundaram

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Hey I am Baskar Sundaram

Baskar Sundaram is a inclusive entrepreneur and business growth expert who balances purpose and profit. He is Founding Director of Baachu  , UK based Market Development Advisory.

His Thought Leadership

  1.  30+ FACILITIES and WORKPLACE SERVICES PROVIDERS use Baskar and his strategic FM research insight site Baachu Rain for strategic growth challenges and gain market feedback
  2.  Ranked #1 advisor to investors in business services industry by GLG
  3.  Member, BSA Brexit Working Group
  4. 12/35 UK Government strategic suppliers  use his company, Baachu to define growth strategy, generate and sustain their growth targets.
  5. His learning platform Baachu Scribble is the fastest growing membership site and learning platform for bid & proposal professionals with 300 members in 23 countries.
  6. Over 180 professionals from 29 countries (as of 15.05.20) have used baachu scribble to pass their apmp certifications.
  7. His podcast Scribble Talk showcases the Inspirational human stories behind APMP Bid and Proposal industry
  8. Baachu Talk showcases Inspirational human stories behind UK Government Services.

His Scribble – Higher Education and Professional Development

Scribble is APMP Approved Training Provider (only provider with 100% Pass Rate), Workshops (virtual) launch scheduled in 10 Global locations

His Books and Programmes

  1. Bid Buddy, self-improvement journal for bidding professionals
  2. Proposal Specialist Guide, Pathway to APMP Foundation certification
  3. Sales specialist guide
  4. Ultimate Guide to Proposal Building
  5. Mentored 100+ Bid professionals with Sell You First training
  6. Mentored 20+ Consultants with Big Ticket Generator Programme

The Speaker

30+ speaking engagements in entrepreneurship, market strategy, Gov Tech, public policy, outsourcing trends, bid & proposals, and leadership





His Social Impact

  1.  $100,000 Scribble scholarship challenge for Aspiring bid and proposal professionals
  2. Support children charities tackling child poverty
  3. He educates 220 children in India
  4. His High Inspiration Programme gives work experience opportunities to 20 Croydon College students every year.
  5. Baachu pledge 2020– Donate by Doing community driven social impact movement  encouraging low carbon healthier habits and sustainable living

The Education

Baskar is a Chartered Accountant/Chartered Manager and has degrees and professional qualifications in electrical engineering, accounting, coaching, finance, law, proposal and project management

The Awards

Life priorities

Health and Relationships


Trekking, TAMIL, Travel, Asian HISTORY, FOOD, GYM


Web: www.baachuscribble.com, www.baachurain.com, www.baachu.com
Email: baskar@baachu.com




What people say about Baskar Sundaram ?

Few words

I have known Baskar since 2010, when I had the pleasure of being his leadership coach. I have coached many individuals over nearly 20 years, some average, some flawed, some good and some great.

Baskar is a great example of how first impressions can be misleading. His quietly spoken yet earnest demeanor are immediately evident, as his humility. However, there is much more there…

In his book ‘Good to Great’, Jim Collins  speaks of Level 5 Leadership – the paradoxical combination of personal humility and iron like professional will. I have come across this several times in my career but never so evident as in Baskar.

In his corporate career, he was often put into situations where he had little or no experience. Did it put him off? Not in the slightest. In fact he would then seek out the best professional qualifications to enable him to excel in that role. Law, accounting, finance, engineering and project management were all areas where he took on gaining qualifications whilst working in full time pressurized roles, being a family man and providing for a growing number of children’s education in rural India.

Being able to work hard and learn is one thing. However it doesn’t of itself make an entrepreneur.

Great leaders create a climate to which others want to belong. Baskar’s leadership ability became evident in Serco when he was put in charge of significant project teams of up to 50 people. Many were more experienced that he, however they stayed and contributed significantly, leading to Baskar receiving several leadership awards in a very competitive environment.

He brings several personal qualities into his leadership ‘mix’ – enthusiasm, the ability to share accolades around but to take responsibility when things don’t go well, dogged determination – including meeting his fears head on (public speaking being a primary example) and unwavering optimism, always seeing the best in people.

Again, in my career as an executive coach I have met many, many senior  corporate people who describe themselves as ‘entrepreneurs’. Anyone can be an ‘entrepreneur’ with shareholders money and when your house isn’t at risk. The real hallmark of an entrepreneur is to have a dream or a vision and to risk everything in pursuit of that dream. Baskar’s experiences would have sent many lesser people scurrying back to the mothership of a corporate role. Instead he has taken on adversity head on, continued to learn and come out of situations a far wiser person. These have been of a painfully personal nature, a macro-economical level (Brexit) and consequently a financial level.

Many, many organisations speak about ‘values’. Search almost any website and organisations will boldly declare ‘Our people and our values make us different’ A bit of scratching away of the surface will give a fairly clear indication of how genuine this is. However, not many businesses which are of the size of Baachu are educating over 100 children in rural India, employing single female parents and with a clear intent to educate one million children by 2040. To me, these actions are a very clear indication of being ‘values driven’.

He has recently (June 2017) been awarded the 2017 APMP 40 under 40 Global Leadership Award, for which he travelled to New Orleans to receive. For all his social efforts, he was finalist Business in the Community in 2018 and Entrepreneur of the Year, Croydon Excellence Award, 2019

So, would I describe Baskar as an entrepreneur? No. I would describe him as the very epitome of what a successful entrepreneur should be.

Malcolm Nicholson, Founder, Aspecture, Leadership Coach for over 4000+ FTSE 100 leaders and Author 



Email: malcolmnicholson@aspecture.com

mobile: +44 (0) 7968 763312


Baskar is a driven individual with a strong work ethic and a determination to succeed. But success to Baskar is not about status, nor is it wholly about financial success; it’s about being a good citizen – doing well for himself so that he can do good in the world. He’s overcome the adversity of his father’s early death and his own near bankruptcy to own and build a consultancy business which has helped generate £3bn of growth and £2.6bn of efficiencies for his clients over the last 2 years. And that success has enabled him to provide leadership training for 150 professionals, incubate 11 entrepreneurs in the social and healthcare sector; and support the education of 112 children in rural India.

Baskar is a true entrepreneur – fascinated by ideas and new perspectives, inquisitive, and comfortable with ambiguity. He finds simplicity in the midst of complexity. He brings courage and creativity to finding solutions.

Baskar is highly intelligent, with a logical and systematic approach to business. But he also has high levels of emotional intelligence, a natural empathy with people. He gains a deep and genuine satisfaction from working with people to help them achieve their goals. He is optimistic, generous with praise and enthuses teams to excel.

Baskar wants to make a global impact. He’s striving to ensure that every individual in every community, every business, public body and charity investing their hard-earned money directly or indirectly, investing their precious time and energy benefits from the maximum return.

Baskar is a true citizen of the world.

Elaine Bailey, Chief Executive, Hyde Group,

National Estate Regeneration Strategy Cabinet Member


Mobile: 07714 845 823


Baskar is energetic, ambitious and evidently has a very clear vision of the direction in which he wants to take his business.  Baskar has a sophisticated understanding of the fundamentals of the business services sector.  He is great at networking, attends high level meetings and makes valuable contributions. He is an trusted advisor to many of members .

Business Service Association, The Business Services Association is a UK trade organisation of service providers to the private and public sectors.


Baskar is the true definition of what an entrepreneur is.  As a member of APMP, the international association for proposal, bid, capturer and graphics professionals he was recently awarded one of the 40-under-40 award.  The award was given at the association’s conference, Bid & Proposal Con in New Orleans, LA, USA and recognized young professionals who are on the move in business.  Baskar is a proposal professional who is at ease with seasoned professionals as he is with other young entrepreneurs.  Whether an association speaker, business professional or young entrepreneur or approved training provider, Baskar is an industry leader and is known as a trusted resource in the APMP community.

Rick Harris, Chief Executive, Association of Proposal Management Professionals (APMP) 



I have known Baskar for 6 years and in that time I have been blown away by his drive, passion and clear vision. Baskar has consistently demonstrated the ability to see the bigger picture, simply it for those around him and communicate an effective strategy. He cares deeply about the end goal but also the teams around him. He takes time to ensure that the whole team is on board and has shown a fantastic ability to both support and stretch people to ensure success.

I am delighted to be supporting Baskar in his latest business venture, where he is clearly trying to disrupt the learning market place with creative and innovative ideas. What I particularly like is his community spirit in which he envelops his business ethics, taking people with him and maximising the greatest benefit to the greatest number.

Chris Mayer, Head of Talent, ENGIE UK and Ireland 



“I have known Baskar professionally for 8 years. In our dealings he is always completely dependable, and clearly has a strong work ethic with a desire to help his clients improve. When we have worked on projects together, he always provides a clear vision of how to deliver the project and efficiently allocates resources from his business to the task at hand. Through our professional dealings we have become friends, and we have developed a comfortable and productive close working relationship. In particular he has helped me identify areas for growth for my current employer, using the resources he has put in place within his business as well as his own skillset. He has helped me identify how I can advance my own career, giving me advice on how to plan my own development.”

Simon Henbest, Bid Director, UPP Residential Services Limited  



I have worked with Baskar on and off over the last five years. He is a pleasure to have advising us on our strategy and growth plans as he is honest, clear thinking, energetic, and capable. We have developed a plan for BAM FM which his company Baachu will support with his usual enthusiasm. I have worked with many consultants and advisors and Baskar is unique in that he will listen carefully and consider options before building innovative solutions collaborating together with my team which is refreshing. Add to that he is a jolly nice person and we can have a lot of fun working together. I wish him and his business every success!

Louise Williamson, Managing Director, BAM FM Limited


In the time I have come to know Baskar, I can say without fear or trepidation he is one of the most knowledgeable in the Bid Profession and Industry.  He is a leading beacon of light and source of information which should be a reference point for anyone starting out in this industry.  A recognised leader and enthusiast, he champions the cause for Bid Professionals globally and is highly respected by his peers.  I am proud he is a friend and colleague and I hope to work with him more in the future.

Terence McGuire, Business Development Director


I have known Baskar for 8 years.  He is an individual I hold in highest regard, not just because he’s a highly skilled professional working across a range of disciples – leadership, business development, strategy, business process improvement – but, because he is one of the most inspirational individuals I know and a genuinely nice guy.

Gareth Matthews, Director, ITEC Training Solutions


I came to Baskar as I needed help with productivity and crafting the right offering for my service

Baskar has an incredible insight into the current market today and has encouraged me every step of the way to grow into the business my service deserves to be. He knows when to push his clients but also has the intuition and empathy to recognise what they need in the moment – and this level of emotional intelligence is a great asset

His creative and innovative thinking has enabled me to think big and see the wider picture- something I have definitely struggled with. Baskar is a natural leader, highly skilled communicator and I feel very fortunate to have met and worked with him

Jenny Palmer, Entrepreneur


I was introduced to Baskar earlier this year ago and began working with him a few months ago.

Baskar’s strategic and forward thinking approached really opened my mind to endless possibilities for my skills and talents. He is innovative and is constantly exploring future possibilities of how to get the desired results. He always keeps the big picture at the forefront of his mind

Baskar is trustworthy, committed and a hardworking individual. He delivers exceptional structured content, he holds you accountable while listening to you and providing coping mechanisms to help you deal with things when life threatens to send you of course.

Baskar’s inspirational style is very refreshing. I feel privileged to have Baskar as a mentor.

Loli P George, Loli Eats, Small Business Owner


I met Baskar a year ago and began working with him 3 months ago. He is one of the most trustworthy, committed, hardworking person I know. He delivers exceptional content, he holds you accountable and really listens to you.

He is a great strategist, is forward thinking in his approach. He gets you to see the bigger picture. He’s not interested in how you get there, he focuses on the end result! He is innovative and is constantly exploring what future possibilities there are for us.

He has created structure and discipline, his inspirational style and his fresh ideas is a breath of fresh air. He helps us overcome barriers by dreaming big. His quiet, unassuming leadership is awe inspiring.

Tina Hughes, SheWolf Coach T, Action Coach


It has been an absolute honour to work with Baskar from Baachu. As a sole trader I was concerned about how the political changes would affect my business, so when I was introduced to Baskar by a friend and I learnt about his innovative BTG program, I jumped in with both feet. I have especially found his vast experience as a strategist combined with his foresight and CEO intuition, an incredibly value resource. I’m constantly amazed at his progression into new markets and his ever expanding network, which in turn becomes my network and results in healthy organic financial growth and new partnerships. Baskar is a game changer and aligning yourself with him will benefit your personal and professional growth exponentially. People like Baskar who have boundless energy, passion, enthusiasm and belief change the world for the better. I’m proud be a part of that change.

Geraldine Miskin, England Team Manager at Applied Behaviour Research


2016 was an important year for Baskar. He was overwhelmed with sudden loss of his father and uncle. I met him at event in Bali Dec 2015 and our friendship started. Baskar attended my breakthrough success summit and ultimate leadership programme early 2016.

In the 6 months he worked hard to build powerful mindset and healthy habits to reposition his life and business. He has a contagious energy, smile and enthusiasm. As a friend and mentor, I have seen him continuously improving and impacting his industry.

Baskar strongly believes in giving and is particularly passionate about children’s education. His foundation now supports 120 children and he has dream to serve 1 million children. Baskar is a natural leader, inspiring his community everyday.

As a good friend, I wish him the very best in all his endeavours.

Ed J C Smith

Entrepreneur, Speaker, Investor

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