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Being Tactful In Management

Baskar Sundaram
Baskar Sundaram

Being tactful and exercising discretion is an integral part of being a manager. When you are working with a multitude of people who come from various places and work at different levels, you need to be diplomatic and cautious when you make decisions. Each time you make a decision you must consider various factors and use personal judgement to arrive at the right conclusion. Failure at being discreet or tactful can adversely affects employee relationship and the company.

Here are some ways you can exercise discretion and be tactful as a manager:

Set An Example

Be a leader that leads by example. You should be a role model that your employees look up to. You should inspire, motivate and make decisions with integrity and diplomacy. If you fail to do so, employees will lose trust on you and they will mirror your actions. Acting without integrity or morale will make both superiors and employees doubt your ability in managing the company.

Privacy Is Important

Salary is one of those important details which must be kept private and handled with discretion.  Information associated with an employee’s payroll such as wages, salaries, pay increases and pay check deductions, such as wage garnishments and child-support withholding should also kept as a secret. If any sensitive information is divulged, the affected people will be offended and it can also cause friction in the workplace. Even HR aspects must be kept a secret since they deal with the personal life of employees, settle disputes and also evaluate employees. All these information must be handled carefully.

Build And Maintain Employee Trust

Trust is the basic necessity for any relationship. That is why it is important to gain your employees trust. They must be comfortable and safe enough to approach you with their problems both work related and personal. If you violate an employee’s trust you effectively ruined that relationship and also cause other employees to doubt your trustworthiness. When an employee discloses private information, keep it private. Never discuss employee’s personal affairs publicly. Respect their privacy.

Make Objective And Sound Business Decision

Managers often make decisions that affect the overall functioning of the business. Each decision depends on the company, sector and nature of the business. Certain decisions are made which are related to the company’s image, marketing and sales strategies, accounting and financing aspects and the way tasks are handled in the company. Each area of the business must be carefully analysed before making a decision. Once a change is made, hire related managers to oversee each department. All decision makers and managers must be fully aware of what is happening within the organisation and make decisions accordingly.

Professional Business Communication

Business communication can take place in various forms. It can happen through phone calls, emails, meetings etc. Apply discretion based on the situation and the method of communication. Always be careful when forwarding or sending emails. Do not forward private emails without the sender’s knowledge. Be professional and formal with all our associates and employees so that they know you can be trusted.

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