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Bid in the Box (On Demand) Proposal Services

Tackle your next proposal quickly with Baachu!  Solutions! We make it easy to book a proposal expert with just the right skillset.

When your customers read your proposal, they will know that it was written only for them. Through customization, we increase your chance of winning by developing a strong win strategy, maximizing the evaluation score, consistent messaging, improving proposal reviews, and identifying and overcoming weak areas in the proposal, thus making it a more unified document.

How it works?

  • Browse our available Bid in the Box On-Demand Proposal Services
  • Fill out the form to book your service
  • Our team will contact you within one (1) business day to discuss the project scope
  • All proposal experts are backed by Baachu’s Proposal Center of Excellence to ensure the quality of the services you receive.


Bid in the Box (On Demand) Proposal Services
Bid in the Box (On Demand) Proposal Services
Bid in the Box (On Demand) Proposal Services
Bid in the Box (On Demand) Proposal Services

Compliance Review

Getting a proposal thrown out for non-compliance takes a toll on your team’s morale, and can be a devastating financial loss.

We review your proposal to ensure it meets all RFP requirements, putting an end to non-compliance.

Color Reviews & Independent Assessments

Reviewers provide recommendations to help improve the proposal and highlight your winning components.

We review your proposal against the RFP requirements to determine how easy it is to follow and evaluate, as well as assess how well the win themes and messaging come through in your response.

Proposal Editing

Submit your proposal with confidence.

We edit your proposal to ensure it is free of grammatical errors, has a consistent style, and reads in one-voice.

Production, Design and Desktop Publishing (DTP)

Is the formatting of your document compliant? Do you have the ability to produce the volumes required to submit?

We offer a full-service production space to perform large-scale printing and binding, custom tabs, final QC/book checks, electronic media creation, and proposal packaging. Our DTP consultants know how to meet RFP requirements, helping you to avoid costly mistakes.

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