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Bid & Proposal Content Library


A true Sales and Bid Content Library is made up of your company/product/service information in a manner that is NOT tailored towards a specific RFP. It is there for you to pull relevant information into the RFP response at hand. Any further tailoring to an answer, making it more client-specific, is kept outside of the library.

A Content Library not only centralizes information, but also categorizes and makes it accessible to all relevant parties. It allows you to continually feed new content to the Library as part of a project workflow. Furthermore, unlike a shared drive, well built Content Libraries utilize full text indexing and a search engine to locate information by evaluating its relevancy and returning results accordingly.

The path to a great content library starts with understanding what it is that you need and want from your bid library. Not everyone starts at the same point or has the same needs.  Focus on the elements you need for exactly where you are on your content library journey. Overhauling your bid library is a big task to take on, but well worth the investment. 

Do you have bid library or considering to build one and wondering

  • How should I structure my library?
  • What types of content should I have built?
  • How often do I refresh the library?
  • What content do I refresh and how often?
  • How can I curate the content faster and efficient ?
  • What management and governance is required for content library?
  • What is the best standard for a content?
  • How can I increase the utilisation within my teams?
  • How can I get the most from my proposal automation provider?
  • How can I train my content team on the specifics of content library best practices, do’s and dont’s ?
  • How can I avoid the burn out of my content team?
  • How to make my content team a value added function?
  • What is the ideal structure of your content team?
  • How can I manage library with multi language capability?
  • Do I need to invest in proposal automation?
  • Which tool will suit my needs?
  • How can I track the automation analytics?
  • Where should I use automation and where I shouldn’t?
and more

In the past 1 year, Baachu Scribble conducted independent assessment of 11 Fortune 1000 content management library, team, process and proposal automation vendors. We are the trusted content partner of many Fortune 1000 companies..

We suggest the following steps. 


Before you refresh or set up a separate new bid library first review your content status, content strategy and library management structure. 

Review & maintain

  1. List all the Content Topic Review or Update
  2. Expanded Content Review and Development Programme 
  3. Content Maintenance

Content for knowledge management Systems

  1. New Implementation
  2. Ongoing Content Administration


We work with you to understand exactly what you need and provide initial recommendations and options for next steps

Content Status Review
You’re thinking about a content update and want to work out where you’re at now and what you could do to move things on internally. We will spend five days with your team to go through where your content is, what it looks like and review up to two recent proposals and provide our recommendations on how to best leverage the technology you have and improve your processes.

Content Strategy Review
You’re ready to tackle your content and get it into line, but where to start? Don’t worry, this is where we come in. We will spend ten days talking to your team and going through content you already have and discuss exactly what you need and want from a library and your content on an ongoing basis. At the end we’ll discuss a roadmap to work in partnership with you to build and develop a content library that really works for you. We’ll recommend best practice for your content library and content and give you suggestions on how to get your stakeholders and SMEs fully onboard and behind it.

Library Structure and Management
For those who know where their content is but need to enhance it into something better and more functional, we will spend few days workshopping library structure and process with you to enable you to implement what you need inhouse.

Review & Maintain

We understand not everyone is ready for a full library overhaul. Most of or clients utilise our services to review and audit the knowledge library implementations. 

Single Content Topic Review or Update
We will work with your Subject Matter Expert SME(s) to update existing content or create new content.

Expanded Content Review and Development Programme
Where you have several topics or a whole library you want worked through. This usually follows a Content Strategy & Audit service and is delivered as a project by a writer(s) and a project manager who will work with your SMEs and key stakeholders to maximise the return your content brings

Content Maintenance
Not everyone has the resources to manage the work around keeping a library up to date, we’re here to help and can provide a regular maintenance and review service for content libraries where we have carried out an update and review project.

Content for Knowledge Management Systems

We not only work with ‘regular’ content, as organisations grow their needs change. If
you’re looking to implement a proposal automation system or already have but are finding it a stretch to maintain the content, we’re here to help.

New Implementation
Get us involved from the start to work with your chosen provider and go through your content ready to transfer it across into your new system. Depending on your requirement we can do an update and review at the same time or simply a clear out with a view to a future update and review programme.

Ongoing Content Administration
In the same way as we provide a maintenance option for regular un-automated content, we can work with you and administer and review your content giving time back to your team to focus on bidding rather than content.

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